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Hypnosis 3 Simple Steps to Build Amazing Confidence

By Pradeep Aggarwal

Self -Hypnosis is a powerful tool to build self confidence. The technique I'm going to reveal now has worked wonders for my confidence levels and I have used this technique on many of my clients with great success.

And I'm sure, when you follow this simple step by step process, it will really take your confidence to an amazingly high level.

Step 1

Find and sit in a comfortable place, which is quiet and ensure you are not disturbed.

Close your eyes, breathe slowly, fully, deeply, with you stomach pushed out when you breathe in, and held in when you breathe out

Do this 3 time and as you do count down from three to one (3,2,1) and think to yourself word "Relax"

And each time as you exhale, say to yourself: "Deeper and deeper, more and more relaxed".

Step 2

Inducing Self Hypnosis for Confidence

Now go the past a time when you did something confidently and successfully and as you do, picture this in your mind what you see, hear what you heard, and feel what you felt. Now enhance those images. Make the picture brighter and bigger, the colors richer, the sounds louder and the feelings stronger

When you feel that burst of confidence quite strongly, Squeeze your thumb and your middle finger together. That will create trigger in your mind the feeling of confidence with the finger squeeze.

Go through this routine 3 times, each time with different positive situation from the past that you felt very confident about and reinforce that trigger between your fingers together you will begin to easily remember that confidence.

Now think about the future situation or event that you want to be more confident for. Imagine the event going
as smoothly and as perfectly while all the time squeezing your thumb and finger together re-triggering that confident feeling.

You will notice a difference in your confidence this time. If the feeling is not strong you have to do the exercise again.

Now think about the future situation or event, if you feel confident about yourself it is done. This confident feeling will be stored in your subconscious mind waiting for that situation or event to happen. The moment you are in that situation the subconscious mind will trigger the same confident feeling instantly, it will have a tremendous impact on the outcome of the situation.

Step 3

Awakening from Hypnosis

To come out of hypnosis, you can count up from one to three and open your eyes. As you start counting tell yourself that you will come out completely alert, refreshed and feeling better than before

Now count from one to three and open your eyes feeling more confident that before

This powerful yet simple Self-Hypnosis exercise can help develop amazing confidence in yourself.

Practicing this exercise whenever you feel you need confidence, it can be before going for an interview, starting a new work at office, preparing to give a speech or going for a date with your girl / boy friend. Any time you need confidence to do something.

I have known some people to wipe out a life long fear of public speaking with this one simple

This technique has really worked with many men and women who were unable to make their dating experience a successful and pleasant one due various reasons like shyness, fear of rejection, feeling nervous when talking to their boyfriends and girl friends. This has resulted in making their dates a miserable one.

Learn and implement this technique today and see how it will transform you into a confident and vibrant person

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About the Author
Pradeep Aggarwal is a world renowned hypnosis guru.
He offer free 15 part free ecourse on How to Become a Master Hypnotist.
Go and register here now at He also offers articles, books, audio tapes at And watch this How to Hypnotized wonderful video

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