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Results 251 - 300 of 813 [17 Pages]  
251.How To Pick Wedding Favors by Deal Girls
Can't decide on wedding favors for your wedding? There are so many kinds of wedding favors you could have - from something handmade to simple flowers to very intricate, personalized wedding favors. And everything in-between. Some brides pick the ...
[Added: 12 Apr 2006   Hits: 350   Words: 344]

252.How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Dress by Deal Girls
You got proposed to, you picked the caterer, the flowers, the song - all you need is that perfect wedding dress. If you didn't like a single dress you saw, it is time to define what ...
[Added: 12 Apr 2006   Hits: 469   Words: 362]

253.Where To Find Cheap Wedding Dresses by Deal Girls
If you don't want to spend too much more on your wedding dress, read on! There are lots of places, where you might want to spend more money on your wedding. You might want to spend more on a DJ, the ...
[Added: 12 Apr 2006   Hits: 494   Words: 381]

254.Prepaid International Phone Cards by
Prepaid International Phone Cards Prepaid international phone cards are the best solution if you want to stay in touch with people in other countries. Using prepaid international phone cards means that you don't have to worry anymore ...
[Added: 12 Apr 2006   Hits: 329   Words: 462]

255.Give Them Diamonds! by Zai Zhu
Everyone Loves Diamonds… When they said that diamonds are a girl's best friend, they weren't joking. Women love diamonds for their brilliance and for what they represent, and men like diamonds for the elegance and class associated with the gems. No matter whom you're shopping for, especially if it's yourself, ...
[Added: 12 Apr 2006   Hits: 1012   Words: 749]

256.Spring Customs Around the World by Jane S. Roseen
As spring reaches those of us in the Northern hemisphere, the world is beginning anew. The spring rains are bringing forth new growth all around us, and the temperature is finally creeping warmer virtually every day. It's no wonder, then, that Spring is considered to ...
[Added: 11 Apr 2006   Hits: 397   Words: 721]

257.Wedding Gift-Giving Guidelines by Jane S. Roseen
Whether you're planning a wedding, or attending one, gift-giving plays an important role in the "big day." Here are some guidelines to help answer some questions on this part of the wedding process. * Tips ...
[Added: 11 Apr 2006   Hits: 435   Words: 1528]

258.Travel to Ireland by Jane S. Roseen
In honor of St. Patrick's Day, our travel destination of the month is to be Ireland. This idyllic isle off the coast of Britain is known for its rolling green hills, friendly faces, and rich history. Known as the ...
[Added: 11 Apr 2006   Hits: 357   Words: 518]

259.Family Christmas Traditions from Germany by Jane S. Roseen
German legend says that, on Christmas Eve, all the rivers turn to wine, the animals speak to each other and to humans, trees bear fruit, church bells ring from the sea, and gems pour forth from the mountains. Is it any wonder, then, that family Christmas traditions in Germany ...
[Added: 11 Apr 2006   Hits: 462   Words: 912]

260.How to Celebrate Australia by Jane S. Roseen
For those outside of the Southern Hemisphere who wish to celebrate Australia Day, it can seem somewhat difficult to do so in an authentic manner. As January 26th falls during the heat of the Australian summer, people like to celebrate with outdoorsy activities. But the chill of the winter ...
[Added: 11 Apr 2006   Hits: 317   Words: 493]

261.Australia Day Comes Alive by Jane S. Roseen
When Australia Day comes each January 26th, it brings with it a celebration of all things Australian. This celebration has greatly evolved over time, changing both its name and its content to reflect modern Australians and their pride in their country. Australia Day ...
[Added: 11 Apr 2006   Hits: 315   Words: 548]

262.The History of St. Patrick's Day by Jane S. Roseen
St. Patrick's Day has become a celebration of all things Irish. Most public celebrations include quite large quantities of alcohol. Many families serve corned beef, cabbage, and mint chocolate pies every year on March 17th. And some cities like Chicago turn large bodies of water green ...
[Added: 11 Apr 2006   Hits: 334   Words: 798]

263.Spring Travel by Jane S. Roseen
Spring has arrived, and it's time to plan that ever-popular Spring Vacation. But where to go? Florida's always packed to the gills, many of the Caribbean islands can be dicey politically, and Cancun is still in recovery mode after Hurricane ...
[Added: 11 Apr 2006   Hits: 311   Words: 499]

264.Comparison Shopping on Your Cell Phone by Joel Walsh
How often do you find something at a store and wonder how much cheaper you could get it online? Now you don't have to wonder--you can call 1-888-FRU-SHOP. That's the number for Frucall, a first-of-its-kind price-comparison ...
[Added: 08 Apr 2006   Hits: 433   Words: 474]

265.How to Buy Memory Foam Products Online by Ross Goldberg
Memory Foam is becoming a very popular bedding item! The problem is that not everybody is honest about their product and there are specific things one must look for when thinking about purchasing memory foam products. Memory Foam was discovered by NASA. NASA was ...
[Added: 08 Apr 2006   Hits: 318   Words: 1004]

266.Bring Nature's Beauty Indoors by Ted Roberson
Have you been nostalgic about the days of your safari or cloistered in during the frigid days of winter? There's always something from Nature's Beauty collection to beat those claustrophic blues. A giraffe, hand-painted with wood-carved finish will transport you to the great ...
[Added: 08 Apr 2006   Hits: 318   Words: 443]

267.Rawhide Lamp Shades - Measuring & Ordering by Craig Chambers
The right rawhide lamp shade can make a perfect lamp. But the wrong size shade can make a beautiful lamp look out of balance. And ordering the wrong size lampshade is inconvenient and expensive. See how we choose ...
[Added: 06 Apr 2006   Hits: 352   Words: 676]

268.5 Easy Ways to Decorate with Sheets by Julie Lohmeier
Want a custom, coordinated look that is inexpensive? Use bedsheets. Yep, the same sheets you cuddle under at night can turn a bedroom from boring to stunning. A designer look at Walmart prices. To coordinate ...
[Added: 06 Apr 2006   Hits: 400   Words: 1290]

269.Rugged Outdoor Elegance: All Weather Indoor / Outdoor Rugs by Trey Collier
Remember When . . . In the not too distant past, the words outdoor rug referred to something like a small patch of Astroturf that one placed out on the patio. Those old outdoor rugs were ...
[Added: 06 Apr 2006   Hits: 936   Words: 362]

270.Saving Money Online with Digital Coupons, Freebies, and Comparison Shopping by Jean Gibbons
The Internet is a great invention for many different reasons.  But, did you know that it can be a great resource for saving you money when shopping?  You no longer have to clip coupons out of the Sunday paper; you can find them ...
[Added: 06 Apr 2006   Hits: 358   Words: 717]

271.California Wine by Abhijit Dey
Most of the American Wines are mass-produced general wine; often having the brand name of the region where these are produced. About 90 percent of American Wines are produced in California region. The cold areas like Napa Valley, Sonoma Country etc are ...
[Added: 29 Mar 2006   Hits: 318   Words: 731]

272.Wine Gift Basket by Abhijit Dey
Gift baskets are very popular among the people having good taste and culture. The concept of gift basket was coming from fruit basket; while there are some other outcomes of gift basket-such as wine gift basket. Wine is very ...
[Added: 29 Mar 2006   Hits: 314   Words: 555]

273.All Texas Wine by Abhijit Dey
Texas is very famous for its wineries and vineyards. The Texas wine industry is booming for last few decades. According to Texas wine directories, there are 250 vineyards and around 70 wineries with same numbers of test rooms in Texas. It is the fifth-ranked wine yielding region of America. ...
[Added: 29 Mar 2006   Hits: 355   Words: 373]

274.Food With Wine by Abhijit Dey
It is very important to select the best matched food with any wine; a wrong choice of food can spoil all the fun and taste of a very good wine. Generally, it is conventional that white wine should be drunk with ...
[Added: 29 Mar 2006   Hits: 294   Words: 378]

275.Choosing The Right Camera by Cheryl Miller
With all the new and varied cameras on the market, sometimes choosing the right one for your photography needs can be confusing. All are not created equal and performance and cost will play a large role in your decision. ...
[Added: 28 Mar 2006   Hits: 321   Words: 710]

276.Port Wine by Abhijit Dey
Port Wine or Porto Wine is a Portuguese wine variety which is very sweet and fortified in texture. It is usually made in North Portugal. It is named after the city of Oporto, the main business centre of this wine. The Port wine is ...
[Added: 28 Mar 2006   Hits: 472   Words: 340]

277.Pinot Noir by Abhijit Dey
Pinot Noir is a variety of red grape used to make wines. Although Pinot Noir has great popularity but it is very hard to cultivate and process in wineries. The wine lovers across the world have some passion for this ...
[Added: 28 Mar 2006   Hits: 316   Words: 416]

278.Merlot by Abhijit Dey
Merlot is a variety of grape which is known as a close cousin of Cabernet Sauvignon. It is used to make red wines, which are very famous in the wine lovers' fraternity. It has low tannins and produces ...
[Added: 28 Mar 2006   Hits: 308   Words: 402]

279.Chardonnay by Abhijit Dey
The Chardonnay grape is an eminent white wine growing all around the world. This is the most popular white wine. The taste and flavours of Chardonnay are depending upon the origin location and processing methods. It yields a variety of flavours and styles. It ...
[Added: 28 Mar 2006   Hits: 285   Words: 434]

280.A Night in San Francisco - A Family Adventure by Bryan Richardson
When traveling to most cities of the world, finding discount accommodations when arriving to your destination is always a possibility. Not so in the diverse and complex city of San Francisco. From the hills of Daly City to the plains of Berkeley, ...
[Added: 28 Mar 2006   Hits: 284   Words: 625]

281.Seven Steps to start dropship business by Syed Rizvi
The popularity of eBay has inspired many people to start a business. And for those entrepreneurs who don't want to invest in a ton of inventory but still want to set up shop, dropshipping is a logical solution. There are seven steps involved in starting a ...
[Added: 26 Mar 2006   Hits: 458   Words: 765]

282.Bed Pillow Buying Guide by Ross Goldberg
Size: Most pillows come in 2 sizes: Standard and King. King size pillows can be too long and unyielding, so you may want to consider using 3 standard pillows instead of 2 King Size for a King Size mattress. Some companies offer a Queen Size pillow which is ...
[Added: 24 Mar 2006   Hits: 437   Words: 549]

283.Are Wedding Flowers On The Horizon For Beyonce Knowles? by Wesley Berry
For some time now, singer Beyonce Knowles has been linked to hip hop artist Jay-Z and rumors of a wedding in the future are rampant. Will a lucky florist be called upon soon to help Beyonce plan all the flowers that will be used ...
[Added: 21 Mar 2006   Hits: 299   Words: 453]

284.How to Choose the Right Wedding Band by Afshin Yaghtin
You've heard the "4 Cs" of smart diamond buying -- cut, color, clarity, and carats. But what about the wedding band? Wedding bands are not the most expensive wedding purchase you will make and you may ...
[Added: 21 Mar 2006   Hits: 368   Words: 1180]

285.Free Ringtones For Your Cell Phone? You Better Read The Fine Print by Kurt Howard
With the high demand for ringtones these days there are many companies and websites offering free ringtones. Many people blindly go to these offers, enter their information and download their favorite ringtone. However, later they discover that ...
[Added: 20 Mar 2006   Hits: 348   Words: 341]

286.Local Classifieds and International Scams by Charles fezziwig
Most local classifieds sales are done successfully with both buyer and seller experiencing exactly what they expected. That's the great thing about dealing locally, you get to communicate directly with the person buying or selling, they usually live near by, and you arrange ...
[Added: 20 Mar 2006   Hits: 296   Words: 663]

287.Oprah's Favorite Things Hits Big This Holiday Season by Shelly Lowery
Oprah Winfrey is one of the most popular talk show hosts in American television history. As her show enters its 21rst season, she has millions of viewers who tune in each day. One of her most popular segments is her "Favorite Things" holiday show. During this ...
[Added: 16 Mar 2006   Hits: 724   Words: 743]

288.Economic Benefits of an Online Flower Shop by Serenata Flowers(an independent florist)
Unlike most of the products we buy in our modern age, flowers can not be mass fabricated. A growing, living creature, flowers need to be cared for throughout their entire existence. The amount of labor needed for the process of ...
[Added: 16 Mar 2006   Hits: 536   Words: 704]

289.The 4 Companions of Power Tools by Debbie Johnston
Power tools are great for accomplishing a variety of tasks. People who love to improve their homes need to know about the 'companions' of power tools. These companions of power tools make them not only safer, but also more effective. People who use power tools should use ear protection, ...
[Added: 15 Mar 2006   Hits: 358   Words: 369]

290.The Flower, the Florist and the Flower Shop by Serenata
What do these words have in common: flower, florist, flower shop? Apart from all containing the root of the word 'flower', there is much more that they should share. Naturally, tied by the human force of the florist, the flowers and the flower shop ...
[Added: 15 Mar 2006   Hits: 573   Words: 928]

291.Designer Handbags are all the rage by Cathy Feldman
Without a doubt, designer handbags are all the rage! Women seem to collect them the way young boys collect comic books. Without a doubt, there is a handbag to suit your many styles and moods, from sophisticated and ...
[Added: 10 Mar 2006   Hits: 1720   Words: 402]

292.Jewelers in Jaipur for Silver Jewelry, Gold Jewelry and Diamond Jewelry by Amit
The pink city of Jaipur glitters with the fascinating and fine jewelry. The gems and stones of Jaipur are famous all over the world. When it comes to traditional Indian jewelry all the International buyers prefer Jaipur. Whether it ...
[Added: 09 Mar 2006   Hits: 409   Words: 354]

293.Mobile phone shops offer the best deals online by Michael Hanna
In light of the high street outlets offering better deals than the networks, exactly where should we be looking for the best mobile phone deals? As soon as something closes in your High Street or shopping centre you ...
[Added: 07 Mar 2006   Hits: 431   Words: 432]

294.How to Find Cheap Mobile Phone Deals by Michael Hanna
With such a competitive marketplace offering so many variations on the same theme and the market becoming cost led how does the consumer find the best cheap mobile phone deal? The seemingly ubiquitous mobile phone has become an indispensable item. A market ...
[Added: 07 Mar 2006   Hits: 528   Words: 404]

295.Replica watches : Rolex replica by Razvan Marian Jr.
It is human nature and a well known fact that there is no end to wants. The faster your wants are fulfilled, the happier a person is and more successful he will be. The unsolved secret is that, the wants somehow are always just ...
[Added: 28 Feb 2006   Hits: 886   Words: 818]

296.Custom Silicone Bracelets and Wristbands by Kurt Chrisler
Custom wristbands and bracelets are a great promotional product, gift, fundraiser or way to pay honor to a special cause. Custom silicone bracelets are also a very hot item. They come in all colors and can ...
[Added: 27 Feb 2006   Hits: 365   Words: 327]

297.Overview of Buying Furniture: Wood Furniture Guide by Garry John
When purchasing furniture one of the first factors that many consumers seem to be attracted to is the price tag; however, since furniture is intended to be a purchase that will be enjoyed and will last for ...
[Added: 27 Feb 2006   Hits: 363   Words: 436]

298.6 Things to Know When Buying Cabinets by Julie Lohmeier
1. Cabinet Styles You can choose from three styles of cabinets. The traditional style reveals the frame with smaller doors. Full overlay doors, similar to European style, cover nearly the full frame. European style cabinets also have full doors but have a frameless construction. Inset doors close ...
[Added: 25 Feb 2006   Hits: 373   Words: 913]

299.Gold Jewelry - The Finest Jewelry by Amit Verma
Gold jewelry adds beauty and elegance to God's beautiful creation called woman. Gold jewelry always forms as the best of ornaments. An Indian marriage is considered incomplete without gold jewelry for the bride, the bridegroom and the ...
[Added: 25 Feb 2006   Hits: 514   Words: 426]

300.How to be a Well Informed Online Shopper by David Chandler
Online shopping in the United States equaled $65B in 2004, and predictions for 2008 expect that figure to rise to $117B. The internet can be a shopper's dream; however, you need to know how to shop safely and securely. Below are some considerations you ...
[Added: 20 Feb 2006   Hits: 423   Words: 688]

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