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Costume Contact Lenses - Add Spice to Your Halloween Costume

By Tanya Turner

Want to have a really great costume this Halloween? The secret is in the eyes. Bright, inhuman eyes, is that extra touch that will make your character believable. Modern contact lens industry offers an amazing variety of costume contact lenses to fit any costume and character. Find out how you can get Halloween contacts that make a great addition to your outfit.

Can I wear Halloween contact lenses?

There are costume contacts for everybody, whether you have a good vision or wear corrective glasses or contacts. Plano special effect contacts are suitable for people who don't need vision correction; they are purely decorative lenses without prescriptive power. These are easiest to find, because every manufacturer of costume contacts makes lenses without prescription.

If you need vision correction, you should select a brand that offers contacts with corrective powers. Wild Eyes or Crazy Lenses would work fine. People with astigmatism can even find toric costume lenses, but usually they will have to be custom made and would cost more.

Costume contact lens choices

There are mass produced brand name costume lenses. One example is Wild Eyes by Wesley Jessen. Their best designs are: zebra, black-out, knockout, cat eye, hypnotica, alien, white-out, wildfire, icefire, and red hot. Crazy Lenses is another popular choice they offer Blood Red, Wolf Red, Spiral Black, Cat Yellow, Devil and many other styles.

For something completely unique, you can order custom made special effect lenses. These would cost more and take some time to make, but a skillful artist can paint anything you like on the lens.

You can also get glow in the dark contacts - looks very spooky. See pictures of people wearing costume contact lenses for Halloween

How to buy special effect contacts

First thing you need to do is to visit your optometrist and ask him or her for a prescription for costume contacts. Even if you only need plano lenses, doctor's prescription is required to buy them, because one-size-fits-all just doesn't work with contact lenses.

The doctor will probably offer you to order your contacts from their office as well. This is convenient, but you will be paying a double price. Ordering your Halloween contact lenses online is a much cheaper option. Compare prices at several online contact lens shops that have your prescribed lenses. I would recommend buying your contacts from a big store that has positive reviews online. This way you can be sure that you will get authentic brand name lenses and good service.

How to care for costume contacts

Taking care of your Halloween lenses is not all that difficult. You will need contact lens case and contact lens solution. There is no special solution for costume lenses, any multipurpose solution would do. After taking your contacts out rinse them in contact lens solution and then store in the case in your fridge. It is best to change the solution at least once a month giving your lenses a good rinse.

If you want to wear your contacts after you didn't use them for a long time, make sure you give them a double rinse before putting them in your eyes.

How long do costume contacts last?

This depends on the type of contacts you get. Some costume contact lenses are monthly disposable which means that they are only good for one month. These lenses are ideal if you only want to use them once for Halloween, they are also cheaper.

If you buy not disposable, but traditional special effect lenses, with proper care they last for about a year. This way you can save your contacts for next year Halloween party as well as wear them to clubs and other costume parties.

Halloween contacts can make a great difference to your costume and you will definitely be the center of attention in any party. Make this addition to your costume, and you won't regret it!

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Find more information and pictures of Halloween costume contacts at Contact Lenses Consumer Guide

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