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Consider this when searching for a hotel

By Jeff Lakie

People travel for many different reasons, for business or pleasure.
When you're traveling you can find many good hotels that provide
good value for your dollar. But there are many other considerations
you should make when you're looking for a hotel. When you are
looking for a hotel, there are many ideas to help you choose:

Cheapest? The cheapest hotels are not always the best option for the
budget-conscious person. In fact, cheap hotels have become a joke,
they can be so bad! Motels are an okay option for the budget
conscious person but if you have a family, a hotel may offer you more
convenience and choice for your children. For example, in a hotel you
might find a restaurant and pool for the kids and a bar for the adults,
which you would rarely find a motel. The difference in price is not huge
so choosing a hotel for those family friendly amenities make the few
extra dollars worthwhile.

Close to where you want to be? People who choose to stay at a hotel
often find that the closer a hotel is to the downtown, the more
expensive the hotel is. If your destination is downtown, you do not
have to choose a hotel that is close by, but you should find one that is
conveniently located. For example, if you have a business meeting to
attend downtown, you don't want to choose the cheapest hotel which
is so far away from downtown that you'll be fighting traffic and
searching endlessly for a parking space. But you also don't want to
spend an arm and a leg for a hotel that is too close to downtown.
Instead, settle on one that is a few minutes out of the downtown core
but not too far away.

Amenities? What you are willing to spend on a hotel room should not
only reflect the quality of the service and the comfort of the room, but
also the amenities. If you love to have a morning swim, a few extra
dollars for a hotel with a swimming pool will make your stay
worthwhile. But if you are not much of a socialite, spending extra
dollars to be in a hotel with the hottest nightclub in town isn't worth it.
Ask about what services the hotel provides and see which ones you'd

Proximity? Proximity to your meeting or destination is one
consideration, but if you flew into town you should also consider
proximity to the airport as well. Many hotels that are close to the
airport, call themselves ¡°airport hotels¡± or offer shuttle services to the
airport charge more than non-airport hotels. Part of this is because the
airport may charge the shuttle for parking privileges, which the hotel
passes along to the consumer. Depending on how long you stay, it may
be worthwhile to pay for a cab to go a little farther away from the
airport to find a hotel that provides the same service for a slightly
cheaper cost.

About the Author
Jeff Lakie is the founder of Hotel Information a website providing information on Hotels

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