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Puff Pastries Can Help You Cook!

By Lorna Freemont

If your family is anything like my family, they will be completely tired of eating meatloaf and spaghetti every other day. Kids need variety in their meals. The trouble is, sometimes the family cook runs out of ideas about the things to serve for dinner!

If this is true for you, it sounds like you need to have more variety in what you serve. If you use puff pastry, you're going to be able to serve a whole lot more choices to your family. Those of us who like to stock up may even have puff pastry already in our freezers. Puff pastry shouldn't scare you though-- it is delicious and so easy!

Baking puff pastries is easy. Get yourself an oven and a timer and get started! Puff pastries cook at 200-300 degrees centigrade. Always check your puff pastry slightly before you think it will have finished baking to avoid burning. You will do fine if you keep your eyes peeled!

It's great how puff pastries can turn a mediocre meal into a truly savory experience! I never would have guessed that lamb roast and mini pizzas could be such a flavor sensation by adding this one particular ingredient!

Perhaps you've never had the opportunity to incorporate puff pastries into your meals and are therefore not sure how they can be used to improve a meal. What dishes am I referring to? I will tell you.

For example, puff pastry makes great, simple, and delicious cookies. Get some cookie cutters together and try cutting out different shapes from the puff pastry. You can glaze these cookie pieces with a beaten together mixture of eggs and milk. Stick these cookies in your oven and once they are done, frost them or leave them crunchy and flavorful. Tada! Your last-minute guests won't go hungry now.

Cut four pieces of puff pastry out and put some peaches or strawberries in the middle. Fold the pastry up all around the fruit and crimp the edges with your fingers. Glaze the pastry with your egg wash and put an apricot with sugar on top. Finally, bake your creation for about 15 minutes. Your friends are sure to love this dessert!

There are so many ways you can cook puff pastry. Don't let your baking experience be limited by the options I have listed here-- go ahead and experiment with your own recipes! I guarantee that whether you are making mini pizzas, appetizers, or garnishes, your guests won't be disappointed!

You have seen some of the recipes from my own kitchen but now it's your turn. Get to baking and let your family get a glimpse of how creative you can be!
About the Author
Lorna Freemont is a prolific writer who keeps up on her interests in just about anything you could think of and she loves discussing all these subjects both in print as well as in person. Search for more articles by Lorna that discuss food at Food Fun Today.

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