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Is There a Cure for Panic Attack Sufferers?

By Remy Jirek

A cure for panic attack sufferers is available. The problem is that the cure is different for each individual. People who are suffering from panic attacks are constantly looking for remedies that will work for them. Unfortunately there is no one panic attack remedy that will work for all sufferers.

Many people believe that since the causes of panic attacks have not clearly been defined the cure for these attacks is also elusive. The truth is, once you have a proper diagnosis of panic attacks, there are many different ways for sufferers to start feeling better.


If someone has a variety of risk factors for panic attacks they may be more likely to have the disorder. Many of the panic attack causal factors are also triggers for an episode. Some of the possible triggers include:

+ Catastrophic Misinterpretation - The mistaken belief that something is going to cause a severe problem.

+ Hyperventilation - This can be a symptom and a trigger for a panic attack.

+ Environmental Factors - Such as high humidity, stuffiness, hot, or crowding.

+ Chest Pain or Palpitations - The feeling of chest pain can trigger the fear that there is a heart attack coming; this fear then leads to an actual panic attack.

+ Dizziness and Vertigo - These feelings are also associated with being a trigger of a panic attack and a symptom.

+ Nausea - Can be an after affect of dizziness and vertigo. The fear of vomiting then can lead to a panic attack.


To test if you have a panic attack disorder, you can find a self-help questionnaire online. Many of the questions will ask if you have experienced any of the above symptoms during a specific time period.

Usually if you answer yes to any of the questions, the test will recommend that you seek the advice of a trained doctor. Your doctor will then ask you questions to help determine if you may have a panic related disorder.

The Cure?

Panic attacks can be controlled through the use of medication. The most common medication prescribed to treat panic attacks is usually an antidepressant. The other common "cure" for panic attacks is to seek professional counseling.

Cognitive behavioral counseling has been very successful in helping patients overcome their panic attacks or other panic disorders. Counseling and medication can reduce the frequency of attacks. The reduction in panic attacks then reduces the anxiety of future panic attacks. The cycle of reduction continues and will improve the life of the person who had previously suffered from disruptive panic attacks.

Another therapy method that is often used is called exposure therapy. By continually confronting the fear that causes panic attacks, it is thought that the person will soon become desensitized to their past fears.

Although there may not be a magical cure for panic attacks, there are a variety of ways to lessen their frequency and maintain a normal productive life. Panic attack sufferers will often benefit from a combination of medications and professional counseling.

About the Author

Helping and informing people who are seeking an anxiety attack remedy is our commitment to all those experiencing the
effects of this challenging malady. For beneficial tips, articles and other information sources please visit us at Panic Attack Remedy.

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