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Simple cooking as easy-home-cooking

By Dr. Chef

A healthy life style extremely depended on the food consumed by us. True??? Whilst exercise is a must to all, a nutritious balance diet also plays a major role to our lifestyle. For those chef-to-be, please bear in mind that balance nutrition is a must-knowledge for preparing good and balanced food.

In this and future articles, Dr. Chef will address more and more about this nutrition diet in the food preparation. That's why people acknowledge me as Dr. Chef…!!!

Basic Principles of Nutrition: It is necessary for maintaining the human body in good health because our body is continuously using the substances which make it up and these must be replaced by absorbing food. So, a number of important factors must be considered if the process of alimentation is to be carried out correctly.

Hunger and thirst are sensed automatically by a healthy person.

Appetite is the desire for food without really being hungry. It's mainly psychological. In our psychological stress, we don't have appetite in spite of being hungry.

Variety: We need varieties of different foods and only varied food intake can ensure balanced nutrition.

Digestion: It takes place in the gastrointestinal tract, and is the breakdown of food prior to its absorption into the body.

Metabolism is the conversion of nutrients occurring in a series of processes in different parts of the body. This activity is necessary for the building and continuous functioning of cells and tissues.

Normally we keep our uneaten sandwiches in the fridge. This will make it dry and hard. So, do not waste your money by buying and wrapping your sandwiches with cling wrap, but use this…. Cover it with a clean and wet cloth because the bread will last longer and fresh. Till next article, I wish you A Gooood and Healthy Day ……….

From the back desk,

Dr. Chef
About the Author
Dr. Chef, Webmaster for .Dr. Chef has been a chef in hotel around the world.From China to India, Middle East to South Africa and Canada to Australia. Now retired as a chef and doing a consultant company in restaurant and hotel business in south East-asia.

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