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Gifts From The Bees

By Tony Luck

The bee, that little winged creature that people usually shy away from, is one of mankind's greatest benefactors. The bee gives us honey of course, as well as bee pollen, bee propolis, and royal jelly.

It is a remarkable fact that the human body can survive indefinitely by taking bee pollen tablets, sufficient water and some fibre. Sci-fi films used to show the astronauts just taking a pill as a meal ĘC well, that pill must be a bee pollen tablet! Such is the goodness contained in the daily dose that bee pollen is used in our detox program ĘC your body may be starved of calories but not of the necessary nourishment. Bee pollen is also used by athletes and anyone wanting increased energy and stamina. The high levels of zinc and vitamin B6 also makes bee pollen beneficial to those suffering from depression and PMT.

Question: what has far fewer germs than the inside of a hospital's operating theatre? Answer: the interior of a beehive. The bees line the hive with bee propolis, a sticky resin collected from trees and metabolized by the bees. One of nature's best antibiotics, bee propolis strengthens our immune systems and helps to relieve the effects of flu, coughs and colds.

The super-bug MRSA is particularly dangerous and other antibiotics have little success against this killer. MRSA is, however, extremely sensitive to bee propolis. The other gift given to us by bees is royal jelly. Fed solely to queen bees this '«super- food' increases the lifespan of the queen bee fifty-fold compared to the ordinary worker bee.

Whilst you shouldn't expect to receive quite the same benefit to your lifespan as that experienced by queen bees, by adding bee pollen, bee propolis and royal jelly to your daily diet, you should strengthen your immune system, increase your energy levels, and generally improve your health. Thanks to the bees.

About the Author

Tony Luck runs a site selling bee propolis, bee pollen, and royal jelly, as well as other health supplements and vitamins. Visit his site to order or learn about a rewarding international business opportunity.

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