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Say Good Morning To DirecTV – Dish TV Is History

By Bob Johnson

DirecTV is a direct broadcast satellite (DBS) service established in California. As Direct TV offers digital satellite television and audio to hundreds of households in the United States, the old and outdated satellite dish TV is slowly dying a natural death. The reasons behind the popularity of the satellite TV technology are numerous but the best one is affordability. People have realized that there is no point in spending hundreds of green-backs on channels that promise much but fail to deliver. Here are some reasons why more and more people are choosing DirecTV over dish network; superior picture quality of Direct TV over hazy pictures and high entertainment value-for-money channels over dish TV channels. All this when compared to DirecTV programming, there stands only one clear winner. Naturally good things for DirecTV are bad news for satellite dish. Little wonder then that the microwave antenna is a no-match for the DirecTV offer that beams live entertainment with DirecTV channels. Even cable TV is fast losing out to free satellite TV from DirecTV. Learn how.

Direct TV characteristically uses a fixed 18-inch diameter dish antenna to receive its signals whereas your "friendly " satellite dish uses antennas of diameter close to 31 inches. The slightly larger 18x24-inch elliptical antennas enable you to receive signals from three geostationary satellite positions simultaneously. The unfortunate satellite dish TV gives you ordinary one-at-a-time transmission. As the masters of free satellite TV, DirecTV has been instrumental in providing DBS services by squeezing in more DirecTV programming onto their growing systems. With services like local television network affiliate stations, HDTV programming (providing HDTV channels) – as a customer you can install a dish that has receives signals from five satellites for HDTV programming. That is really good news. This explains why in terms of popularity – DirecTV is the number one with over 14 million customers and growing every minute.

Superior customer service has been the gift of people and naturally the Dish Network is slowly vanishing from the scene. Yes the DirecTV offer includes free satellite TV that is free direct TV and DirecTV installation by certified DirecTV installers who give you more each time. The programming distinctiveness that is only available with DirecTV is visible as only DirecTV sports carries with it the NFL Sunday Ticket. DirecTV local channels are included for free which means you don't have to pay for those channels which are free to air, unlike dish TV. The DirecTV programming options gives you pay-per-view control which means you don't have to subscribe to endless channels – just pick and choose. Direct TV offers as much as 55 pay-per-view options every day, including blockbuster movies, rocking rock concerts and exclusives like WWE. With easy to use 100% digital and phone-ordering system fully functional, your remote control becomes your gateway to an entertainment bonanza that was hidden…till now. Click here for more details

While all this is a reason to celebrate and have fun, with the Direct TV movers connection option packing or unpacking every dish in the house will be a breeze. Only DirecTV installer offers to move your DirecTV programs with you wherever you relocate. Plus all this is totally free which means that satellite dish is finally out of fashion. This is why DirecTV has finished ahead of Dish Network in the J.D. Power and Associates 2005 Residential Cable/Satellite TV Satisfaction Study. As consumers, you want more and DirecTV dealer like expert satellite gives more than what you want. A free DirecTV dealer like expert satellite lets you see local channels to more than 94% of the America's TV households. Channels programming goes over optical fiber networks to the Castle Rock Broadcast Center where the content is uplinked for your eyes only. You can be an Asian, a European or African - DirecTV brings the world directly to your living room with a heady mix of unique international language programming featuring something for everyone. DirecTV international gives you more every dollar you pay and lets you access language DirecTV programming with impressive DirecTV Spanish programs in DirecTV Para-Todos offer. Try DirecTV now and say "NO" to dish TV, permanently!
About the Author
Bob Johnson

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