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The Digital Punch!!!

By Sarvadarshi Rajgrihar

Make an impact. Knock them out.
Ever pondered about the criticality of your presentations? You might have a great product or service; excellent branding; backed by killer campaigns; and a never-say-die marketing team. Yet, when you make a presentation on your product or service, so much depends on the presentation itself. And usually, you get only one chance to make an impression.

So how exactly does one ensure maximum impact? Docket folders are prehistoric. OHP slides are obsolete. PowerPoint is passé. What's next?
The answer lies in leveraging the magic of movies to pep up one's presentations. Ever since its inception, cinema has captured the human imagination like no other medium has (except television, which is again a cinematic format). Movies are known to arouse emotions, build empathy, evoke intense involvement and ensure high levels of recall. Just imagine, if one could leverage all of these for one's presentation, what an impact it would make!
That's exactly what New Media seeks to do. Using digital technology, the visual appeal and grandeur of movies can be created at a fraction of the cost involved in conventional (celluloid) film-making. And it's quicker too. The result: your presentation comes alive with sound, music, voiceovers, graphics, animation and special effects — delivering a digital punch, maximising the impact.

To conclude, here are the key advantages of using digital movies to create presentations:

• Cost-effectiveness: Digital technology is geared to deliver significantly lower costs as compared to traditional media. Hence, the solutions are highly affordable.

• Speed: The production process requires a shorter time cycle as compared to conventional film-making

• Versatility: Once the master version is ready, one can adapt it to various uses at a very low cost. Thus, a product presentation can be edited into a curtain raiser for events, an audio-visual loop for trade fairs, an attract loop for a touch screen kiosk, and so on.

• Impact: The medium offers maximum impact and consequently, high recall levels.
So the next time you make a presentation, go digital — and knock them out!


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