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CRE Loaded Templates - The Fast Way to Ecommerce

By Arthur Browning

Ecommerce is booming! We all know about the big players: Sears, Wal-Mart, Amazon, Ebay, Polo, etc. But there are a lot of smaller businesses doing big ecommerce as well.

Webpages selling goods have been around for awhile and have gotten better every year. As the technology for these webpages has improved, more and more features can be added to a webpage design to accommodate the interested shopper. Webpage templates have made setting up a webpage less expensive and faster.

When osCommerce first came out many webpage technologies and ecommerce features could be easily packaged into a quick-start template for webpage storefronts, or to amplify the business of existing national or local storefronts.

CRE Loaded, the newest development in ecommerce, has brought ecommerce to a state-of-the-art. CRE Loaded makes sophisticated online store startups a snap. The value of such a product is hard to explain - it's like driving a '32 Ford stickshift with no air conditioning and then driving a '06 Lincoln with seat warmers and contour memory - BUT - the Lincoln costs less than the '32 Ford.

This kind of CRE Loaded value can only be explained by the packaging of all of the essential and all of the recent extra features into a more functional and more beautiful product. But the new product ALSO saves big time and money in designing and loading the webpage online.

After looking at a lot of ecommerce websites you start to choose your favorites. I have seen a lot of CRE Loaded Templates as well. The best single selection that I can use as an example is seen at the Template Monster CRE Loaded templates collection. When you view one of these CRE Loaded templates just click on the "live demo" button to see just a few of the easy to use features that are now available in CRE Loaded technology. Examples of these features include "Add to Cart" and "My Account", already functional in the website.

The purpose of CRE Loaded is to supercharge osCommerce - a purpose which is literally stamped in the little footnote of every page with the statement, "Powered by osCommerce Supercharged by CRE Loaded Team."

At present CRE Loaded has 39 additional modules more than a default osCommerce installation. Gift Voucher/Coupon, NewsDesk, FAQdesk, WishList, Banner Module that includes Google Adsense code examples and an Affiliate Manager are all available, but do not have to be used by the webpage owner.

CRE Loaded pages will run on any webhost that supports MySQL and PHP, which is most of them, but contact your server to make sure.

Installing the PayPal module is quite simple, just as installing all the other bells and whistles of ecommerce. Building your product Catalog is really easy but feels repititious, especially if you sell many items. The Shipping module can be set for flat-rate costs, though users can easily configure it for any options, even a pricing module for mailing via USPS.

Basic reporting tools are also included, showing the products viewed, purchased, and customer orders total. A database backup manager is also part of the tool set, as is a basic newsletter setup for e-mailing your customers -- so you have online marketing without having to pay for that service. Indeed, there are literally hundreds of modules for just about anything and everything possible available for CRE Loaded.
About the Author
Arthur Browning began his career teaching technical writing in a small Midwestern university for 15 years. He later edited and published a national professional journal for some ten years. He is now an investor. His interests include art collecting, web marketing, writing.

Arthur Browning

from Web Templates Blog

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