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  Category: Articles » Articles by Author » Author: Hector Milla
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1.Skin Disorder; Laser Tatto Removal
An estimated half of all 18 to 30 years olds women have at least one tatto, and this is like, (they said), but what is the problem if later tattoo is done you do not want it any more. The biggest complaint is dissatisfaction and ...
[Added: 25 Nov 2005   Hits: 392   Words: 384]

2.Lung cancer: Only one of Asbestos disaster
Lung cancer as a consequence of asbestos exposure could be considered as one of asbestos disaster, since this mineral is more likely to generate problems than solve them. It maybe has different pros, but it is also a high risk factor to ...
[Added: 25 Nov 2005   Hits: 764   Words: 312]

3.Benign pleural diseases: The Asbestos mystery
A benign pleural disease is an asbestos-related disease which still has something of mystery to experts, since they don't know why some asbestos workers get one of several benign diseases of the pleura while others are not affected by the terrible consequences of Asbestos. The pleural cavity ...
[Added: 14 Nov 2005   Hits: 322   Words: 309]

4.WSIB: The importance of knowing your rights if you have an asbestos-related disease
Asbestos-related diseases are increasing in the United States of America and in some other bigger and smaller countries, because asbestos workers were exposed to this mineral (asbestos), which is the main risk factor for developing the ...
[Added: 10 Nov 2005   Hits: 383   Words: 316]

5.Asbestos Related Mesothelioma Cancer : Blood Test
Asbestos Cancer Mesothelioma is a malignant disease to take a lot of lifes each year, many people concentrate their effort in to know o find out a cure for this disease, and in other economic aspect of the asbestos, such as ...
[Added: 07 Nov 2005   Hits: 449   Words: 308]