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How dental insurance plans can benefit employees

By Ajay singh

Do you know like other insurances, 'dental insurance' is also available? In addition, there are some dental insurance available in the market that are just for employees. These dental insurances provide financial assistance to treat the damaged teeth and for normal dental care. Some years before, it was considered that only exuberant people indulge in dental insurances. Moreover, during that time dental care was utterly slept over. However, with the lapse of time, people have become more and more aware about their dental health and as a result, the trend of dental insurance is soaring high. Generally, many companies provide their employees with dental insurances. Generally, it is edified that one must get ones dental care insured.

Dental insurance is cheaper than other kinds of insurance. In fact, dental insurance costs less than 10% of the cost of the medical coverage. As many other insurance plans wrap many kind of plans within their entity in the same way dental insurance plans for employees also brings before you many kinds of plans. There are three major kinds of dental insurance plans, which are particularly for employees. Out of these three dental insurance plans, first one is Managed care plans. Managed care plans are counted among the most inexpensive dental insurance plan for the employees. This kind of plan covers some cost control measures and is suitable for small business. Under the rules of this plan patient has to pay a certain amount as co-payment and the amount of co-payment may be different depending on the procedure. Managed care plans are further divided into two types.

Under first one, known as Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO), employees are given the freedom to choose the dentist from the group of mentioned dentists. However, under Dental Health Maintenance (DHMO) dentists provide you certain services free of cost and do not give discount on the fees. Second, type of managed care plan is known as Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) consists of a network of dentists. If an employee joins this program than he or she may avail various dental facilities at comparatively lower cost. Second kind of plan that has specially been molded for employees is known as indemnity plan. Under the provisions of this plan, an employee gives a particular amount of money as premium and in turn, company pays the amount to the dentists for his services. Under the provisions of this plan company uses UCR (usual, customary, and reasonable) to pay the dentists. In case if the UCR rate used to pay dentists falls short of dentist's rate, the patient has to make up the shortfall. Among the three fundamental dental insurance plans that are provided by the small companies to its employees, third one is known as Direct Reimbursement Plan. Under the provisions of this plan, an employee is refunded the money that he or she spends on his or her dental care.
About the Author
Ajay singh is a high profile technical writer and health consultant and provide you latest information about health care dental plans and what you can do for your health. Read more on employees dental plans.

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