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Basic Grip Installation Method

By Ryan Baliza

One item that you need to replace in your ATV is the pair of ATV grips. The best thing about this ATV part is the fact that you have plenty of choices to suit your comfort and style. Adding them to your machine can really be exciting. It gives you different hype, too. Putting on new grips can be made as easy.

While there are many different methods used by many riders, this one can be very useful especially to neophyte riders. Let's start with the items you will need. Basically the following materials are used.

    • Water • Paper towels • Grip glue • Scissors • Dish soap • New grips

The first step is of course to remove the present grips. You do this by using sharp scissors to cut around the end of the grip that is furthest away from the handlebars. Slide one of the scissors' blades under the grip and cut. Your pair of scissors must be sharp enough to do the cutting. Toss the old grips aside as you are finished hacking them away. Next up, you will need to take your razor and slide them down the grip at the top and at the bottom of it. You may need to slice it several times depending on the amount of glue that was put on it. When the grips are taken off, toss them aside for the next step.

Now that the old grips are taken off, you will need to clean the area where the grips go. It is a must that you get rid of all the excess glue of each side. You can use a rag and water to take it off. Elastic glue type of material is easy to remove.

When you believe that everything is clean, putting on the new grips can follow immediately. Initially, you will need to take both grips and go to a sink. Put them aside and apply soap all around your middle finger and then smear the soap around it with your other hand. Dry the hand that doesn't have the soap on your middle finger so you don't get soap on the outside of the grip when you grab it, and put your middle finger inside one of the grips making sure you have soap all around the sides of the grip. Put the grip down so that the entrance of the grip is in the air. Now, you need to clean your hands so that there's no soap on them. As you look at the grips you'll find out that one hole is bigger than the other. The right grip where your throttle tube is placed has the bigger hole.

Now you are ready to install your new grips. First, you need to slide your left grip on and slide it back off. Same thing must be done with the right grip. This is to make sure that you put on the right end, and to lube the bar. Make streaks of glue going from where the top of the grip would be. Six streaks would be efficient. Side the grip all the way on slowly. Subsequently, pull the sides of the grip so that the grip doesn't just push all the glue up, but it normally goes on top of the glue. You can use towel to remove the excess glue. Let the grips rest for a minimum of 8 hours untouched until the glue becomes dry.

Test your vehicle to know if the installation is securely and effectively made.
About the Author
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