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Are you on the brink of tooth decay?

By Dharam

Teeth are very important part of our body and a person who possess good and healthy teeth he often gives a good look. With a good and healthy smile, you can subjugate many hearts. First, it is important to know that what the definition of healthy teeth is. Teeth that possess dazzling shine, are stainless, are firm and do not have any problem can be defined as healthy teeth. To be master of healthy teeth there are some things that you must be aware about. First thing, which you have to do is to brush your teeth twice a day without any set back. This saves your teeth from tooth decay and saves your gum from various diseases. You must buy a toothbrush after examining it carefully. A toothbrush should in a perfect shape so that it may reach every nook and corner of your mouth.

Toothpaste should also be applied that contains fluoride for fluoride helps protect your teeth from decay. If you also apply, flossing then is good as it adds to the care of your oral health. Flossing helps in removing plaque from the in between areas where normally toothbrush cannot reach. This also helps you in preventing gum disease. You should always floss behind the last tooth and unwind clean floss as you proceed and you should floss round the abutment teeth of a bridge with a floss threader. Normally we brush our teeth very roughly but this is not the right way of brushing. You should brush at a 45-degree angle in short, half-tooth-wide strokes against the gum line. While brushing you should incline brush vertically and should use the brush gently. On chewing surfaces, you should brush flat and should brush back and forth.

Apart from that, you should also visit you dentist at least twice a year. Because regular dental check up is requisite. No doubt, flossing and brushing helps you in keeping teeth healthy and shining, still the importance of regular dental check up cannot be overlooked. When you visit a dentist for dental check up then a dentist generally review and update your medical history, takes X-ray for detecting decay or oral diseases, the dentist also evaluates your gum tissues. In addition, if necessary the dentist provides you preventive services that may include blood pressure screening, scaling of the teeth to remove all plaque and tartar, polishing of the silver crowns, flossing, polishing of the teeth to remove all stains etc.
About the Author
Dharam is a high profile technical writer and health consultant and provide you latest information about health care dental plans and what you can do for your health. Read more on dental care.

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