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  Category: Articles » Articles by Author » Author: Rebecca Prescott
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1.The Green Food Supplement Alfalfa
The health benefits of alfalfa are largely unsupported scientifically, although there is plenty of anecdotal enthusiasm for it. Alfalfa is highly nutritious, containing approximately 16% protein, and 8% of minerals like calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium. It also contains small amounts of the vitamins A, D, E, and K. ...
[Added: 10 Jul 2006   Hits: 805   Words: 421]

2.Sled Dog Breeds - The Fleet Of Foot
Sled dog breeds are characterized by endurance, strength, and intelligence. They are usually medium to larger dogs, with a very muscular build, and have helped mankind transport supplies in times before the automobile. Nowadays, sled dog breeds are found as pets, as well as ...
[Added: 05 Jul 2006   Hits: 554   Words: 530]

3.Coffee Benefits - Move Over Green Tea
Green coffee beans have supplied a new player in the antioxidant arena. An extract of green coffee beans has been found to have a stronger antioxidant effect than established antioxidants like green tea and grape seed extract. ...
[Added: 02 Jul 2006   Hits: 487   Words: 685]

4.Herbal Acne Home Cures
Herbal acne home cures can be an effective adjunct to whatever other treatments are being used. It is important to understand that they are not hard and fast 'cures' in the absolute sense, but will instead support the body's capacity to metabolize fats and carbohydrates, and encourage elimination ...
[Added: 23 Jun 2006   Hits: 486   Words: 521]

5.Not Born Blonde? Tips On How To Lighten Your Hair
Lightening your hair can be a great way to change our look and reflect a different outlook. Or bring in the summer, or herald a new job or period in your life. If you can't afford to go to a salon, try these tips on how to lighten ...
[Added: 21 Jun 2006   Hits: 432   Words: 717]

6.What Is the Glycemic Index?
The Glycemic Index (GI) is a way of rating carbohydrate foods according to how quickly the carbohydrates are broken down into glucose, and thus how quickly that glucose enters the bloodstream. The reasoning behind this is that carbohydrates that enter the bloodstream quickly raise blood ...
[Added: 15 Jun 2006   Hits: 411   Words: 667]

7.Anti Aging Supplements - Fight Wrinkles From Within
Choosing antioxidants to supplement your regular skin routine is an approach that has been validated scientifically. A study by French scientists found that woman taking vitamin C, vitamin E, and betacarotene had 23% fewer new wrinkles, and a reduction in existing wrinkles of 8%. Antioxidants ...
[Added: 12 Jun 2006   Hits: 453   Words: 552]

8.Dietary Fiber - For Diabetes, Heart and General Health
Most people understand the importance of dietary fiber in their diet. Much has been said about its importance in heart health, diabetes, cancer prevention, and even weight control. What is less well understood is how different types of fiber effect the body. Some provide fecal bulk, ...
[Added: 09 Jun 2006   Hits: 457   Words: 814]

9.Melatonin - Why The Gentle Approach Works Best
Melatonin is produced by the pineal gland. It is believed to play a role in anti aging, as well as helping with jet lag and insomnia. But caution is well advised with using melatonin as a supplement, given how powerful its effects are. One of the problems ...
[Added: 16 May 2006   Hits: 403   Words: 508]

10.The Delicious Path Of Antiaging Nutrition
Plant nutrients play a key role in anti aging. Fruit, vegetables, and plant extracts have an array of chemical constituents, called phytochemicals or phytonutrients, that are hugely beneficial to skin health and beauty. In plants, phytochemicals confer characteristics like color, which can help the ...
[Added: 11 May 2006   Hits: 337   Words: 582]

11.Hair Color Trends - The New You
Current hair color trends are defined within the move towards relaxed glamour. Healthy, shiny hair, with lots of movement, yet still well groomed. Color is defined - it's either pastel blondes, in clean, icy tones. Or cool browns, or brilliant reds. The move has definitely been away from red ...
[Added: 07 May 2006   Hits: 392   Words: 664]

12.Travelers Diarrhea Help With Herbal Medicine
Travelers visiting many tropical, sub-tropical and developing countries run an increased risk of suffering a gastrointestinal illness. These are usually caused by bacteria, parasites and viruses. The microscopic bugs at the top of these rather gut wrenching (for ...
[Added: 06 May 2006   Hits: 324   Words: 838]

13.Weight Loss Tips - Healthy Breakfast Recipes
We've all known for some time that breakfast is an integral part of the day. Now research has shown that, regardless of physical activity, eating high fibre cereal in the morning at least three times a ...
[Added: 04 May 2006   Hits: 297   Words: 927]

14.Fitness For Older Women - 10 Years Younger With Strength Training
Strength training has a lot of advantages for women, and particularly for women aged 35 to 40 and older. By the age of 40, women generally begin to lose bone density and muscle mass. One study at Tufts University, designed by the author of 'Strong Women Stay Young', ...
[Added: 24 Apr 2006   Hits: 353   Words: 899]

15.Natural Health And Beauty - When Fresh May Not Be Best
Omega 3 fatty acids and protein are great for healthy skin. Hair, skin and nails are mostly made of protein, though the minerals, vitamins, and phytochemicals we get from the best type of carbohydrates - fruit and vegetables - are ...
[Added: 24 Apr 2006   Hits: 320   Words: 551]

16.Acne Review Treatment - The New Face Of Benzoyl Peroxide
One of the problems with benzoyl peroxide topical acne treatments is that they can be quite irritating, particularly to sensitive skin. Those fans of benzoyl peroxide will thus be pleased to learn that one skin care company that supplies prescription acne and skin care products is releasing a treatment ...
[Added: 24 Apr 2006   Hits: 424   Words: 370]

17.Yoga Asanas - The Courage To Move Beyond Limitations
When I was 21 I suffered a slipped disc in my lower back. I couldn't sit down during the acute phase, only lie or stand, though standing itself was uncomfortable at the time. Once the acute phase had passed (with rest, although acupuncture and shiatsu ...
[Added: 24 Apr 2006   Hits: 784   Words: 675]

18.Yoga V's Pilates - A Difference Of Consciousness
Yoga is a transformative art, and deceptively simple. At least, although the advanced yoga postures are in fact difficult to the unpracticed, and look it, the changes that yoga can bring into one's life belie ...
[Added: 24 Apr 2006   Hits: 719   Words: 607]

19.Losing Weight With PCOS - Low Carb May Help Insulin Response
PCOS is a condition that has a strong impact on a woman's fertility, and affects between 5% to 10% of women of child bearing age. Because a woman's body doesn't produce enough eggs when she suffers from PCOS, it can cause ...
[Added: 23 Apr 2006   Hits: 783   Words: 938]

20.The Truth About Omega 3 Benefits
Omega 3 fish oils have received some negative publicity recently. There were scares over potential contamination in fresh oily fish by mercury, though this has been refuted as an overly exaggerated issue. And more recently, a meta ...
[Added: 21 Apr 2006   Hits: 351   Words: 933]

21.Should You Worry About The Norovirus Cruise Ship Illness?
"On the last night/morning, many people were stricken with a gastrointestinal illness that caused diarrhea and vomiting. A great deal of vomit was on the stairs, elevator and other public areas by Friday morning." So a passenger from Canada, on December 30, 2005, sailing on the Zuiderdam ...
[Added: 20 Apr 2006   Hits: 1095   Words: 357]

22.Tips For Doing Inversion Yoga Poses
Headstand (salamba shirshasana) is one of the yoga poses that are considered inversion poses. Inversion poses involve any asanas that lift the feet above the head. Other inversion poses that are well known include shoulderstand ...
[Added: 14 Apr 2006   Hits: 791   Words: 1016]