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Sources & Elegies & Eulogies for the Educator Writer Poet Thinker -teacher Orhan Seyfi Ari

By eoa

Some Sources of Information on the Educator Writer Poet Thinker, Teacher of Teachers, the late Orhan Seyfi Ari...

Extracts from some of the Tributes, Elegies, Eulogies, Lamentations, for the 'Teacher of Teachers', the late Orhan Seyfi Ari
acclaim & tributes mourning, lamenting, in elegies, eulogies, a teacher & his teaching ~a remembrance -memorial to.. a country boy, from a remote mountain area who was interested in teaching, became a teacher and with his teaching captured the hearts and minds of the pupils & of the people –they named a street after him.

Dogrudan, in Kibris, Mustafa Dogrusoz on educators & teaching re. teacher Ari 5 February 1999

He did not become a teacher, he was a born teacher.

(...his mark on this nation's history of education … is not one that can be belittled...
Sometimes a great school is a man, sometimes a man is himself a great school…)

Minister of Education KKTC –Esber Serakinci on teacher Ari -letter 18 December 1992

… Teacher of teachers…

Dasci, in United Cyprus, 'He was a Teacher' -19 September 2003 –Omer Mehmet

We had a teacher, Orhan Ari, and his saying in teaching us
-Kids, study/learn, else, you'll end up as rubbish/garbage collectors;
(there was teaching – education). One must love people -and t-e-a-c-h.

Editorial, in Halkin Sesi –Akay Cemal, 27 December 1992

The defence was vigorous and fearless of (our)
freedom and liberty, of teacher Orhan Seyfi Ari

'Images from my Life' –Charilaos Kitromilides, author and Member Cyprus High Commission UK -rtd. & London Cypriot Assoc. (Nicholas, London 2002) -on teacher Ari

He was an illuminated – extraordinary, most highly respected, man.

Australia Turkish Cultural Centre –Hasan Dellal, President –letter 16 February 1992

We shall remember the esteemed teacher, always, with respect.

Altin Cerceve –Halkin Sesi -Supplement, 9 May 2004 –Levent Tezel (interview -trades)

'(On our way to lawyers) … this Orhan Ari stopped us...
That's not nice, let me be your guarantor –for and against you both, he said, don't do it -don't fall out with each other. We didn't (and I completed my apprenticeship -learned my trade fully and properly).'

Turkish Cypriot Secondary Teachers Syndicate –Halkin Sesi, 19 December 1992

…(Upon loss of teacher Ari')… Condolences to our teachers.

Universal Unity Party, General Secretariat –Birlik, 19 December 1992

We're grieving the loss of the esteemed teacher dear Orhan Seyfi Ari

Democrat Party Leader, Minister of Finance & Economy –telegram 18 December 1992

I am saddened by the death of the venerable (teacher Orhan Ari)

Olgun Pasalar, Member of Parliament, KKTC –Birlik, 19 December 1992

I am in grief over the loss of teacher Orhan Seyfi Ari

Gozun Ucundan – Halkin Sesi, 27 Novemner 2004 –Osman Guvenir

Look what our teacher Orhan Seyfi Ari has said
(the teachers of teachers on teaching, teachers, his teaching career –upon retiring from teaching)
" spiritual reward.. my beloved 'children' -my pupils.. achieved success..."

Monumental works, do, most certainly, justify greatest pride

Cevdet Basaran, US Foreign Broadcast Info. Srvce. rtd., Author -email 21 January 2001

Having closely followed Orhan Seyfi Ari's activities,
to have known him, greatly honours me.

Prof. Dr. Salih Karaali, Istanbul University –Turkey -letter on teacher Ari 8 February 1993

… Condolences to the Turkish Community...

Birlik -29 January 1993, Sohbet –Oguz Metiner
a lament, elegy, eulogy for the teacher of teachers, his teaching, in verse

A Star's Passed Away

Passed away from amongst us a star-true,
In the last days of nineteen-ninety-two,
Inspiring all around his deeds of illumination,
Speedily as he moved on to his destination;
And to our senses having he brought us,
We, quietly, buried him in our hearts.

Well known and versed, none was he
Than the pilgrim, the Teacher: Orhan Ari

His concern –so sincere!…
Greatly respected everywhere!…
Years spent to illuminate…
More: hearts, his sultanate!

With his pupils was spent half his lifetime at schools
And at places of worship the other with the faithfuls,
As built his honesty a throne, in every heart, that rules!

Revealed was his departure-shortly for the here-after
For, late-before, he had told his friends-closer
I was time he would meet his maker.

I did not take long.. he attained his ultimate desire;
And, having left his worldly possessions to his near and dear,
He settled on the throne of omniscience in the world after here.

Lie in radiance, in paradise you rest!
The exalted prophet himself to intercede for you –the best!
Rejoice his grand soul, with God's best graces blest!

President Rauf Denktas, Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic -letter 18 December 1992

The death... of the estimable Orhan Seyfi Ari caused me great sadness

Hakki Atun, Leader KKTC Parliament -on loss of teacher of teachers letter 22 December 1992

We shall always remember him with respect and love...

Halkin Sesi, Bu Dunyadan Seyfi Gecti –on this teacher Harid Fedai 27 December 1992

Such nice things I had heard of him!..
Gladdens his soul, I hope, this quatrain...

Aware was not I; unbeknown, harmony was you all through
Under skins, treasured forever by thoughts innermost too
Seeking of you insight the wonders of the universe into
I knew, at last, this, that the universe was you


London University-Advanced Studies- Commonwealth Studies –fax 13 June 1997

… Orhan Seyfi Ari… will be added to our library...

Internet Adviser –Best Sites: Teacher of Teachers, July 2001

… Read.. the life of this extraordinary.. poet and thinker...

The teachers' teacher's teaching inspired –Orhan Seyfi Ari continues to inspire...
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