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History of Contraception

By Amanda Johnson

Effective methods of contraception and birth control have existed for centuries. In fact contraception has a long history. Evidence of the existence and use of contraception goes back to biblical times. Thousands of years ago women in China would drink mercury to avoid becoming pregnant while women in India would do the same with carrot seeds. Women in Constantinople would shake the sand from sea sponges and then dip them into lemon juice before inserting them.

Women in other parts would grind together dates and acacia (which is a tree bark) and then add honey to it to make a moist paste of it. They would then dip seed wool into this sweet gel and place it in the vulva. Although primitive, this sugary mix was usually effective. The acacia would eventually ferment into lactic acid and form what we today commonly know as 'spermicidal'. In other regions of the world one hears of just as bizarre ways of contraception including using brewed and dried beaver testicles. There effectiveness obviously remains a matter of question but in most cases they would be reasonably effective.

One would imagine that natural ways of avoiding becoming pregnant like when the male comes out just before ejaculation, does not guarantee complete protection either. There are no specific positions that ensure protection or the fact that the woman has not had an orgasm. She is at a risk of becoming pregnant even when she going through her menstrual cycle or when breast feeding and engaging in the act.

The new age contraception would be the 'condom', which again is only 99% reliable. They may be colored, flavored or ribbed: They may be of different shapes and sizes, vibrating or not, the bottom line is that today we exist where we were thousands of years ago and there is no such thing as perfect contraception and even this twenty first century method allows only partial protection.
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