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Courage: The Tail That Wags the Cowardly Man

By Nicholas Dixon

Written by Nicholas Dixon
The HighGrade Marketer

Courage is the backbone of man. The man with courage has
persistence. He states what he believes and puts it into
execution. The courageous man has confidence. He draws to
himself all the moral qualities and mental forces which go to make up a
strong man. Whereas, the man without courage draws to himself
all the qualities of a weak man, vacillation, doubt, hesitancy, and
unsteadiness of purpose. You can therefore see the value of
concentration on courage. It is a most vital element of

The lack of courage creates financial, as well as mental and
moral difficulties. When a new problem comes, instead of
looking upon it as something to be achieved, the man or woman without
courage looks for reasons why it cannot be done and failure is
naturally the almost inevitable result. This is a subject well
worthy of your study.

Look upon everything within your power as a
possibility instead of as merely a probability and you will
accomplish a great deal more, because by considering a thing as
impossible, you immediately draw to yourself all the elements
that contribute to failure. Lack of courage destroys your
confidence in yourself. It destroys that forceful, resolute
attitude so important to success.

The man without courage unconsciously draws to himself all that
is contemptible, weakening, demoralizing and destructive. He
then blames his luck when he does not secure the things he weakly
desires. We must first have the courage to strongly desire
something. A desire to be fulfilled must be backed by the
strength of all our mental forces. Such a desire has enough
commanding force to change all unfavorable conditions. The man
with courage commands, whether be is on the battlefield or in
business life.

What is courage? It is the Will To Do. It takes no more energy
to be courageous than to be cowardly. It is a matter of the right
training in the right way. Courage concentrates the mental
forces on the task at hand. It then directs them thoughtfully,
steadily, deliberately, while attracting all the forces of success,
toward the desired end. Cowardice on the other hand, dissipates both
our mental and moral forces, thereby inviting failure.

As we are creatures of habits, we should avoid persons that
lack courage. They are easy to discover because of their habits of
fear in attacking new problems. The man with courage is never

Start out today with the idea that there is no reason why you
should not be courageous. If any fear-thoughts come to you cast
them off as you would the deadly viper. Form the habit of never
thinking of anything unfavorable to yourself or anyone else. In
dealing with difficulties, new or old, hold ever the thought,
"I am courageous." Whenever a doubt crosses the threshold of your
mind, banish it. Remember, you as master of your mind control
its every thought, and here is a good one to often affirm, "I have
courage because I desire it; because I need it; because I use
it and because I refuse to become such a weakling as cowardice

Nicholas Dixon
About the Author
Nicholas Dixon works full time in addition to running his online
businesses part time and encourages others to start taking
control of their lives by starting their own enterprise. You can
learn more about how he makes money online by logging on to

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