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Progesterone: The Battle Between Capsules and Cream

By Andrew Jones

"Dietary Supplement Progesterone Now Makes Creams Obsolete"

The verdict is in: Oral progesterone beats topical creams hands-down

Until now, if you needed to supplement your natural levels of progesterone, you had only one choice: Messy, hard to apply creams. Oral progesterone just wasn't available at any price.

All that's been changed. Bio-identical progesterone has recently become available as an inexpensive dietary supplement in capsule form – finally giving women another option to choose. Creams no longer have a monopoly.

Since progesterone cream first exploded on the scene 40 years ago – millions of women have used this method to treat a variety of conditions, primarily PMS.

However – these women soon learned they had to apply huge amounts in order to achieve the desired response. Not only that, but progesterone creams were a sticky mess – difficult to apply and often staining the user's clothes.

But women were stuck – it was either creams or nothing.

Fresh developments have changed that once and for all.

Why Creams Are Ineffective

But first - what exactly are the scientific problems with progesterone creams?

• Low Dosage: The FDA limits cream manufacturers to a 3% concentration of hormone in their preparations. This tiny quantity forces users to slather on huge amounts to get any noticeable effect at all.

• Wildly Erratic Absorption: Hormone absorption is exceedingly unpredictable, even on the same spot of skin! The culprit? Skin temperature and sweat glands - causing wide variations in how much progesterone gets into the body.

• Measurement Inconsistency: Most creams indicate that you place a "dollop" on your skin. But what's a dollop? Even with pre-measured applicators, a dollop of cream is difficult to measure. It's like toothpaste - do you squeeze out the exact same amount every time you use the tube?

• Inconsistent Hormone Mixture: Due to mixture settlement (a normal occurrence with creams) actual strength can vary within the tube itself. You never know exactly how much progesterone you're actually applying.

• Manufacturing Variations: Few batches of progesterone cream are exactly alike. From a manufacturing perspective, it's extremely difficult to get the same cream mixture and consistency each and every time. A batch made last month may be as much as 20% off from one made today.

• Frequent Skin Irritation And Inflammation: Creams are known for causing unpleasant skin conditions – forcing users to rotate where they apply them on the body. Unfortunately, rotating to a different spot insures a different absorption.

• Hidden Expenses: Once women figure out that they have to use several times more cream than the instructions indicated, their expenses go through the roof. They end up paying $40 - $60/month.

• Inconvenience: Creams are simply messy, sticky and inconvenient to use.

In a nutshell, progesterone creams are wildly inconsistent, are FDA dose limited and most importantly – simply ineffective at the recommended amounts.

Advantages of Capsules vs. Creams

So what are the advantages of taking dietary progesterone in a capsule form?

• Precise Capsule Dosages: Each clinically tested capsule contains precisely 50 mg– the optimal dosage recommended by leading physicians.

• There's No Guesswork: Unlike cream preparations, users always know exactly how much bio-identical progesterone they're getting.

• No More Skin Concerns: No worries about skin irritation, inflammation, sweat glands or temperature. You just swallow the capsule(s).

• Absorption is Complete: There's no guessing how much progesterone was actually absorbed. Gastro-intestinal assimilation is virtually always 100% - even if there is food or alcohol in the stomach during, before or after the capsule is swallowed.

• Convenience: Swallowing capsules is far more convenient than applying a cream. Plus you don't stain your clothes or walk around waiting for the cream to dry first.

• Inexpensive: Oral progesterone can be purchased for less than $20/month.

It's clear: Progesterone creams are now rendered completely obsolete. There's no scientific, therapeutic, or rational reason for anyone to continue using a progesterone cream preparation. In every aspect - oral progesterone is simply superior.

It's time for users to bid their creams a fond farewell – and turn to bio-identical progesterone supplements in easy and convenient capsule form.
About the Author
Dr. Andrew P. Jones, M.D. is the Medical Director for the Women's Health Institute of Texas. He is medical consultant for PROGEST50, an oral progesterone manufacturer. See: , Please see for more information.

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