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Rustic Log Furniture: The Magic of Wood

By Jared Winston

Rustic log furniture is timeless as it is beautiful. Many ski lodges, cabins, and resorts have them, but too few people ever think of putting it in their own home, or they feel that it's not affordable for them. Ralph Kylloe in Rustic Traditions writes, "The first piece of rustic probably emerged when an early humanoid rolled a log over and sat on it in front of a fire." Ralph has a point. Rustic log furniture can be anything as simple as a log or as complicated as an armoire. The essence of log furniture is the sense of eternity that resonates with it. It's essentially wood captured at its most perfect time and held in an endless state of beauty.

Rustic log furniture is furniture that is created using authentic materials, typically wood, and kept in its natural form. Recently, rustic furniture has also expanded its definition to include anything that resembles handmade furniture. The term "resembles handmade furniture" is a fancy phrase for plastic made to look like wood, in my opinion. There are some mass retailers that have been making plastic furniture made to resemble authentic wood. However, we'll be focusing more on real rustic log furniture in this segment.

Furniture doesn't have to be confined to just large pieces that you need Paul Bunyan type men to move around. It's any article in a room that makes it fit for living, so this could include mirrors, lights, artwork, and even kitchen utensils. This makes rustic log furniture affordable to attain and easy to make yourself. Even the slightest touch of rustic in your home will give you the cabin feeling without the fever.

There are a lot of resources you can find to begin making your own rustic log furniture. Some of it may be easy and others are for the advanced wood workers. To begin, I would buy a book specially written for making your own rustic log furniture. Once you get the hang of making your own you could basically take any wood making pattern for mirrors, lamp bases, or frames and combine it with a book for preserving wood. Your project may require special tools, but it would be a great investment because once you get the taste of making your own furniture... it doesn't stop! The possibilities for making your own furniture or furnishings for your home are only limited by your imagination.

Rustic log furniture is a treasure for generations to come and when you have quality made pieces, you can feel the love and care that went into making it. It is possible to make your own, albeit hard, but the sensation of making your own furniture brings you closer to nature. The easiest way to acquire rustic furniture is by purchasing it from a retailer that specializes in these handmade pieces, or you could try estate sales. Regardless of how you obtain your furniture, it will bring a sense of warmth and comfort to your home. That's the magic of wood.

Copyright © Jared Winston, 2006. All Rights Reserved.

About the Author
If you are interested in learning more about rustic home decor then you will definitely want to drop by Rustic, a resource that offers tips and advice pertaining to owning and decorating your very own rustic home.

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