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5 Blogging Tips to Save You Time & Work

By Lynette Chandler

1.Create a Team Blog. Gather up people who's business or blog
topic matches your own and set it up so that everyone has access
to post. You can have anywhere from 2-5 people (or more!) on
your team blog. By blogging as a team you will gain more visitors
and traffic because: You are combining the traffic of multiple
contributors and you will have more content for the search engines
to pick up.

2.Hire a team of bloggers. Newspapers have contributors, blogs
can too. Maybe you already have a writer working for you doing
articles , this works pretty much the same way. Many of the most
successful blogs are already doing this. The combination of group
promotion effort, regular updates and pinging can help bring in
traffic quickly. One thing to note here is blogs are a somewhat
social tool. Some very popular niche blogs are not all that visible in
the search engines, yet they get a lot of traffic because people
recommend them and they become a sort of buzz hub. Search
engines do not always pick up on this but they do eventually. This
is why group blogging can be very powerful because you're
leveraging the power of not one (your) influence group but several
people's influence group. If you do pay your bloggers, you can
always offset this cost by displaying Adsense ads. Many popular
blogs earn a good amount in Adsense, that they make a nice profit
even after paying their bloggers team. After a while it becomes a
passive income stream.

3.Reuse Your Information. Do you have a bunch of previously
published articles, interviews or audio sitting around and don't
know what to do with it? Reuse it on your blog! Many people
enjoy reading blogs because they want their information to be
quick and to the point. Break up your old content into smaller
pieces for your blog and you can quickly create posts to your blog
without having to think about it!

4.Include audio. For some of us, it's much easier to speak than to
write. So, mix up your blog. Carry a small portable MP3 recorder or
blog by phone. What a convenient way for moms who are running
around all day , busing the kids where they need to go , doing
errands , and whatever else needs to be done. Maybe you're stuck
in traffic, or waiting for the kids to get out piano class or school. An
idea or thought strikes and you think "Oh I need to share that on
my blog" so, pick up your phone (assuming you have a cell phone -
and many of us do), dial a number, say what's on your mind, save
it and you're done. Your blog is published. If you're using Blogger,
you can do this for free through AudioBlog. It involves calling a long
distance number, but most cell phone plans don't charge extra for
long distance anyway so you're not incurring any extra cost.

If you're using another blog publishing tool like WordPress,
Movable Type or TypePad, then you'll need a service like This one is a paid service but it's only $4.95 a
month and it gives you more options like a nice flash player,
statistics and even video that make it worth while.

5.Automating Your Blog. One of the things I love about using
Wordpress as a publishing tool is that it offers a forward blog entry
option that saves me tons of time. By using this tool you can blog
ahead of time and have your entries posted on the day and time
you choose. So let's say you have a week's worth of posts ready
to go. You don't have to come back each day and post, instead you
write everything up in one day and schedule a new post out 24 hrs
after the next. This will save you time!

Let's face it. There will be times we have a ton to say and times we
have little or nothing to share. Instead of having multiple entries
one day and nothing over the next few days, by using forward
entry you can blog everyday of the week. Or rather you blog once
and the blog publishing tool does the job automatically the rest of
the week. You can even forward blog for weeks and months ahead
of time.

Note: Blogger users unfortunately cannot do this because Blogger
publishes all entries regardless what you date it immediately.
About the Author
Lynette Chandler, the Tech Diva, regularly dispenses RSS and blogging info to business owners. To learn more about how you can get blogging, and do it well, visit

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