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Brief Overlook of Some Fun Thomas the Train Toys and Sets

By Jared Winston

Thomas the Train toys are specially designed to help your children learn while growing up while at the same time keeping them entertained, and this goal has definitely been successful since Thomas and his friends have fascinated children of many generations - more than sixty years! You can find a wide assortment of different Thomas the Train toys and merchandise, but this quick overlook will cover toy trains and train set accessories.

I have been a fan of all the Thomas the Train toys for quite a while, and I thought someone could find a quick summary of the train sets information interesting, so I decided to write this article. I hope you enjoy it.

Manually-powered Thomas the Train toys

The most known Thomas the Train toys distributor is Learning Curve; their wooden sets are just delightful. They are able to operate on the wooden tracks provided by Learning Curve, and also on those similar tracks manufactured by BRIO. These wooden sets are highly recommended for children aged 2 to 5, because at those young ages the children tend to enjoy manually using the trains on the ground or any other surface, so they won't get to fully enjoy more complex, remotely controlled train sets. Learning Curve also introduced the "Take Along" Thomas the Train toys series that was made of metal. In this series, the trains connect with the coaches by using magnets, which is a smart idea. The track is made of plastic, and the only disadvantage I found is that they are not at all compatible with the older wooden tracks.

Other good metal models of Thomas the Train and his friends were those manufactured by ERTL, but unfortunately the company discontinued the series.

Another great series of Thomas the Train toys is the line manufactured by TOMY. The series includes plastic models and tracks, and many kids prefer them over the metal ones mentioned above. This company also launched the "My first Thomas the Train" series of manually powered plastic train sets designed for younger children, with rubber wheels and a good plastic track.

Electrically-powered Thomas the Train toys

Electrically powered train sets are recommended for older kids. Among the manufacturers of the best electrical Thomas the Train toys, you can find big known names like Bachmann and Tomica. Battery or transformer powered Thomas the Train characters and accessories are available, and both of them also made tracks available in several sizes. They even manufactured some remotely controlled sets too! Other manufacturers of electrically powered trains were Lionel and Hornby.

The electrical sets are not my favorites. In fact, I prefer the old wooden sets, which seem to be more useful for a developing child than other sets.

Of course, your preferences on Thomas the Train toys may not be the same as mine. Feel free to visit your local toy store and ask the salespeople about all the available different Thomas the Train toys. You will surely find a train set that meets your expectations, and will definitely be able to provide your child a highly entertaining experience while helping him or her learn fun things too.

Copyright Jared Winston, 2006. All Rights Reserved.

About the Author
If your child is fascinated with Thomas the Train you'll want to stop by Thomas Fans, a fansite dedicated exclusively to Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. While there you can learn more about their history, amazing adventures and much more.

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