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How to Choose a Bosch Dishwasher

By Sean Clark

A dishwasher is an appliance of great utility when you consider the convenience it offers in saving time, water and energy, as well as achieving a good clean wash. New and advanced technology has made it possible for manufacturers to offer advanced control systems, stainless steel interiors, built-in water softeners and a wealth of programmes aimed at consuming a fraction of the electricity and water required by conventional models.

Growth of Bosch

The Bosch company launched its UK operations in 1898, when Robert Bosch opened his first overseas office in London, and it has since grown into a reputable manufacturer of household appliances. Their range of dishwashers is designed to perform at the highest levels of efficiency, leaving the dishes spotlessly clean. In-built smart technology modules keep the consumption of water and energy to the minimum, and help to protect your delicate items of crockery. Bosch continues to develop new methods to enhance performance.

Choosing a Dishwasher

When choosing a dishwasher, you need to take into account its features rather than just going by its size or price. There may be a huge range of features offered, but some of them may be of no particular use or significance in your everyday use.


The smaller sized 'counter top' dishwashers usually measure 45cm in height and 55cm in width, while full sized models come in approximately 82 x 90 cm dimensions. Standard dishwashers have a service 'kick plate' for easier maintenance and installation. In addition, they have a higher capacity of around 20%, and a better sound dampening system.


An 18" dishwasher is usually adequate for a household of 2-3 people and it can hold up to 8 standard place settings. A regular 24" machine would be ideal for larger families having a capacity of 12 to 14 standard place settings. Plates and glassware of irregular sizes may not fit the racks of a standard dishwasher and may cause some inconvenience while loading. If you have non-standard crockery, consider some of the latest features such as flexibly designed and removable racks that can accommodate different loads.

Noise Reduction

This is a feature that must not be overlooked, especially if your kitchen is just adjacent to a living area. 50 decibels or below is considered to be an acceptable noise level.

Half Load

Some dishwashers provide an option termed 'half load,' that allows you to load the top racks with a few dishes and plates. As in any washing machine or dishwasher, a full load will consume proportionately less water and energy, but the 'half load' feature will help to operate the machine in much the same way as if it were on full load, and will be able to offer reasonable savings in water and energy.

Energy Efficient Dishwashers

An energy efficient dishwasher consumes less water to complete the wash cycle. When the machine is fully loaded, the pre rinse cycle is skipped, and an economy cycle may be used for less heavily soiled loads, thereby allowing you to save more water and energy.

Water Temperature and Spray Options

There are several dishwasher manufacturers offering machines that use hot water from your plumbing system without the need for additional heating elements, while some dishwashers have in-built water heaters to heat the water to the appropriate temperature necessary for optimum cleaning. A dishwasher cleans by spraying hot water onto the dishes. There are different options for the size and number of spray outlets. As the bore gets smaller, the spray is more effective with greater force and thus improves cleaning.

Dishwasher Cycles

Dishwashers operate different wash cycles depending on the type of wash selected. There is usually a 'delicate' cycle for items such as crystal and glassware; heavy duty programmes to tackle the aftermath of the Sunday roast; and drying cycles for drying the dishes. Some dishwashers skip the drying cycle to save energy. The latest models have sensors that select the cycle for each load, and may offer a timer setting for the dishwasher to operate at a fixed time, for example to take advantage of off-peak electricity prices.

Water Softener

Some dishwashers have a built-in water softener that softens the hard water in your area to avoid leaving delicate items of crockery with lime scale deposits.


Dishwasher prices start from around 220 and go up to 900. It does not always follow that the more expensive dishwashers deliver better performance in the context of your requirements although the better brands are likely to have better longevity and require fewer service engineer visits, thus reducing the total lifetime cost of ownership.

Standard Bosch Dishwashers

Bosch offers a range of dishwashers classified as Logixx, including premium models with specialised features, Classixx providing simple yet practical models, and Exxcel with additional features. Distinguishing features include Cleartouch, which allows access to all the possible cycles from a flush panel of easy to read controls, Optidry which adjusts the final temperature and wash cycle for quick drying, and Infolight producing a beam of light indicating that the machine is running: essential as anyone who has ever been covered by scalding steam when opening a machine mid cycle will testify. All Bosch dishwashers are built to provide quiet performance.

Features of Bosch Dishwashers

    Flexible baskets with foldable plate racks, glass holders, cutlery baskets and a special baking tray spray. Fully automatic washing programmes that auto select the right programme cycle and temperature for the load for optimum results. Quick wash feature used to complete the entire wash cycle in minutes. A half load feature which can be a useful option after a light breakfast or lunch.

The average family used to take a couple of hours a day to wash the dishes manually. Today's dishwashers require just a few minutes to load and unload, whilst also saving a lot of energy and water in comparison with hand washing. Dishwashers are no longer a luxury kitchen appliance but an essential time saving gadget. There are a great many different models of dishwashers with advanced features and energy saving options. Be sure to select a model from a reputable manufacturer with the features and functions that suit your specific requirements rather than bells and whistles for the sake of it.
About the Author
Sean Clark is Head of eCommerce at Tribal UK. Find a guide to buying Bosch dishwashers at - your home for quality electrical goods delivered FREE of charge to your door!

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