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Changing Your Company Logo: Look Before You Leap!

By Suzanne Macguire

It is a commonly accepted fact that a company logo stands for its brand identity. As such, any decision to modify it requires some food for thought. On the other hand, one often feels that changes are essential in order to keep pace with the varying tastes of the people. There is no magic potion available to gauge popular inclination but more often than not, speculations can work wonders!

Establishing a successful business is of course, not easy but maintaining that success is even more difficult. It's this line of thought that prompts successful entrepreneurs to resort to modifications at regular intervals. Studying people's behavioral patterns is one of their primary requirements that allow them to keep track of the changing whims of their customers. Herein arises the necessity of resorting to modification in various sectors of one's business. Standing for the company's corporate identity, a company logo becomes the prime target of change in the entrepreneur's agenda.

Modifying a logo involves careful investigation on part of the entrepreneurs. Certain essential factors ought to be kept in mind while altering one's already 'hit' logo. Firstly, a company logo should never be altered throughout so as to shock its trusted clientele. Drastic modifications might give rise to a common misunderstanding regarding the authenticity of the company. In certain extreme cases, the success of the company can even be turned to ashes. So beware of making drastic changes in your company logo. This, of course, does not mean that logo modification should be altogether avoided. Modification should be done in a subtle manner that can be noticed only under proper scrutiny. A question might arise that why should the logo be changed if it's hardly to be noticed? The answer lies in the changing tastes of the people. For example, pastel shades are very much appreciated nowadays. As such, the color of the company logo can be altered keeping in mind the current taste of the people.

For some, changing one's logo becomes a necessity. This might be due to a number of factors. For instance, split of a renowned partnership enterprise requires the partners to look for a new logo for their respective firms. Under such circumstances, partners would like to extract some advantage of their erstwhile successful logo. They would prefer logos to resemble their earlier one. While undergoing modification under such circumstances, entrepreneurs should remember to adopt the right kind of marketing strategies. They will have to invest a decent amount in promoting their new logo so as to retain the trust of their customers.

Logo modification becomes obligatory when a company adopts a new objective or function. In such cases, the new logo should reflect the new corporate image of the company. It's then, the responsibility of the company to adopt the right marketing strategy to make their new logo a popular brand name.

To wrap it up, one should always keep in mind that a company logo design should be modified only when the need arises. Modifying an already established brand identity on one's instinct often turns out to be a sheer waste of time and money. So keep in mind to change always for the better!

About the Author
Suzanne is an Internet marketing professional with expertise in content development and technical writing in a variety of industries. Business Logo Design

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