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  Category: Articles » Articles by Author » Author: Bronwen Elisabeth Roberts
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1.Decorating tips no one is honest enough to tell you
The Tuscan villa looks real only in Tuscany – don't be fooled into thinking that a painter can mess about with some sponge techniques and recreate the same look elsewhere. You can't recreate Tuscany. Stay far away from the colour putty , it might ...
[Added: 03 Oct 2006   Hits: 755   Words: 556]

2.Conservatories: How To Maintain A Comfortable Temperature Throughout The Year
A conservatory is more than just an extension to your house . It can be somewhere to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the garden no matter what the weather is doing, a place to entertain or much needed extra ...
[Added: 18 Sep 2006   Hits: 777   Words: 509]

3.Namaqualand: The Floral Kingdom of Africa
Foreigners and locals return time and again to this wonderland of colour . The miracle of a parched landscape slowly evolving through the seasons into a huge carpet of wild flowers is breathtaking. The best ...
[Added: 15 Sep 2006   Hits: 1259   Words: 682]

4.The 'Absolutely Fabulous' way to explore Cape Town
Adrenalin Junkies! Have you always wanted to try something different and exciting and perhaps a little adventurous too...?? Now you have the perfect opportunity. Select your activity of choice and live your dream! Helicopter Heroics See the Cape ...
[Added: 31 Aug 2006   Hits: 494   Words: 635]

5.The NO-Surgery - Plastic Surgery
Future Face-Lifts A machine that will lift and tighten muscles without surgery operates on the concept of tightening the SMAS, a gauzy layer of muscle fibers that sags with age. This is the area that many plastic surgeons surgically tighten ...
[Added: 24 Aug 2006   Hits: 466   Words: 1042]

Recent figures clearly show that homeowners are willing and able to up-spec their conservatories. Conservatories Active looks at how margins and customer satisfaction are increased by selling up conservatories with options ...
[Added: 14 Aug 2006   Hits: 1137   Words: 558]

7.Self-Cleaning Glass acknowledged by British Standards Institute
Safe window-cleaning practice has always been a concern for both the British Standards Institute (BSI) and the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM), which holds the responsibility for Building Regulations in England and Wales. However, due to increasing specification of Pilkington Activ™ for high-rise ...
[Added: 14 Aug 2006   Hits: 837   Words: 373]

8.Colour Transforms your Home, Office and your Mood
Different colours affect people in different ways. A purple kitchen might not be for everyone – but for some it works, and surprise, surprise… others like it too… Individual space is a concept that speaks ...
[Added: 07 Aug 2006   Hits: 408   Words: 723]

9.South African Film Industry: The Highlights
Grand Beginnings South Africa started making movies in the early 1900s: the silent movie era. American Director, D.W Griffiths made 'Birth of a Nation' and movies on the Voortrekkers were produced. ...
[Added: 02 Aug 2006   Hits: 491   Words: 951]

10.Don't let Liposuction Suck the Life out of you
Liposuction can help sculpt your body and is a way to remove fat quickly. Specific areas may include the abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, upper arms, chin, cheeks and neck. Although no type of liposuction is a substitute for dieting and exercise, it can ...
[Added: 02 Aug 2006   Hits: 334   Words: 223]

11.Soft-Tissue Fillers: New Anti-Aging Breakthrough
Traditionally, rejuvenation has been achieved with a face-lift by surgically tightening the skin. Today, a multitude of minimally invasive procedures are aimed at rejuvenation without the risk, recovery time, and expense of major surgery. ...
[Added: 29 Jun 2006   Hits: 420   Words: 659]

12.Interior Design – How to use a Colour Wheel
Understanding the Science of Colour-Combining Using colour becomes much easier when you understand how different colours work together. To make sure that colours work together when designing a room, most professionals base their scheme on a colour wheel which is divided into cool and ...
[Added: 21 Jun 2006   Hits: 461   Words: 337]

13.Fabrics That Keep You Healthy
The world of fabric has become an exciting industry. Remember the story of Lycra , which was developed in the late 1950s, but was relatively unknown for another 20 years. Innovative materials often have a long period of conception. But, fortunately ...
[Added: 07 Jun 2006   Hits: 467   Words: 727]

14.Eco-Tourism: Responsible Holiday Adventures
The Meaning of Eco-Tourism The concept of 'Eco-tourism' came into its own ...
[Added: 25 May 2006   Hits: 361   Words: 824]

15.Cutting telecommunications costs is a big issue.
Internet Cuts Phone Costs EVERY call centre in South Africa has been approached by voice over internet protocol (VoIP) or least-cost routing suppliers. Tim Wyatt-Gunning, joint CEO Storm, says VoIP offers savings across international, national, and cellular ...
[Added: 21 Apr 2006   Hits: 422   Words: 383]

16.Best Beaches far from the Madding Crowd
The love of the sea has inspired both poets and fishermen alike. A day on the beach feeling the warm sun on your skin is an exhilarating experience. Some dislike beaches in the sun, preferring them windswept and interesting. Ever been in a beach house when there's a ...
[Added: 18 Apr 2006   Hits: 451   Words: 812]

17.Cutting-Edge Art
Art glass usually refers to the modern art glass movement in which individual artists work alone or with colleagues, creating works from molten glass in relatively small furnaces of a few hundred pounds of glass. ...
[Added: 13 Jan 2006   Hits: 479   Words: 587]

18.The Art of Glass
Many groundbreaking discoveries came about by chance! In 1928, bacteriologist Alexander Fleming found a mould had contaminated one of his experiments. To his surprise, the mould turned out to be an antibacterial agent...and so, penicillin was born. Another remarkable creation is the ...
[Added: 12 Jan 2006   Hits: 400   Words: 573]

19.Glass Stories
Glass and Resonance We have all heard stories of how opera singers can shatter glass upon hitting a particular note. However, how plausible is this notion? In order to shatter glass, a singer's voice has to be able ...
[Added: 12 Jan 2006   Hits: 397   Words: 686]

20.Language of the Lens
Paris the most beautiful city in the world, was captured and frozen in time by the great master of photojournalism, Henri Cartier-Bresson, who brought beauty and a new dimension to an ordinary street scene. Photography, he once wrote is a spontaneous ...
[Added: 09 Jan 2006   Hits: 388   Words: 651]

21.Language as Identity
English is not just a national language it is a unique global passport. The sameness of language can overcome any identity crisis, sometimes inconveniently. When I arrived in London, fresh from South Africa and desperate to immerse myself in a ...
[Added: 09 Jan 2006   Hits: 476   Words: 547]

22.Off The Beaten Track
There are many off-the-track destinations and some wild-at-heart attractions for you to explore in Southern Africa. Sabi Sabi – Game Reserve – Eastern Cape The choral sounds of birds before morning light, hot 'boere' ...
[Added: 24 Dec 2005   Hits: 454   Words: 777]

23.No More Holiday Blues
I have always wondered why Chris Isaac wrote the song, "Blue Hotel." Perhaps he was on a trip somewhere and there was no room in the plush Five Star, so he opted for the reasonably priced hotel. ...
[Added: 06 Dec 2005   Hits: 414   Words: 509]