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  Category: Articles » Articles by Author » Author: Robert E. Bear
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1.The Basics of How To Play Bearball™
Bearball™ is sort of a blend of kick ball, dodge ball, and baseball played on a square field with a six inch playground ball. It's a game of skill, strategy, and chance played between two teams, called Clans. On the field are areas designated as ...
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2.Introduction to Determining the Value of Art
The value of a work of art is a peculiar beast, a schizophrenic chameleon. It is witnessed in a myriad of perplexing personas, corporeal and otherwise. Non-the-less, affixing a monetary claim to an art work is a necessary evil in a pragmatic sense and its ...
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3.Art Defined
"Art" means different things to various people. It's been an enigma! Since the age of twelve I wanted to be an "artist". Over the years I had become involved with numerous "art" endeavors: drawings, sculptures, paintings in various media, architectural design, photography, ...
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