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How Effective Are the Implants?

By Annie williams

Contraceptive implants are quite attractive and effective method for women. They consist of six small capsules that are inserted under the skin of a woman's upper arm. It acts fast, as it starts working within 24 hours of insertion.

How does it Work?

These capsules, once implanted, release a steady stream of a female-type hormone (progestin) into the bloodstream. This hormone causes some minor anti-conception changes in your womb lining and in your cervix. Then, it reaches the ovaries and eventually prevents them from releasing eggs. Primarily, it prevents cervical mucus, which eventually prevents sperm penetration as well as inhibits evolution. Its effectiveness is beyond any doubt, as it minimizes the chances of pregnancy to almost 0%. What is more, it can provide protection for up to 5 years. It ensures safety and most women can use implants throughout their reproductive years.

How is it put in?

There are specially trained doctors and nurse for this purpose, who first inject a little local anaesthetic into your skin and then pushes the tiny rod in, using a special needle. You do not feel much pain because of the local anaesthetic. It normally takes not more than two minutes. Therefore, you can even go home immediately afterwards. Sometimes, you may face a little bruising or soreness after the implant has been inserted, but it is a normal thing, which gets ok after an hour or so, if not in minutes.


As per numerous medical researches and reports, with perfect and typical use, it ensures 0.1% to 1.0% failure rate for soft capsule implants during the first year of use, and 1.6% failure rate, if you use the same for over five years. It means less than one woman out of hundred may become pregnant within the first year while less than two over the five years of use. What is more, women can have it removed anytime, and immediately upon the rod removal, they can return to fertility. However, if they want to continue even after five years, they must get the implant replaced.

Side Effects

Though it has been a quite effective method, but sometimes some women may face a few side effects. It may include mood changes, acne, headache, breast tenderness, and nausea. Sometimes, it may also cause irregular periods, headaches and weight gain. What is more, sometimes, women may have to face complications with rod removal. However, the chances of occurring such things are extremely low. Again, even if you face some side effects, the good thing with contraceptive implant is that you can get it removed anytime as per your desire and comfort. Once you have the implant taken out, all the side effects will stop almost immediately.


There are literally no restrictions on its use, but it does have certain age restrictions. The age limitation is 16 and above. Women under 16 should not try this contraceptive implants. Also, it mainly works to prevent pregnancy only, and does not effectively protect against STIs and HIV.

Once the capsule is implanted, you can make love whenever you want to, without worrying about taking pills or buying condoms.
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