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Seeking Natural Cure For Hair

By Mathew Thomson

It is reported that more than 70 million men and women in the United States alone, “have the disease” of “premature thinning or hair loss.”

It is also imperative that before deciding about the application of any hair loss cure agent, it is necessary to know the cause of your hair loss. The causes of hair loss are many and vary from individual to individual. Where as, many of the causes for loss of hair have been identified, we have yet to see a product which can be termed as a recipe for growing hair.

Can this hair loss phenomenon be reversed? Do you accept baldness as the reality of the problem to be faced at some stage of the life?

Since the reasons for hair loss leading to the state of baldness are many and vary from individual to individual, the remedies should also follow the same suit. They need to vary from individual to individual.

And generally, it is at this point you or your physician makes the mistake in medication. In a case reported, a pharmacist gave the solution with minoxidil for treating baldness. The patient used it for 4 months, no growth of hair, but he did develop a kidney infection as a side effect.

The damage of oxidation and free radicals on the growth of hair is now fairly well known. The scalp and skin are also damaged by it. No product with the base of hard chemicals can give you a permanent hair loss cure formula. You have to revert to the nature and seek the Mother Nature’s support. There are many medicinal plants which prevent the hair loss and contribute to the sustained growth of new hair. These act as vasodilators. They stimulate the capillaries in the scalp to increase blood supply and nutrient level in the hair root. In such cases the chances of side-effect are nil and if anything, minimal! Any artificial color or chemical preservative is bound to cause harm, instead of providing cure.

Many over the counter products are named natural. Do not be taken in by their style of propaganda. Some companies promise full refund, if the products do not deliver the goods! Sometimes the process of gettting the refund is so laborious that some part of the hair loss could be attributed to it.

The final solution is to revert to the nature. You need to understand this point very carefully. I recently saw an advertisement on TV, where in a new product, a soap was introduced. “Now it has lemon”, the model was screaming at the top of her voice, “for lustrous growth of your hair!”

My point is, why buy their soap for the lemon-benefit? Why not put the juice of a lemon in the bucket of water in which you going to take bath! It is so cheap! Purity guaranteed!

About the Author
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