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Effective Acne Scar Treatments - What Works Best?

By Tanya Turner

If you had severe acne and they left scars on your face, you are probably looking for effective acne scar treatment. When it comes to acne scar removal several options are available. See what your choices are so you can make an informative decision about what scar treatment would work best for you.

Is it possible to remove acne scars completely?

The answer varies from person to person. It depends on the type of your skin, your age and how deep your scars are. Mild acne scars can go away without a trace. More severe scars usually don't disappear completely, but a good treatment can make them much less obvious. So with some makeup they will be almost not visible.

Before you commit yourself to a certain acne scar removal treatment ask the doctor what results you are likely to get. Be careful, if you have deep scars from cystic acne and they tell you that after the treatment your skin will be perfect again. Magical results like that are usually not possible.

Methods for removing or diminishing acne scars

Before scar treatment can begin your skin should be clean or acne and other blemishes. So first, make an appointment with your dermatologist to stop your acne breakout. Most doctors would prescribe topical antibiotics to clear your skin and prevent further acne breakouts.

After your skin has healed, scar treatment can start. For shallow scars a chemical peel would be sufficient. If you scars are deeper, the doctor would probably recommend dermabrasion, laser scar removal or light therapy. All these treatments remove the top layer of your skin, which allows for regeneration of new and healthier skin. Often a combination of treatments will be required for best results. Most acne scar treatments are performed right in the office and with minimal discomfort.

Laser treatment is recommended by most doctors. It produces lasting effect and recurrence of problems is minimal.

Collagen injections are also an option for scar removal. The idea is that injected collagen will replace damaged tissue. It works well on the scars that are not too deep. The downside - usually the treatment has to be repeated after a while.

In most severe cases of acne scars your doctor can recommend a complete plastic surgery. You should only go for this option if all other treatments are not likely to help your skin. Not only plastic surgery is the most expensive acne scar treatment, but it also has a downside - should you acne problems return, there will be less skin layers to work with, so a repeated surgery is not recommended.

Whether you go for chemical peal, dermabrasion or light therapy, they all rely on taking off the top layer of your skin. So right after the treatment your skin would be very sensitive and unprotected. If you go for scar removal during summer, make sure to stay away from sunlight afterwards. Dust and strong winds can damage your skin as well. Also, be very careful with facial creams, cleansers and toners - only use products by reputable brands specially formulated for sensitive skin. It is a good idea to ask your doctor what skin care products she or he would recommend after your treatment.

There are many effective acne scar treatments and there is no reason to leave your scars untreated. Do your research, make an appointment with your dermatologist and be sure, that there is a treatment that can remove your acne scars or make them much less noticeable

About the Author
Find additional information about effective acne scar treatment at Acne Treatments Guide published by Tanya Turner

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