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Paid Surveys Learn How to Get More Online Surveys and Make Greater Earnings by Simply Adding Detail to Your User Profile

By Diana Cristo

As the title says, one of the keys to earning more money with paid online surveys is, simply, adding more detail to your profile of a survey taker. If you have already subscribed to particular survey sites to receive paid surveys, you were most probably asked to complete a member's profile. If you are still considering joining paid survey sites, you should read the following information. It will give you very valuable guidance in the first few steps of taking surveys, which will increase your chances of 1) getting more surveys, and 2) getting high-payout surveys.

Member's profile is made of the information you provide upon subscribing to the survey site of your choice. Online survey companies require that you fill in certain demographic data, income history, and information about your preferences and tastes. Based on the details you enter, the survey company can identify you, and make a pre-selection of the upcoming surveys that are most suitable for you to complete. Even though most of the questions survey companies ask at sign-up are not mandatory, you should try to fill the information as completely as possible in order to boost your chances of getting more survey invitations. As you enter more precise details, you will fall in more categories, and will thus be eligible to complete more free surveys!

Survey companies always have a particular target group for which they design the survey questionnaires. If, for example, a survey is on cat food, the survey site will invite only those members, who indicated they took care of a cat. Therefore, if in your member's profile you were asked "Do you have a pet?" and you selected "cat", then you'll most certainly get invited to complete this particular survey. As more targeted surveys are sometimes very specific, these usually pay more. A survey on eating habits (as we all have some) may pay $10, but a survey on breast implants may pay $100!

Some people might be concerned about the security of their private information. Online survey companies usually use security protocols that ensure the confidence of transferring sensitive information over the Internet. Besides, survey sites' privacy policies should describe how they make use and protect personal data.

Make sure you complete the first surveys you receive from a particular survey company! This will signal that you are an active survey taker, and your subscription is valid. Sometimes, survey sites will send you a "starter" survey, which is not paid, but is intended as a getting-to-know-you survey. Even though it's not usually paid, it's advisable to complete this survey, as it will, again, increase your future options as a survey taker.

To recap, the more features of your personality you add to your online profile, the greater your chances of getting more, high-quality, and high-payout surveys! Do not miss on the opportunity to make a full picture of yourself when you subscribe to take paid online surveys. That will certainly turn to your advantage when it comes to the number of survey invitations you receive, and the rewards you get from more specific surveys. Good luck!
About the Author
The author is an amateur writer focusing primarily on paid surveys related topics. For more information visit her site

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