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Pay Per Click Management

By Farhad Divecha

Effective pay per click management can be used to increase traffic, reduce cost per click and boost profit. A well managed pay per click campaign can, in fact, make the difference between profitability and loss.
The decision to outsource management of your pay per click campaigns should therefore be seriously considered and the pros and cons weighed up before trying to save money by doing search engine marketing in-house.
Some points you should consider are:
1. Do you have pay per click management expertise in-house?
An agency like AccuraCast could dedicate account managers, Google Qualified AdWords Professionals and search engine marketing experts who have years of experience with PPC campaign management ( ).
Does your company have similar expertise in-house?
Will you need to hire new employees and train them?
Will you need to train current employees on pay per click?
How long will it take to grow and train your in-house PPC management team?
2. Can you dedicate the time and resources?
Setting up a pay per click campaign and managing it can be a very time-consuming exercise. Typical campaigns with just 10,000 keywords can take 1-2 full days to set up and organise correctly, and this does not include time required for keyword research, competitive analysis or learning how to use the Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing systems.
Have you estimated the set up time correctly?
Have you estimated the daily campaign maintenance time?
Have you estimated the campaign management and review time?
Do you know how much PPC training can cost?
Did you account for developer time required to build landing pages?
How much time will your sales and offline marketing team need to dedicate?
3. Are your PPC managers familiar with marketing techniques?
Pay per click management involves strategic placement, copy writing, copy testing, split testing, tracking, visitor analysis, segmentation, convergence of online and offline marketing and synchronisation of online and offline sales.
Can your campaign management team write good marketing copy?
Are your pay per click team excellent at number crunching?
Will your PPC campaign managers know where to place your listing ideally?
Do your development, marketing and sales team work efficiently together?
4. Can your pay per click management team speak foreign languages?
AccuraCast is one of the few PPC Management agencies ( ) that provides its SEM services in 10 global languages. Very few agencies can boast of such a wide multilingual offering, and even fewer individuals would be able to provide the breadth of coverage our multilingual campaigns can.
Do you sell products internationally?
Would you like to build and maintain a global online presence?
Can your marketing team speak in the native language of your customers?
5. What else could your marketing team be doing with their time?
One of the most important considerations any company or manager should take into account when deciding whether or not to outsource is what else could the in-house personnel be doing with their time. Ideally, their time should be spent coordinating the various online and offline marketing activities, devising overall marketing strategies, and setting marketing goals, guidelines and initiatives that the agencies can go out and implement for them effectively.
Outsourcing PPC Management
All things considered, outsourcing your pay per click management ( ) to a Google Qualified Company is more often than not a wise decision if you intend to make online marketing an important part of your company's overall marketing strategy. If you need help setting up and managing a comprehensive pay per click marketing campaign contact us ( ), and one of our friendly consultants will be glad to assist you.
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About the Author
Before founding AccuraCast, Farhad worked for and provided consulting services to a number of large and medium sized
enterprises in the UK and USA including 3Com, Proctor & Gamble and Household (HFC, HSBC). He has over 7 years of
experience marketing products and services online and offline.

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