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Save Thousands On Finance Charges - Without Marrying Your Banker

By Cat Tobin

Let's face it - currency isn't green anymore. Currency is a
slab of rectangular plastic decorated in goldfish, landscapes,
paintings or whatever sporting a magical black strip on
the rear side. Plastic is convenient, but dangerous. However,
there are instances when credit cards can prove to be necessary.
Emergencies, delayed paydays, holidays all can be aided with
a good credit card.

So which ones are the good ones? How can you tell when a credit
card offer will live up to the hype that it's envelope screams
at you? The biggest thing to look at is the APR. People used
to think that the greater the number of benefits offered by a
credit card the better the credit card. This is simply not
the case. When it comes down to it, the best benefit out there
is to have low to zero finance charges and interest. A 0% APR
credit card provides this benefit. So do credit card companies
actually offer 0% APR?

When you receive a credit card offer in the mail, the first
thing you should look for is the APR. Likely, it will be
printed in bold and set in a huge font. The offer may read
0% annual percentage rate or APR but look closer. Often
the 0% offer is simply a lure to hook consumers and will
only last about six months, and then the APR shoots up.
Whether the credit card shoots up a lot or a little should
be the determining factor on whether or not to sign up for
the offered credit card.

Sometimes, even short-term 0% cards can be very helpful. In
many instances, 0% APR is attractive to people who need to
transfer a balance from a high interest card. Debt consolidation
is a smart and common practice to help higher credit scores
and manage debt effectively.

It's hard to find negatives in 0% credit cards, but they can
prove to be less beneficial for some. For those who pay off
there credit cards every month, and do not have to worry about
carrying a balance a rewards card is the way to go.

All in all, there are three options. One, choose a credit card
with the lowest APR possible. Two, go for the card that offers
the best rewards as long as you pay it off every month. Or
three, just avoid added debt because the absence of a credit
card always will carry 0% APR.

Article written by Cat Tobin.
About the Author
Cat Tobin
diversification WA
investments WA

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