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How to Retrofit a Picture or an Image into Desktop Wallpaper for Your Computer

By Steve Dimeck

The term desktop wallpaper (as the name implies) refers to an image used as a background on your computer screen. The term wallpaper is the term used by Microsoft, while Macintosh avoids using this term not to mix the metaphors, and instead uses the term "desktop picture." In the public eye, "desktop wallpaper" terminology, or just "wallpaper" is mostly used to indicate a computer screen background image.

The desktop wallpapers are used to fill in the otherwise blank and monotonous computer screens with an image of your desire. Some people choose a picture of their favorite celebrity, car, or a vacation-desired destination. Others choose animated wallpapers, 3D wallpapers, nature scenes, computer generated images of some fantasy world, favorite movie, or a white sand beach with breathtaking ocean views. The desktop wallpaper is purely one's desire.

In the old days and even nowadays it seems like everyone keeps framed photos of family and friends on their desks. But the times are changing. What people begin doing recently in this computer age is taking those same photos and setting them as desktop wallpaper on their computer displays.

When having a physical picture or a digital picture, and you want to set it as wallpaper on your computer, here are the steps to help you do that:

A physical picture first needs to be scanned in. When you scan it, choose a high resolution for better quality. You can size down the picture after and still maintain the good quality. Save it as .jpg file.

Next, you need to minimize all windows and click with the third mouse button anywhere on your desktop. Then, click on properties, and then settings. See what resolution is your screen at (i.e. 1024 by 768 pixels).

Now open your favorite image editor, such as Adobe, and size down your picture to your screen resolution. Whether that was the picture you scanned in or a computer image, the procedure is the same. You may need to crop the picture to get it the perfect size. Also, think about sizing it lower than your screen resolution so you can have some empty space for your icons.

After you finish the modifications, save the new image as new file so you can always have the original. Save it as either .jpg or .png.

Next, minimize all windows again and click with the third mouse button anywhere on your desktop. Then, click on properties, and desktop. Click on the "Browse..." button to find the picture where you preciously saved it, then choose the center position, and click OK. You're done.

If you have a picture that's smaller than your desktop, you can skip all of the cropping and resizing steps above, and go right to the Properties Dialog box on the desktop, and just select your image file as your desktop wallpaper. Then use the Position menu to choose whether you want the image centered in the monitor or stamped in repeating tiles across the display. When you're done, click OK. You've just made a desktop wallpaper.
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How to Retrofit a Picture or an Image into Desktop Wallpaper for Your Computer
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