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The Future of Identification Technology

By Marcela Devivo

The future of identification technology is long and rich, just as its history. From the days of not even being able to read finger prints, we've come to retinal scans, fingerprint identification and even body scans. And as identification technology continues to evolve, it will become increasingly more sophisticated.

Today we traditionally use a laminated ID card alone or in conjunction with biometric technologies of all types, depending on the situation and industry. The increased use of ID cards with biometric technologies is in direct response to higher security concerns and an atmosphere that greatly values identity.

A huge part of the identification technology of the future is RFID, or radio frequency identification technology. Using RFID technology, a number of things are possible, including full body scans—at home. For example, say you and your family are going away for the weekend and you've engaged your neighbor to care for your animals, but want to ensure only your neighbor can enter.

Instead of a key, all you'd need to do is program their body information into your scanner and set it exclusively to them. Upon scanning, your door would open. While this sounds like science fiction, it is a very real possibility that, according to popular science, will be available in the 2020's.

Or how about the already available laptops that offer biometric security technology? All you do is place your thumb on the reader and your laptop is unlocked or locked, allowing for maximum security even if it's lost or left somewhere.

Additionally, experts are predicting that within the next ten years, the US will see a national identification card system. It's conceivable that such an ID card would use various technologies together, such as RFID, thumbprint identification, and a rewritable microchip that contains your history, medical background, insurance information and other statistics combined into one license or national ID card that would outdate even a license.

Thus, the future of ID technology is rapidly expanding and growing at a startling rate. Within the next ten to twenty years, advances in biometric and RFID technology may grow to the point that even regular homes will have technologies like body scanning and much, much more. is designed to help you learn everything about plastic ID cards, ID badges and ID card systems. Browse identification industry news, learn about the ID card printers of major manufacturers like Fargo, Zebra-Eltron, Magicard and Evolis, or buy any and all ID card systems and accessories. Our company has been dedicated to giving you the best service and the best value anywhere since 1986. For more information, please visit
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