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  Yoga Articles

  Category: Articles » Health & Fitness » Yoga
Results 51 - 71 of 71 [2 Pages]  
51.Insights into the Benefits of Yoga by Brodi Saatpha
The practice of Yoga has been used for centuries to promote a sense of physical and spiritual well-being. Although the origins of Yoga are shrouded in mystery, it is generally accepted to have begun at the dawn of ...
[Added: 08 Feb 2006   Hits: 361   Words: 399]

52.Different Types Of Yoga Apparel by Mike Mann
Yoga is all in rage lately. Everyday, a number of people decide to engage in Yoga for the conveniences it brings, from the physical aspect down to the spiritual and mental health. Various forms of Yoga correspond to ...
[Added: 27 Jan 2006   Hits: 398   Words: 354]

53.Try Core Power Yoga by Mike Mann
Core power yoga is an energetic yoga exercise that physically and mentally challenges to help connect to inner power without stopping and accompanied by a heated, climate controlled Vinyasa. It heals, detoxifies and stimulates the body and mind through balance and intention. Power yoga has ...
[Added: 21 Jan 2006   Hits: 486   Words: 330]

54.Going gaga over yoga by Yemi Gotta
Pop icon Madonna is probably one of the most popular bi-products of commercialized yoga. Since she started to come out with that toned and buffed figure, women all over the world wanted to know ...
[Added: 02 Jan 2006   Hits: 305   Words: 634]

55.Lower Your Blood Pressure by Practicing Yoga by Grojan Fabiola
If you didn't know by now, yoga asanas can help you in the treatment of high blood pressure, and help you lower blood pressure. Yoga asanas make stable your blood pressure, so lower blood pressure when it's abnormaly high. Asanas have favorable ...
[Added: 16 Nov 2005   Hits: 474   Words: 405]

56.Yoga helps you lower blood pressure by Grojan Fabiola
Hypertension is a common disease nowadays, which, if it's not treated corectly can cause many damages to the other organs of the body. People who suffer from high blood pressure need to lower blood pressure in ...
[Added: 16 Nov 2005   Hits: 405   Words: 373]

57.What Is Yoga by Geoff Hugh
Yoga is a organization that benefits the consistency, head, and spirit by teaching ego-control done a serial of postures and exercises, as wellspring as through with(p) external respiration, liberalization, and speculation techniques. The ultimate end of yoga ...
[Added: 13 Nov 2005   Hits: 332   Words: 518]

58.Yoga For Relaxation by Ron King
People practice yoga for a variety of reasons. Many yoga practitioners are interested in the health benefits that come from regularly performing the routines. Others want a state of harmony between inner and outer self. Still others practice yoga primarily ...
[Added: 07 Nov 2005   Hits: 407   Words: 393]

59.Using Yoga For Weight Loss by Michael Paetzold
Yoga can be put to good use for taking off excess pounds through the power of creating a state of mental and physical well being. The basic tenets of Yoga promotes a healthy lifestyle and when combined with a calorie reduction can help to speed up your weight ...
[Added: 06 Nov 2005   Hits: 325   Words: 333]

60.Stretching & Yoga by Kirsten Hawkins
Stretching and yoga aren't just for swamis who can fold themselves up like pretzels, or movie stars who have nothing better to do with their days! It can be a beneficial practice to all who use ...
[Added: 30 Oct 2005   Hits: 268   Words: 533]

61.Yoga For The Beginner by Sandra Lovelace
One of the amazing things about yoga is that despite the great benefits that it produces, it requires no costs. There is not specific yoga training equipment that one has to use in order to ...
[Added: 15 Oct 2005   Hits: 297   Words: 525]

62.The Many Benefits of Yoga by Ron King
Many studies have been conducted to determine which areas will benefit from an extended practice of yoga. Yoga practitioners are most likely to see improvements in the areas of physiology, psychology, and biochemistry. Furthermore, practitioners of yoga ...
[Added: 09 Oct 2005   Hits: 346   Words: 473]

63.Here's What Yoga Can Do For You... by Dave Klein
You want to have a full life. You want to feel well. You want lots of energy, vitality, power, and stamina. Am I right so far? Well, the great news is that all these can be yours. Yoga applies age-old secrets to everyday life in a modern, fast-paced world. ...
[Added: 27 Sep 2005   Hits: 319   Words: 635]

64.Overcoming Obstacles In Practicing Yoga by Gavin Dye
Anyone embarking on the journey of yoga will face a series of obstacles, difficulties and detours. You will need to remove all of the following difficulties, noticed by yoga practitioners for a long time, in order ...
[Added: 26 Sep 2005   Hits: 288   Words: 557]

65.Taking The Sress Out Of Vacations With Yoga by Gavin Dye
Even during vacations we are still attacked by outside stressful factors which can ruin a very promising vacation. Vacation stress is a rather antagonistic expression but it is real and it can cause serious upset. There are countless ...
[Added: 26 Sep 2005   Hits: 316   Words: 566]

66.Getting Slim and Trim with Yoga by Gavin Dye
Yoga's power to create a state of mental and physical well being may also be put to good use for taking off excess weight. Yoga promotes a healthy and balanced life style and when combined with ...
[Added: 30 Aug 2005   Hits: 274   Words: 517]

67.Stretching Exercises, Yoga by Terry Lowery
Stretching and yoga aren't just for people who can fold themselves up like pretzels, or movie stars who have nothing better to do with their days! It can be a beneficial practice to all who use it, ...
[Added: 25 Aug 2005   Hits: 419   Words: 533]

68.Understanding the different types of Yoga by Suzanne Morrison
Yoga is becoming a more and more popular activity in the Western world today. The number of places holding Yoga classes is on the increase and there is a plethora of different types of Yoga. With a choice of Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga ...
[Added: 11 Aug 2005   Hits: 251   Words: 538]

69.Eating Disorders And The Use Of Yoga In Prevention And Treatment by Roy Thomsitt
It was not so long ago that eating disorders, such as bolimia and anorexia, were thought to be purely the result of mental conditions. More recently, though, some physical factors have been attributed to these conditions. It is now thought that eating disorders can be ...
[Added: 31 Jul 2005   Hits: 373   Words: 575]

70.Why Has Yoga Become So Popular? by Howard VanEs
Did you know that over fifteen million people practiced yoga in 2003, according to a landmark study by Yoga Journal Magazine. And the numbers are expected to increase dramatically in subsequent years. Your own experiences probably confirm this study ...
[Added: 27 Jul 2005   Hits: 314   Words: 728]

71.Yoga For Pregnant Women by Amie Porter
Master your mind! Gain control over your body! Be relieved of your stress through the practice of gentle art of Yoga! Pregnancy is a physical as well as mental experience. Women often becomes hyper aware of all the ...
[Added: 24 Jul 2005   Hits: 246   Words: 434]

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