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NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming, A Model For Success!

By John James Santangelo

If you've never heard of it before it might sound like some intellectual psycho-babble? And if you are familiar with its amazing simplicity to make changes at the unconscious level, you know then how important this technology is and how it has expanded our paradigm into HOW (the human mind) processes information and HOW we can learn to take control of our thoughts and actions so we can produce DESIRED results on a more consistent basis.

NLP was developed back in the early 1970's by two gentleman; John Grinder Ph.D.- professor of linguistics at the university of Santa Cruz, and Richard Bandler mathematician and computer genius. These men were asked by Gregory Bateson - (anthropologist) to study some of the therapeutic techniques of three of the best therapists of that time; Virginia Satir family therapy, Fritz Perls Gestalt therapy, and Milton Erickson Foremost hypnotherapist. What they created was a model of their success of change work with clients, HOW these therapists help individuals change negative habits and limited thinking which help them back from producing results they intended or couldn't follow through on.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, what does it mean? It refers to the fact that we have a mind-body system, much in the same way you can program or RE-program the software on your personal computer. Our mind-body system is made up of our neurology or nervous system which gives us the ability to assimilate the world through our five senses, and Linguistics gives us the ability to communicate within the structure we design inside our minds of the world around us. So when you out together these two elements, we have a human bio-electrical personal computer which we have the capability to re-program at any moment we decide the results we produce are unfavorable.

NLP, as a model of human functioning, takes on a very different attitude from the old psychologies of the past. With NLP, we presuppose people work perfectly just as they are, that people aren't broken and need to be fixed. One NLP presupposition states that - people have all the resources they need to succeed and work perfectly, because there isn't a problem with people, but with their programming, and because of NLP, can now be changed.

Richard Bandler's genius was in his ability to model anyone's successful strategy. So he conceptualized NLP in this simple and yet complex affirmation - NLP is an attitude and a methodology that leaves behind a trail of techniques.

So while we NLPer's understand it's complexities to be magic, art and science combined, the real world awaits the magician to perform his miracles, outside their understanding of the mysteries of the mind.
About the Author
John James Santangelo C.Ht. - Los Angeles' Premier NLP certification training company; the traditional PURE NLP 12-day 120-hr program. Learn to; develop your personal power, maintain physical vitality, create financial wealth, and produce outstanding relationships! Enroll in our free training contest. - or call (888) NLP-COACH for workshops or speaking opportunities!

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