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Water Gardens That Upset The Neighbours

By Maisy Day

Before going ahead with any plans on your water garden be sure to double check on all the safety measures. We all know the dangers that lurk where ponds and children are concerned but if all the standards of safety are adhered to then there should be no problem. Whatever precautions have been taken just remember that young children should not be left unattended or unsupervised around water at any time.

Ponds make a beautiful water garden feature just like the flowing fountain. Water gardens are a pleasurable experience to become involved with and also beautiful as eye candy to a lot of nature's creatures. If tastefully designed - these garden ornamentations can create an atmosphere where a deep sense of tranquillity fills the air just by sound alone.
Depending on the individuals own personal preference you can have water features that are specially designed to give you a tropical world or an imitation of a mini Niagara Falls display. The options are endless as to what can go into your garden. Before putting into force any plans make sure to measure the space to be used - a cluttered water garden can spoil the beauty of it all.

Once you have made your mind up on what water feature it is you are having then it is time to choose the right accessories to enhance the dish so as to speak. Flowers- shrubs and lilies for the pond along with the fish have to be carefully thought through to make your mission complete and your dream come true of having a wonderful garden.
Water features are a unique way of putting a finishing touch to a well maintained garden thus upsetting the neighbours leaving them green with envy.

Architects when drawing up plans for local landscape projects will nearly always include a water feature. If DIY is your forte and you are going to take on the task your self in designing your own water garden then have a handy man at your side in the way of a do it yourself manual. Books and videos illustrate in great detail how to do the job right. Fabulous ideas for your creation can also be found from these. A master of any trade always uses the right tools - so make sure you have everything you need before starting the work.

Maintaining a water garden is important especially ponds which need cleaning on a regular basis especially if home to fish.
When installing your fountain or pond you must remember all the other bits and bobs that you may already have located in certain areas of the garden. Things like access in and out of your garden shed or where the seating area is going to be for your patio table and chairs should not be hampered. Do not cut corners in trying to save the pennies because this can cost you dearly if the right tools are not used.

Remember water features attract creatures.

If our aquatic friends like toads - frogs and newts are not to your liking then consider plant pots around the garden over flowing with cascading fragrant flowers then leave the kitchen tap running - just a suggestion so you don't miss out on a water garden feature.

About the Author
Want to be the envy of your neigbours with a fabulous water garden then you can Keep your dog safe in the garden

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