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  Nutrition Articles

  Category: Articles » Health & Fitness » Nutrition
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1.What are Almonds Good For? by Charles Browne
The almond, which we think of as a nut, is actually the seed of the fruit from the almond tree. The almond is related to the peach, but the fruit toughens into a leathery coat, called the hull, which contains the shell and the edible kernel. Unlike ...
[Added: 11 Feb 2007   Hits: 1214   Words: 322]

2.Mankind was Not Put on Earth to Be a Meateater by Betty Remple
Man belongs to the primate family, all members of which are complete vegetarians. By and large primates were not created or suited to digest the dead flesh of another creature. Indeed it is a rare but not unknown occurrence to see a gorilla or baboon ...
[Added: 09 Feb 2007   Hits: 973   Words: 534]

3.Lycopene: The Colorful Weapon To Fight Cancer by Christine Macguire
The new adage of the century has been "A glass of watermelon juice a day keeps the doctor away". Highly contested of being a vegetable rather than a fruit, watermelon is highly nutritious and packed full of a ...
[Added: 09 Feb 2007   Hits: 1064   Words: 630]

4.Winsor Pilates Powerful fitness program by Elitesfitness
If you are looking for a fitness program that will surely make you look better, the Winsor Pilates in Canada is there for you to help. The Winsor Pilates program is not only popular in Canada but even to many parts of ...
[Added: 25 Jan 2007   Hits: 1452   Words: 598]

5.The Battle for Enzymes: Vital Organs verses the Diegestive System by Steve Johnsen
Enzymes, which serve as the body's labor force to perform every single function for our daily activities, are required to keep us alive. They are responsible for all of the functions of every organ system in ...
[Added: 22 Jan 2007   Hits: 1203   Words: 784]

6.The Essential Facts to Keeping Healthy by Jason Sands
Current health studies show that our population is growing bigger and getting fatter each year. More than 50% is overweight! Obesity has now reached pandemic proportions and has become a serious problem to our personal health, making it a burden on ...
[Added: 19 Jan 2007   Hits: 1281   Words: 692]

7.Go Nuts with Nuts by Doran Roggio
Nearly all nuts are a great health food. They are an excellent source of protein. A handful of nuts will energize you and are power-packed with nutrients. Nuts in general, and peanuts in particular, are high in the bioflavonoid 'resveratrol'. This bioflavonoid has a number ...
[Added: 17 Jan 2007   Hits: 1080   Words: 790]

8.Nutrition Fact: Vitamin C is Essential by Steven Johnson
There are numerous vitamins, minerals, and essential acids that not only aid the body in its everyday function, but that also can help the human machine perform at optimum levels. We are bombarded on a daily basis with vitamin and mineral information, so it ...
[Added: 17 Jan 2007   Hits: 951   Words: 431]

9.Eat "Gut's and Grease" For Freakish Strength & Vitality by Elliott Hulse
I hate diets. I hate people who talk and teach about diets even more. If you can't tell, I'm a bit angry and confused. For thousands upon thousands of years we as a race of humans have walked the earth in extraordinary ...
[Added: 16 Jan 2007   Hits: 2220   Words: 1513]

10.Healthy Snacks for Toddlers by Kim Roach
As a parent, it's important that we teach our children good eating habits. This tender age is when healthy habits are started. Apple Sauce: Here is a favorite among toddlers. However, apple sauce provides more than a tasty treat. ...
[Added: 10 Jan 2007   Hits: 1047   Words: 372]

11.Health and Longevity Secrets of the Okinawans by Mike Kinnaird
Wouldn't it be great if we had some really healthy role models? People who live the healthiest happiest lives so that we can look at them with soft focus and say 'I want to be ...
[Added: 10 Jan 2007   Hits: 893   Words: 891]

12.Honeydew Melons: Your 'Sweet' Key To Health by Suzanne Macguire
Of all the melon varieties, honeydew melons have the most mouth-watering taste. Belonging to the cultivar's group of muskmelons, honeydew melons occur in numerous varieties like the Crenshaw, Casaba (from Kasaba, a town in Turkey), Persian, and ...
[Added: 09 Jan 2007   Hits: 1110   Words: 512]

13.Helping Your Body Live Forever! by Wendy Oswald
Toxic Environment Toxins contaminate our systems on a daily basis. They are unavoidable... we find them in our water, our air, our food, and our surroundings. Where can we go? Nowhere, but what can we ...
[Added: 05 Jan 2007   Hits: 819   Words: 783]

14.The Matter of Nutrition and Weight Loss: What you Need to Know by Yanik White
Nutrition and weight loss are two matters which are really helplessly correlated, and in order for you to lose weight, gain muscle, and be healthy overall, you need to make sure that you truly and ...
[Added: 05 Jan 2007   Hits: 595   Words: 342]

15.Fish and Poultry for Good Health by Chris Chenoweth
If you, like many people, are trying to cut down on your dietary fat intake, selecting fish and poultry instead of beef and pork can be a healthy choice. Fish and poultry are the best choices for people who want to keep meat in their diets but do not want ...
[Added: 05 Jan 2007   Hits: 975   Words: 513]

16.Best Sources of Natural Antioxidants by Tanya Turner
Are you looking for best sources of natural antioxidants and how to work them best into your diet? With so many dietary supplements around it seems that all you need to do to stay healthy is to ...
[Added: 04 Jan 2007   Hits: 913   Words: 573]

17.How Diet Affects Disease by Chris Chenoweth
What you eat can determine how healthy you are. A nutritionally healthy and complete diet can reduce and even prevent many diseases and conditions including many types of cancer and heart disease, the leading cause of death in the United States. Eating a healthy diet ...
[Added: 31 Dec 2006   Hits: 782   Words: 668]

18.Whole Grains for Good Health by Chris Chenoweth
A nutritious and healthy diet is the basis for optimum health and energy. To assure good health, you should incorporate abundant amounts of whole grains into your daily diet. The nutrients in whole grains help promote ...
[Added: 31 Dec 2006   Hits: 760   Words: 637]

19.Bowel Movements and Cancer by Chris Chenoweth
Believe it or not, the very foundation of good health is having regular bowel movements. When your body has a bowel movement it is removing the build-up of toxins, toxins that are the pre-cursors to ...
[Added: 30 Dec 2006   Hits: 752   Words: 657]

20.Beta-Carotene Cancer Fighter by Chris Chenoweth
Our body's cells are constantly in competition with substances called free radicals. Free radicals can cause untold damage to your body, harming just about everything inside your body. Some free radicals are made inside the body, while others are caused by the food we ingest and ...
[Added: 25 Dec 2006   Hits: 673   Words: 486]

21.Beans for Good Health by Chris Chenoweth
A healthy diet should contain plenty of high-nutrient foods: foods that give our bodies good health and reduce our risk of many diseases and conditions. Those foods are fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fish, poultry, beans (legumes), nuts and seeds, and lots of water. Beans ...
[Added: 25 Dec 2006   Hits: 757   Words: 665]

22.5 Tips to Improve Athletic Performance by John Goh
How can you improve your performance at your next tennis game or soccer match? Taking care of your body and mind might be the key. Here are 5 tips for improving your physical and athletic performance. 1. Take a balanced diet for optimal performance ...
[Added: 23 Dec 2006   Hits: 1553   Words: 602]

23.Choosing a Pet Vitamin Supplement by Kum Martin
Just like humans, animals also need a balanced diet that contains proteins, carbohydrates, fats and water. However, for a healthy diet these are only the starting point. Vitamins and minerals are also needed by pets to keep healthy. Theoretically everything our pets need for a healthy and balanced diet ...
[Added: 22 Dec 2006   Hits: 540   Words: 562]

24.Go Melons This Summer! by Suzanne Macguire
What do you do to drive the heat of the crazy summer months? Drink lots of water or gulp down loads of colas? Try something different this time by switching to some natural and fruity options! So go melons this summer and intake ...
[Added: 12 Dec 2006   Hits: 650   Words: 442]

25.Superfoods that Fight Cancer by clint carredo
Cancer brings with it many risk factors, especially it is one of the most deadly diseases. So we must pay attention to the type of foods we're consuming, and start eating foods rich in nutrients that has help a lot of people reduce this ...
[Added: 11 Dec 2006   Hits: 595   Words: 409]

26.Improve Nutrient Absorption by Taking This Oil by John Goh
A nutrient is either a chemical element or compound used in an organism's metabolism or physiology. As you digest food, it is broken down into nutrients which are absorbed into your bloodstream and carried to all the cells in your body. Essential nutrients include minerals, vitamins ...
[Added: 11 Dec 2006   Hits: 651   Words: 472]

27.Natural Chocolate Wonders by Fred Goldman
Natural chocolate is a perfect hybrid of words and meaning. But recent examinations of the benefits and makeup of chocolate support the claim that natural chocolate may be good or you. Chocolate serves as a natural relaxer, an antioxidant, ...
[Added: 09 Dec 2006   Hits: 661   Words: 424]

28.Discover Why Sports Nutrition Protein Is Need For A Healthy Sporting Diet by Michael Grant
You need to be accurate about the nutritional information that your body will require to accomplish maximum achievement. Every athlete generally desires to be unparalleled in their chosen sport. But if you want to be well-recognized as an athlete, you've got to have beneficial nutrients in ...
[Added: 09 Dec 2006   Hits: 525   Words: 735]

29.Health Functions of Calcium Unknown to Most People by John Goh
Calcium plays an important role in building healthy teeth and bones. What many people do not know is that calcium is vital to every cell of the body for muscle function, nerve transmission, blood clotting and many other uses. Calcium is indeed a very important ...
[Added: 07 Dec 2006   Hits: 621   Words: 524]

30.Spinach May Be Worth It After All by Karen Gates
You may have always turned your nose up at spinach but once you find out the more you eat the more calories you will burn you may look at it a little more fondly. Spinach, along with strawberries, ...
[Added: 07 Dec 2006   Hits: 641   Words: 556]

31.Antioxidant Foods That Fight Cancer by Chris Chenoweth
The cells in our bodies are constantly at war with substances called free radicals. Free radicals are scavengers that cause incredible damage to our bodies. Some free radicals are made inside the body, while others are caused by the ...
[Added: 07 Dec 2006   Hits: 1033   Words: 767]

32.Throw Away Your Pizza Delivery Refrigerator Magnet by Karen Gates
Last time you opened your door to find food waiting for you what was it? Pizza, brownies from the neighbors, your sweetheart with a box of chocolates? Instead imagine opening the door to a cooler packed with fresh, gourmet food. You ...
[Added: 05 Dec 2006   Hits: 681   Words: 487]

33.What Is An Anti-Cancer Diet? by Chris Chenoweth
Research has proven not only that cancer is a preventable disease, but also that we have the power to prevent it by making changes in our diet. Yes, you can drastically decrease your risk of being diagnosed ...
[Added: 04 Dec 2006   Hits: 609   Words: 640]

34.The Power of Apple Cider Vinegar by Chris Chenoweth
Vinegar has been used to cure and prevent a variety of ailments for centuries. As early as the time of Hippocrates, considered by many to be the father of medicine, vinegar was used to treat patients. During the Civil War, it was used ...
[Added: 04 Dec 2006   Hits: 1216   Words: 647]

35.Caffeine Benefits and Risks by Chris Chenoweth
Many of us feel like we cannot function without our first cup of coffee in the morning. Why do we feel that way? Does the caffeine in the coffee have a physiological effect on our body? If so, is it harmful or is it beneficial? As with so many ...
[Added: 02 Dec 2006   Hits: 864   Words: 665]

36.How to Prevent Heartburn by Chris Chenoweth
Millions of us suffer from bouts of heartburn, some more frequently and more painful than others. We reach for the antacid and hope that it helps, the quicker the better. However, there are ways we can reduce the risk ...
[Added: 02 Dec 2006   Hits: 640   Words: 570]

37.Making the Grade With Brain-Healthy Foods by Jeannine Virtue
Parents can help their child make the grade by coupling brain healthy supplements, a good multi-vitamin and brain-smart foods. Properly nourishing the brain will ultimately set the child up for success in the classroom by improving focus and concentration, managing behavioral problems and keeping them healthy. The daily ...
[Added: 30 Nov 2006   Hits: 722   Words: 719]

38.Acid Alkaline Balance is Critical for your Health by John Goh
Have you ever wondered if many of the diseases raging through our society have a common cause? Many doctors, herbalists and nutritionists believe that the explanation may come down to three words which is acid alkaline imbalance. Over acidity of the body which ...
[Added: 30 Nov 2006   Hits: 605   Words: 534]

39.Take Fibre-Rich Oil to Lose Weight Easily by John Goh
The craze about low-fat diets and foods has given dietary fibre a back seat. Although people may pay less attention to fibre, its health benefits are not to be ignored. Fibre remains an essential nutrient ...
[Added: 29 Nov 2006   Hits: 315   Words: 498]

40.Fatty Acid Pathways by Dr. Wysong
Fatty acids exist in the body primarily as triglycerides and phospholipids. Phospholipids make up the bilipid membrane of cells and the membranes of organelles within the cytoplasm. Fatty acids are split from the triglyceride glycerol backbone and broken down into carbon fragments ...
[Added: 28 Nov 2006   Hits: 266   Words: 859]

41.Essential Fatty Acids by Dr. Wysong
For the most part, organisms can satisfy their own fatty acid needs. In mammals, however, those enzymes which insert double bonds into the chains of fatty acids cannot insert them into the omega-3 and omega-6 positions. ...
[Added: 28 Nov 2006   Hits: 253   Words: 450]

42.Lipid Digestion by Dr. Wysong
Most natural whole foods have inherent enzymes capable of completely or partially digesting lipids if the enzymes are not destroyed through heat and processing. This widely underestimated value of whole, raw, fresh foods has been by and ...
[Added: 28 Nov 2006   Hits: 317   Words: 937]

43.Lipid Biochemistry by Dr. Wysong
FATTY ACIDS Fatty acids are long-chain "carboxylic" acids, that is, hydrocarbon (alkyl) chains containing the terminal -COOH chemical group. (Fig. 2) [ Fatty Acid Structure Image ] Fatty acids contain from 4 to 22 carbon atoms. They can be saturated, having no ...
[Added: 28 Nov 2006   Hits: 294   Words: 1534]

44.Lipid Functions by Dr. Wysong
It can be argued that lipids may be the most important of all dietary constituents since they are required in the highest levels, aside from water, in every living cell. Lipids are a concentrated source of energy providing more ...
[Added: 28 Nov 2006   Hits: 228   Words: 410]

45.Avoid Trans Fat at All Cost by John Goh
Trans fat is created by modern technology and is foreign to the human body. Basically, trans fat, also known as trans fatty acid, is made when manufacturers add hydrogen to liquid vegetable oils to make the oils more ...
[Added: 28 Nov 2006   Hits: 396   Words: 558]

46.Healthy Food Shopping - a few tips by James Hunaban
We all have to go grocery shopping, and ok, it can be a bit of a chore, and not that easy to find the healthiest foods in the store. But it is worth putting in a bit of extra effort, as you may as ...
[Added: 28 Nov 2006   Hits: 441   Words: 335]

47.Best Heart-Healthy Diet by Chris Chenoweth
Heart disease is the number one cause of death for both men and women in this country. Eating a nutritious healthy diet can reduce the risk factors (high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obesity) for heart disease. In addition, it will keep ...
[Added: 27 Nov 2006   Hits: 377   Words: 622]

48.What IS a Healthy Diet by Chris Chenoweth
There is so much information about what is healthy and nutritious these days that it is very difficult to sort out the hype from the truth. Following a healthy diet can be accomplished by making ...
[Added: 27 Nov 2006   Hits: 441   Words: 813]

49.Help On Sports Nutrition And The Supplements Needed by Michael Grant
Sports nutrition plays a huge part in gaining the best sporting performance. If you play hockey, golf, football, tennis or whatever your chosen sport is, having the right nutritional balance is essential. There are many nutrients that can be got by eating the correct foods. ...
[Added: 24 Nov 2006   Hits: 216   Words: 601]

50.Glyconutrients - Boosting Your Immune System by Razvan Marian Jr
Our immune system is responsible for keeping all dangerous and threatening agents out of our body. Thanks to this system, we can fight against many diseases, preventing some of them from taking over essential parts of our body and compromising our health. ...
[Added: 22 Nov 2006   Hits: 295   Words: 529]

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