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Google Adsense Is Easy To Start But Not That Easy To Success If You Do Not Know How

By Jenny Harvard

You have heard or read about how easy you can earn or make online money through the integration of Google Adsense to you website. In fact, this is true, to add Google Adsense to your website is that easy, you just need to sign up a Google Adsense account and then add the small pieces of Google Adsense codes into your website; that's it, you can start earn money from Ad clicks.

In reality, this might happen to you and many of Adsense newbie:

I have designed my website following the best guideline taught by many Adsense Gurus, why my website's impressions is still so low and click thru rate even lower. What's goes wrong? You ask with disappointment! What has gone wrong? Yes, the root cause of low impressions to a website is always Traffic. Many Adsense marketers failed not because of their poor integration of Adsense to their website but because of fail to generate internet traffic to their website site.

If you website can generate 1000 or more internet traffic daily, integration of Adsense definitely will help you to earn a good money from Google. Adsense optimization will further increase the click thru rate and of course increase in your Adsense earning.

But, if your website site is new, not yet index by Google or you website has been on internet for some times and indexed by major search engines but is a PR0 (Page Rank 0) website, very likely not many internet surfers will know your website. There are millions of websites on internet, if your website can't be found, nobody will know you website, and regardless of how well your website is designed and optimized with Adsense, with no traffic, you gain nothing from it. Thus, to success in Adsense, internet traffic is the key.

The first thing you need to do after having an Adsense website is to make your website Famous. You website will become Famous when Google think that your website is useful and many one-way links going to your website from other websites and internet surfers can find your website and visit it. A lot of efforts are needed to reach to this level.

Below are a few ways use by most of internet marketers to connect their website with internet surfers:

    Press Announcement

    If your marketing budget is allowed, online press announcement is a good way to tell people about the existence of you website. Although free press release services are available, but Press Release service with fee always bring best result. And making press releases are a good way to generate quality one-way incoming links to your website. This will help in SEO (Search Engines Optimization) as well. This method may bring you instant internet traffic but cost you quite a lot of money.

    Buy one-way links

    This might not be a good option because it normally cost you a lot, many services need monthly subscription fee.

    Link Exchanges

    Exchange the links with websites which have related fields to your website. Unrelated link exchanges will not help much.

    Discussion Forum

    Attend forums, post and reply messages on forum will get the forum members and forum's visitors to aware of your website. This method may need a lot of your time and efforts but the good thing is, It's Free.

    Article Writing & Submission

    Article has been recognized as internet #1 marketing strategy; it is the cheapest way among the top effective internet traffic generation methods. Writing & submission of articles are free if you can do it yourself. As long as you write your articles and submit them to hundreds of article directories around the net in regular basis, internet traffic will be generated to your website for sure.

    But, you may have problem in writing an effective article which will drive the readers to click the links at your article and visit your website. Fortunately, there are many professional writers on the net who can provide the writing service for you. Use them if you need it.

    Another but, article submission to hundreds of article directories may be very time consuming and tiring if you do it manually. Fortunately, things always go easy with a service. There are many article submission services around to help you; it will cost you a few dollars to submit your article to hundreds of articles directories easily. Use the one which will provide you report on which article directories they submit it and report you with status on each submission.

In conclusion, to start an Adsense website is very easy, but to make it Famous and known by internet surfers will need a lot of efforts. The key success of an Adsense website site is Traffic. Traffic generation is equally important to Adsense optimization. Don't overlook it! Article Marketing remain internet's #1 marketing but article submission to hundreds article directories is very time consuming for internet marketers.
About the Author
Jenny gives an easy implementation of this marketing strategy to internet marketers, small business owners and home business entrepreneurs. Visit for more information.

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