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Logo Design: The Priceless Asset For Your Company's Identity

By Christine Macguire

Creating a company logo becomes much easier when one begins to get a feel for what is appealing and why it is so. It is essential to learn how to use the principles of visual communications and combine them successfully with basic production techniques. Equally important is to gain awareness of how important are the factors of ethics and social responsibility in the creation of visuals. Much of good logo design is a matter of taste, and invariably differs from person to person.

The company logo design is a graphical representation intended to differentiate companies and their products from their competitors in the market. It usually includes the brand name and sometimes, an allegorical graphic element, called an "emblem" or "combination mark" in the professional jargon. A company logo must be a direct, simple and powerful representation of the brand's name and character. Complicated illustrations and types are to be avoided unless mentioned specifically. A company logo design has to convey a lot of information with a few strokes, letters and spots of color. The company logo is an asset for the company and is its registered property that goes with its products.

Originality and distinctiveness are the essence of a company logo design. In the highly competitive market no one would risk to accidentally design a logo similar to that of another company. This may lead to the confusing the potential customer about the business. Company logos have become the faces and economy of our business. Even the general public has become very responsive to logos, their meanings and implementations. The companies take pride in their logos and want to protect its image on printed matter, on the Internet, in advertisements and other places that put them in the public eye.

The logo design process begins with the formulation of a set of objectives and a verbal description of what the logo has to convey. The consistent use of clear typefaces is a way of establishing a recognized and professional identity. The typography can and should be used to create a dynamic look that allows the viewer to focus on the logo. A large bold or semi-bold typeface often signals strength and significance. An italic typeface may be used to describe softer values and to convey a lighter impression. A professional logo designer develops conceptual pathways for the logo, combining the various aspects and transforming ideas into sketches.

Ultimately a logo stands for everything a company or product represents. It is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of an organization's corporate branding strategy. It is the reflection of the company's culture; it's purpose and goals as well as the values and aspiration of its customers. Whether starting a new business, launching a new product or service or revitalizing an existing company, branding and identity should considered to be an integral part of the business plan from the start. A good company logo design stands as a part of the marketing strategy, when competitors may underestimate its value and effectiveness. The company logo can give the business a much-needed edge on the road to success.

About the Author
Christine is an expert Internet market professional with years of experience in various industries such as: Business, Finance, Real Estate, Web-Design and many more.
Company Logo Design
Company Logo Design

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