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How To Deal With Sciatica During Pregnancy?

By Javier Fuller

Pregnancy and sciatica are the possible worst combinations. For a woman, normally, pregnancy is an amazing time. But if you suffer from back pain at such a crucial time, it could be a terrible condition, to live with. Nothing brings relief. When the cause of pain is diagnosed as sciatica, it is double tragedy, the physical pain coupled with psychological pain.

Sciatica tends to cause pain in the specific area of the back. That is, in the lower back and the hip area. It is due to Sciatica and Sacroiliac joint dysfunction. Pregnancy related back pain mostly occurs in the mid to lower back.

There is no cut and dry method to treat sciatica. You have to decide the line of treatment in consultation with your physician. Patience is the watch word, in deciding and following a particular course of treatment. Even in extreme cases of pain, over the counter medications for sciatica need to be avoided. When you are pregnant, this remedy could be worst than the disease.

Therapeutic bath is however good for curing sciatica pain. Fill the immersion bath tub with 135 liters of hot water at 400 C. Put 1 to 2 kilograms of Epsom salt in the hot water and it will dissolve within minutes. The patient is expected to drink a glass of cold water and have the head covered with a cold towel. Now, how to lie over the tub? This procedure is to be done under the supervision of a therapeutic bath specialist.

Apart from the sciatica pain, this bath is supposed to be a panacea, for rheumatism, neuritis, kidney disorders and other types of skin infections.
About the precautions to be taken for this bath, avoid the bath one hour before the meal and three hours after the meal. The water to be used for the bath must be clean, and the water once used, should not be used again. Watch the temperature of the water and the duration of the bath carefully and do not go over the prescribed limits. During pregnancy this bath can be taken only till the third month.

For proper control of the sciatica pain during pregnancy, decide the day's schedule by applying proper thought. Plan the way you will walk, you will sit, when to use the pillow, the type of bed, the schedule for taking food and all such things. Let there be total discipline in your life. Select and do some of the most friendly yoga exercises, But do it in consultation with your physiotherapist.

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