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Motorcycle Shock Absorbers

By Maricon Williams

What happens when you hit a bump while riding? Well, your tire compress fractionally. However, you will still experience bouncing. Basically, this is because they are not really shock absorbers.

Motorcycle shock absorber comprises of oil-filled tube and a piston that slides up and down the tube. One end of it is connected to the bike's frame the other to the wheel hub. When the wheel moves upwards, the piston is pushed through the oil. It is now the oil that provides resistance to the movement of the piston. Thus, kinetic energy is transformed to heat.

Rear wheel shock absorber seems to have bigger springs which are mounted outside of the hydraulic tubes while the front wheel has springs within the tubes. Those shocks in the rear part of the bike are typically angled forward from the wheel to its frame. On the other hand, those shocks in front are angled backwards. These angles are mainly for the acceleration and braking in connection with weight shifts.

Motorcycle shock absorber systems make the bike manageable. Thus, every rider must check their shock absorbers as well as other motorcycle accessories and parts – regularly. Better make sure that the recommended oil changes are followed. Be informed though that modifications are not advisable. However, adjustments can be tolerated if it is to complement the change in weight of the bike or the road conditions.

It is obvious that motorcycle shocks design is not that wonderful to the feel. In fact, that is the very reason why we feel great at times yet bumpy most of the time. The difference may lie on the progressives. These are the sets of spring that come stock on your bike. Choose the state-of-the-art quality springs to make a difference. You can go to your trusted motorcycle store to inquire and purchase such to make your bumpy ride a little more convenient.

Progressives make the extremely annoying bumps soft and comfortable. This is because they become more difficult to compress. Lest, the shocks cannot be compressed, air can be. Thus, some shocks are named air assisted.

There are cases when motorcycle shock systems are attached to an onboard compressor. The latter are used to augment or diminish air pressure as a result, the shocks become either harder or softer without changing the compression of its springs in times of weight shifts and road surface changes. To make the compressor dawdle, some riders are increasing the weight of the oil in the shocks.

There you go. Now, you can have a comfortable motorcycle ride. Thanks to the shocks!
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