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Journalist Persecuted For Documenting Bush Family Connections to Nazi Regime

By Greg Szymanski

The connection between the Bush family and the Nazi regime just so happens to be well-documented in the National Archives and the U.S. Congressional Record.

And this treasonous connection, one that should have been dealt with a long time ago, was finally brought to light in 2003 by investigative reporter, John Buchanan, in an article first appearing in the New Hampshire Gazette.

Finally, after 60 years of treasonous silence by politicians and the media, the truth about how the Bush family came forward and how they were nothing more than two-bit traitors and war profiteers.

But instead of praise, Buchanan was shunned and then discredited by the mainstream media, his story ridiculed and then placed in the black hole of conspiracy propaganda read by extremists on the internet.

Instead of the treasonous information ending the Bush family reign of terror, it demonstrated just how treasonous, diabolical and devious the government and media had become.

Instead of using this information to once and for corral the Bush family and its murderous past, the Nazi-like stranglehold on America surfaced instead, rearing its ugly head as Daddy Bush called out the attack dogs to once and for all silence Buchanan.

"I found out the hard way how the Bush family tries to silence people trying to tell the truth, especially when you cross the line," said Buchanan Thursday while appearing on Greg Szymanski's radio show, The Investigative Journal. "I was so na?ve. I never thought what happened to me could happen in America, especially for a person like me who believes in freedom of speech. But I found out quickly freedom of speech doesn't exist in America when you begin uncovering the truth about the Bush family."

What Buchanan meant by "finding out the hard way" was that the Bush attack dogs, like true Nazis, on two separate occasions hauled him into custody, accusing him of plotting to kill the President, accusations that were of course unfounded but used as a scare tactic.

"I have to admit I was frightened to death because I thought at any time for no reason they could haul me away," said Buchanan, adding that his story led to him running for President of the United States in 2004, leading to more than respectable showing in the New Hampshire primaries.

"When I flew into Washington D.C. to give a speech at the press club after the New Hampshire primaries, turned out to be the first time I was apprehended by agents and held against my will for two hours," recalled Buchanan, adding that after he was released and gave his speech, he decided to take a train home to Florida instead of flying.

"I have to admit I was worried about what was going to happen when I returned home to the state controlled by Jeb, the brother of the President."

And Buchanan's worries quickly turned into a nightmare of serious legal proportions, being arrested on a bogus14-count felony complaint for aggravated stalking against a victim the state failed to produce.

A story appearing on August 14, 2004 had this to say about the Buchanan arrest:

Has Campaigning Against Bush Now Become Stalking'
"On February 4, while on his way to speak at an evening meeting of the National Press Club, John was kidnapped by unidentified federal agents who claimed to be Secret Service officers but apparently were not.
"Four days later, upon his return home, John was arrested again. This time, on phony criminal charges contained in a 14-count felony complaint for aggravated stalking against a victim the state has failed to produce.
"One is left to conclude that the "victim" is one George W. Bush. If so, that means that Buchanan's Constitutionally protected right to politically challenge a fellow Republican has been deemed "stalking.""


Two years after the arrest, Buchanan had this to say on his radio interview:

"I remember going to court and the public defender saying he lost my file, I had no defense and I better plead guilty as I was going to jail," recalled Buchanan, adding that he broke down in tears. "I then called a 9/11 activist, Gabriel Day, who quickly helped me retain a lawyer. The lawyer then obtained a continuance and was able to persuade the judge the government had concocted the story, having no victim or evidence. The case was finally dropped but after considerable time and expense.

"Even after that experience, I was harassed by agents one more time, again accusing me of plotting to kill the President but releasing me after they said I was only in their custody for wanting to impeach the President. What a joke, I remember telling them before being released, saying if you hauled in everybody who wanted to impeach the President you would have to build another Guatanamo Bay right here in the states.

"Since then, I have lived in five states in the last year and half, now settling in a rural part of Georgia. I have written a screenplay about war profiteering, my book Fixing America has been selling and I am planning again to run for President.

"What happened to me should prove to Americans without question that we are living in a fascist country and that Nazi-like tactics are being used against Americans."

This story, written by Buchanan in 2003, appeared in the New Hampshire Gazette, a story still ignored by all the treasonous politicians and members of the media, as America still remains captive by the murderous and Nazi-like ways of the treasonous Bush family.

Read the full article "Bush - Nazi Link Confirmed" By John Buchanan at:

About the Author
Greg Szymanski is an independent rresearcher, columnist, and radio talk show host. Visit the last frontier of truth at the Arctic Beacon and listen to Greg's international radio show, The Investigative Journal, Monday-Friday from 4-6pm central.

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