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  Category: Articles » Articles by Author » Author: Amanda Jones
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1.Introduction to the Online Bachelor Degree in Nursing
Depending on where you are in your nursing career, an online bachelor degree can prepare you to become a Registered Nurse (RN) or take your RN credential to the next level. If you wish to obtain ...
[Added: 10 Jul 2006   Hits: 401   Words: 356]

2.Comparing Online Nursing Master's Programs
When comparing online nursing master's programs, be prepared to find many programs of interest. It is important to know what one is looking for when trying to find a program that is the best choice. Knowing which area of nursing one would like to ...
[Added: 09 Jul 2006   Hits: 388   Words: 331]

3.Earn Your Doctorate From An Online Nursing PhD Program
Are you looking to earn your doctorate from an online nursing PhD program? Today, virtually all levels of education are available to meet your needs in the online environment. If you are looking to further you education to this level, there are plenty of benefits for you on the ...
[Added: 06 Jul 2006   Hits: 447   Words: 338]

4.Finding the Best Online Master's Degree Nursing Program
How do you go about finding the best online master's degree nursing program? By determining your needs, researching your options, and choosing the best program for you. Use Your Best Judgment As a nurse, you're required to use your judgment on a daily basis. This same principle ...
[Added: 05 Jul 2006   Hits: 386   Words: 351]

5.Interested in Learning at Home? Consider an Online Nursing Degree College
The Internet has created a number of ways to make our lives more convenient. One important, and growing way, is through online education. This method of learning is extremely popular, and many respected, quality schools offer online learning options. If ...
[Added: 05 Jul 2006   Hits: 918   Words: 348]

6.Using the Internet to Find Nursing Jobs Online
Using the internet to find nursing jobs online is a great way to find a job after graduating. The internet is filled with job sites, classified ads, and web sites that advertise nursing jobs in most cities and countries. When a person graduates, they can begin their search for ...
[Added: 05 Jul 2006   Hits: 466   Words: 335]

7.Introduction to the Online Associate Nursing Degree Program
One of the most important things that you get is an introduction to the online associate nursing degree program. If you are considering entering an online school, this introduction to the program will provide you with key details that ...
[Added: 05 Jul 2006   Hits: 381   Words: 331]

8.Earn an Online Nursing Degree in 10 Months
When considering an online nursing degree in 10 months, be sure that one can spend the time it will take to complete the coursework. There are many accelerated nursing programs offered online that will help a person find a better job or get a promotion. Advanced nursing ...
[Added: 29 Jun 2006   Hits: 397   Words: 330]

9.The Advantages To An Online LPN Nursing Program
Consider the advantages to an online LPN nursing program. Those that are looking for this type of nursing program can find just what it is that they need offered throughout the various online educational institutions. There are many that specialize in nursing education and can provide ...
[Added: 29 Jun 2006   Hits: 432   Words: 339]

10.Busy Schedule? Consider an Online College For Nursing
When deciding on a master's degree in nursing, consider an online college for nursing. It may be the answer for those who have reservations about returning to school. The biggest concern for most people is the time they will have to devote to attending classes, finding time for group projects, ...
[Added: 27 Jun 2006   Hits: 675   Words: 336]

11.LPN To RN: Earn Your Registered Nursing Degree Online
Are you looking to move from LPN to RN? Earn your registered nursing degree online and you are bound to get there faster and with ease. You already have the basics under your belt. You have taken courses ...
[Added: 26 Jun 2006   Hits: 363   Words: 347]

12.The Advantages of Earning an Online LPN Nursing Degree
If you are interested in entering the nursing field, a degree as a Licensed Practical Nurse, or LPN, may be a good option for you. Depending on the state where you live, the degree may also be known as a Licensed Vocational Nurse, or LVN. It is the basic ...
[Added: 26 Jun 2006   Hits: 385   Words: 356]

13.The Advantages Of Earning A Degree In Nursing Online
There are many advantages of earning a degree in nursing online. Those of you that are considering this opportunity really have the ability to take it to the level that you would like to. There are various ...
[Added: 25 Jun 2006   Hits: 345   Words: 336]

14.The Advantages of an Online Nursing Master's Degree
Earning your advanced nursing degree has many advantages, and earning it online can have more. While all educational choices have pros and cons, the advantages of an online nursing master's degree allow you to continue your education ...
[Added: 24 Jun 2006   Hits: 381   Words: 340]

15.Why You Should Consider Taking An Online Nursing Class
Are you asking why you should consider taking an online nursing class? There are many reasons for taking your nursing degree online. Let's face it. Today, there are so many people that are busy with all that life throws at them that there is just ...
[Added: 21 Jun 2006   Hits: 338   Words: 356]

16.Introduction to Online Nursing Continuing Education
In order to maintain licensure or certification, those in the nursing profession need to complete continuing education courses, also known as CEUs, or Continuing Education Units. Many CEU programs are available online, which makes obtaining CEUs much easier for many people. If you are new to online ...
[Added: 21 Jun 2006   Hits: 327   Words: 349]

17.Introduction to Online Nursing Schools
Online nursing schools are available to all nurses who are looking to expand their academic horizons. These programs offer degree programs in LPN, RN, bachelor of nursing, master of nursing, and also a PhD program in nursing. Choosing a program depends on several factors. If a person wants ...
[Added: 15 Jun 2006   Hits: 300   Words: 342]