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  Marketing & Promotion Articles

  Category: Articles » Business » Marketing & Promotion
Results 751 - 800 of 1,215 [25 Pages]  
751.Lost Season 2 by Amish Shah
If you're been under a rock (i.e. what happened in Lost, Season 1) Survivors from an international plane crash try to survive and make a new existence on a supposedly deserted, tropical island. Lost Season 1 completely ...
[Added: 24 Oct 2005   Hits: 284   Words: 454]

752.Basic Color Theory Scrapbooking Ideas by Jay Moncliff
Looking for a simple, versatile scrapbooking idea that can make your pages interesting and great looking? Try using the color wheel that you learned about in grade school to design well-coordinated eye-pleasing pages that really ...
[Added: 24 Oct 2005   Hits: 336   Words: 538]

753.Learn the five key steps to getting free publicity for your internet site and products by D. Beiermann
For many of us, the idea of getting free publicity can be a confusing and daunting task. So why do it? Because free publicity really works and if you are looking for ways to attract new customers to your internet business, free ...
[Added: 24 Oct 2005   Hits: 222   Words: 686]

754.Free High Quality Traffic - Just Press Submit by Christopher Smith
Imagine getting free high quality, targeted traffic to your website. How much would that be worth to you? What if you could get it for free?! Sound too good to be true? Imagine being able to promote your website, establish credibility and build a solid ...
[Added: 24 Oct 2005   Hits: 285   Words: 659]

755.Calculating Link Popularity by Henry James
Links are the building blocks of a website and your website cannot survive without developing popular links. For, the links offer a gateway to the desired information via just a click. Thus, by building link popularity you would get targeted traffic and better search engine ratings ...
[Added: 24 Oct 2005   Hits: 231   Words: 585]

756.Building Reciprocal Links by Henry James
Building reciprocal Links is an important tool for building links popularity. Reciprocal links are the mutual links exchanged by you and the other website(s) to index the respective links on the each other's websites. You will post the other site's links on your websites and ...
[Added: 24 Oct 2005   Hits: 269   Words: 584]

757.How To Check Your Link Popularity by Henry James
The link popularity determines the number of websites linked to your website(s). By building link popularity of your websites with the other quality websites, you achieve targeted traffic, site popularity and most importantly, the business. Your links' popularity is measured by the ...
[Added: 24 Oct 2005   Hits: 260   Words: 502]

758.Building Link Popularity by Henry James
Owning a website is not an end to your e-business responsibilities. You have to further improve your website and raise it to the highest possible rank with the search engines. But, how can you do this? The answer is one and simple, by ...
[Added: 24 Oct 2005   Hits: 287   Words: 665]

759.Links From Your Customers by Henry James
Links - they are the ultimate thing to get the right traffic and good search engine ratings for your website. Owning a website is not the end of the road. The road of online success goes further. And it goes ...
[Added: 24 Oct 2005   Hits: 279   Words: 513]

760.The Benefits Of Branding by Marcia Yudkin
Branding is the process of creating distinctive and durable perceptions in the minds of consumers. A brand is a persistent, unique business identity intertwined with associations of personality, quality, origin, liking and more. Here's why the effort to brand your company or yourself pays off. ...
[Added: 24 Oct 2005   Hits: 323   Words: 798]

761.Myer-Briggs Method of Marketing by Scottie Claiborne
The theory that I'm presenting in this article is a based on avariation of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Kiersey TemperamentSorters. The idea behind personality targeting is that people aregenerally motivated to different degrees by the following fourqualities: Power / StatusCompetition / Cutting EdgeConnectedness ...
[Added: 23 Oct 2005   Hits: 422   Words: 583]

762.10 Benefits Of Submitting Articles To E-zines by David Riewe
1. You'll brand your web site, business and yourself by submitting articles to e-zines. You could include your name, business name, your credentials, web site address and e-mail address in your resource box. 2. You will become known as an expert on the topics you write ...
[Added: 23 Oct 2005   Hits: 233   Words: 330]

763.Advertising Gold - Extreme Benefits Extraction For E-Authors by Silvia Hartmann
Once a cherished project such as your first ebook or ecourse has been completed, we need to turn our attention to the marketing of your project. Here's where things sometimes turn somewhat difficult if the author and the marketeer are one and the same person, ...
[Added: 23 Oct 2005   Hits: 284   Words: 1306]

764.Home Business Exposure On Yahoo! by Ron LeBlanc
Everyone who has ever been on the internet has heard of Yahoo! If you haven't, then quit reading and go visit now. Yahoo is such a popular site that my website ranking toolbar from Alexa shows a number "1" under website ranking…that's popular. So it would probably be a good ...
[Added: 23 Oct 2005   Hits: 281   Words: 411]

765.3 Ways To Become A Media Bimbo by Susan Harrow
Bimboism is rampant in today's media climate where those who do get their fifteen minutes of fame squander it with empty words and idiotic antics. Think about how much of YOUR time is wasted when you watch TV, ...
[Added: 23 Oct 2005   Hits: 259   Words: 412]

766.How to Design an Irresistible Tradeshow Booth by Patty Stripes
Once you've made the decision to go on the trade show circuit, suddenly your heart starts pounding, you feel a little dizzy. Now you have to have a trade show booth! Questions start swirling through ...
[Added: 23 Oct 2005   Hits: 288   Words: 526]

767.Autoresponder marketing strategy. Confirmation email. by Eugenijus
There are a number of different ways you can use autoresponders to market to your visitors One of them - confirmation emails Using autoresponders to send instant confirmation emails to your Customers and subscribes after they have made ...
[Added: 21 Oct 2005   Hits: 315   Words: 492]

768.Use Photos as Part of your Marketing Arsenal by Soren Breiting
Photos should be important parts of your marketing. The photos are useful - to document your offers - to achieve positive acceptance of what you are displaying - to function as eye catchers - to bring the buyers in a ...
[Added: 21 Oct 2005   Hits: 320   Words: 520]

769.Religion And Techology: Is 21st Century Religion Only A Click Away From God? by Bruce Prokopets
For centuries, the systems of communications throughout the world have been swiftly evolving. In the 1400s, the printing press created the ability for mass publication and circulation of literature, opening the door for the Christian gospel ...
[Added: 21 Oct 2005   Hits: 300   Words: 961]

770.Use Your Business Cards As Powerful Traffic Generators by G. Lee Mikules
Need more visitors, with money to spend, coming to your website or affiliate page? Simple. Use your Business cards. They're some of the most powerful, yet often overlooked advertising tools you have at your disposal. But when used correctly, they will increase your sales ...
[Added: 20 Oct 2005   Hits: 238   Words: 409]

771.Create Your Three Letter Autoresponder Follow-Up by Kevin Nunley
A woman told me this week, "Your advertising is wasted if you don't follow-up on your leads." Her solution is to use a multiple autoresponder that sends her prospects a new sales message very few days. People need to ...
[Added: 20 Oct 2005   Hits: 299   Words: 579]

772.Confessions Of An Un-qualified Esl Teacher by JONATHAN SEMENICK
Confessions of an Un-Qualified Teacher I have a confession to make to everyone. I was an unqualified ESL teacher. Think about what that means to you. Unqualified ESL ...
[Added: 19 Oct 2005   Hits: 343   Words: 1828]

773.Who Else Wants To Maximize Their Google Adwords Success? by Mark Meyers
"Discover Three Simple But Incredibly Powerful Strategies That You Can Implement Right Now About The One Thing You Must Do To Ensure An Awesome Adwords ROI!" If you're not familiar with using Google ...
[Added: 19 Oct 2005   Hits: 238   Words: 448]

774.12 Ways To Use E-learning For Customer Acquisition And Retention, Part 2 by David Boggs
Customer Retention Uses of Web-based Learning Management Systems (LMSs) 8) Around-the-clock, 24-7 tech support. A web-based LMS used to deliver training and product support is able to provide 24-7 customer support, with courses on installation procedures and ...
[Added: 19 Oct 2005   Hits: 258   Words: 546]

775.12 Ways To Use E-learning For Customer Acquisition And Retention, Part 1 by David Boggs
Customer acquisition and customer retention are important issues for any company today. A simple definition of "customer acquisition" is the process of acquiring or obtaining new customers, and/or converting prospects to customers. "Customer retention" is the process of keeping, sustaining, and/or growing the relationship ...
[Added: 19 Oct 2005   Hits: 243   Words: 809]

776.How to Diffuse Cold Calling Pressure Points by Ari Galper
Stop your expectations from sabotaging cold calls Sales pressure is a mighty saboteur. And it comes in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. Beginning any conversation with the anticipation of a sale puts the whole conversation under pressure. This doesn¡¯t ...
[Added: 19 Oct 2005   Hits: 254   Words: 823]

777.Five Ways to Sell More Cars on the Internet by David Berube
List Often You need to update your site often. When you get new inventory, it needs to be on your site as soon as possible. If your inventory management system - and your website management system - is awkward and ...
[Added: 18 Oct 2005   Hits: 219   Words: 368]

778.Marketing Strategy: 7 Steps To Market Segmentation by Otilia Otlacan
Market segmentation is widely defined as being a complex process consisting in two main phases: - identification of broad, large markets - segmentation of these markets in order to select the most appropriate target markets and develop Marketing mixes accordingly. Everyone within ...
[Added: 18 Oct 2005   Hits: 351   Words: 871]

779.Radio Advertising: A Long History Of Excellence by Sandy Baker
For years people have tuned into radio talk shows, radio morning shows as well as all those broadcasters and their funky styles. If you are like many, you flip on the radio as well. From a marketing standpoint though, do you realize the value of radio ...
[Added: 17 Oct 2005   Hits: 313   Words: 314]

780.Affiliate Profit: Are You Losing Money? by Sam Parker
Dear Webmaster, I have bad news for you: You are probably losing money and you didn't pay attention to it! Let me explain... When you joined affiliate programs you probably considered the following factors: - ...
[Added: 17 Oct 2005   Hits: 278   Words: 1593]

781.Earning a good amount of money with autosurf programs by Tony Tran
Autosurf programs are the hottest thing on the internet right now. You need no experience to start and you can get started almost instantly. It's so easy to get started; even your 10 year old kid can do it. It's a great ...
[Added: 17 Oct 2005   Hits: 269   Words: 403]

782.The 7 -- no 8 -- Deadly Sins Of Marketing by Toli Cefail
Most of us have heard of the 7 deadly sins: Vanity, Anger, Envy, Lust, Greed, Sloth & Gluttony. But did you know that these could be applied to marketing? In fact learning how these ...
[Added: 17 Oct 2005   Hits: 236   Words: 382]

783.Internet Based Market Research -- Listen First! by Bruce Prokopets
This report is all about a proven system which is being used by In Touch Media Group ( ), which uses customer interaction in a way never seen before to help companies increase sales and get "real" results. ...
[Added: 17 Oct 2005   Hits: 254   Words: 1194]

784.10 High-Impact Viral Marketing Strategies by Richard Averell
Viral Marketing is allowing people to giveaway and use your free product or service in order to multiply your marketing efforts quickly over the internet. The idea behind viral marketing is that you include your ad along with the freebie people giveaway or use. Below are the ten highest impact ...
[Added: 15 Oct 2005   Hits: 256   Words: 363]

785.Tech Support is Dead by Will Spencer
Since the days of the mainframe, computer users have relied upon tech support organizations to help them to maintain productivity by keeping their hardware, operating systems, and applications working as designed. The system which has worked for so long is now in jeopardy due to a lack ...
[Added: 15 Oct 2005   Hits: 235   Words: 1069]

786.Using Seminars to Build Your Professional Practice by Kirk Ward
Advantages of Seminar Marketing Seminar marketing is one of the most productive and cost-effective ways to build your financial practice! You can: • Obtain an implied endorsement of you and your practice through sponsorship ...
[Added: 13 Oct 2005   Hits: 235   Words: 583]

787.Why links count - The power of links by Brian Hart
When we first design a website we tend to think about the obvious, you know the index page, the contact us page, or even the pricing page. Some designers will have a very long page of text, so is this a good thing? ...
[Added: 13 Oct 2005   Hits: 211   Words: 403]

788.What Marketing Can Do For You by Michele Pariza Wacek
I thought I would clear up some misconceptions about marketing in this two-part series: What Marketing Can Do For You and What Marketing Can't Do For You. We'll start with the positive. Over the years, I've had dealings with some ...
[Added: 13 Oct 2005   Hits: 284   Words: 736]

789.Olgivy's Ghost Haunts Adbumb Party by Bruce Prokopets
If you're director, George Romero, the ghosts you raise are nightmarish, flesh-dripping creatures of darkness with consuming, cannibalistic passion. If you're the Pace Media Group and Asa Bailey, you may be empowered to raise a more delightful specter of the living. Over ...
[Added: 13 Oct 2005   Hits: 322   Words: 563]

790.Trade Show Banners: Right On Target by Trevor Marshall
Wouldn't it be great if every prospective customer you had came right out and said, "Here's what is most important to my company; and here's what I need your product to do for me'? That ...
[Added: 13 Oct 2005   Hits: 329   Words: 753]

791.Is Database Marketing A Good Thing? by Leon Chaddock
Database marketing is an important field. It allows a business to take advantage of names of individuals who may be interested in their products. These databases of people are often some of the best potential customers out ...
[Added: 13 Oct 2005   Hits: 458   Words: 332]

792.Bigger Body muscle bars... by rob maraby
Here is how to eat your way top massive gains Commercial Calorie bars are not new and they are not cheap, a good bar will cost you $2-$3 dollars a bar and I personally don't think they are worth the ...
[Added: 12 Oct 2005   Hits: 346   Words: 574]

793.4 Simple Steps To Massive Online Success by jack foley
If you are new to home business and are looking for a legit and proven way of attaining financial freedom, then this article will be of the utmost importance to you. There are a multitude of "opportunities" on the net today, alot of them shady but also ...
[Added: 12 Oct 2005   Hits: 271   Words: 954]

794.Keeping Your Customers Through Loyalty Marketing by Trevor Marshall
What exactly is the best-kept secret behind incredibly successful businesses? Is it keeping up with the trends? Having an excellent workforce that will make sure your company is working in tip top shape? Or having a loyal client base who will not only keep on going back to you whenever ...
[Added: 12 Oct 2005   Hits: 287   Words: 729]

795.Article Marketing: Is It Worth It? by Leon Chaddock
Having your website rank at the top of the search engines will provide you with a stream of traffic ready to read, buy or interact with your site. Getting this high first page ranking in the main search engines such ...
[Added: 12 Oct 2005   Hits: 281   Words: 360]

796.Is Telemarketing Effective? by Matthew Noel
Telemarketing is one of the most controversial elements of advertising and sales that has ever been. With a turn towards avoiding this means of marketing, business are looking elsewhere. But, can an effectively run telemarketing ...
[Added: 10 Oct 2005   Hits: 245   Words: 314]

797.Ad Tracking Increases Your Profits by Stephen Pope
How do you know whether your advertising is effective or not? The answer is to track advertising response for each ad you run. Whether you operate a retail store, a service business, a mail order ...
[Added: 10 Oct 2005   Hits: 348   Words: 425]

798.Branding Cures Several Marketing Headaches by Marcia Yudkin
Are you trying to attract business with a no-name, no-differences-from-competitors company identity? Branding your company, when done well, not only helps you stand out in a field of similar choices, it also helps you avoid price-shoppers and deliver results to customers that inspire loyalty. Here's why. Headache #1: ...
[Added: 10 Oct 2005   Hits: 300   Words: 859]

799.Media Relations by Bruce Prokopets
Everyone knows that good publicity is the best advertising. A well placed article, a positive radio show, the right interview on TV, these are all what good publicists dream about. A public relations firm that can CAUSE these events at will, well, ...
[Added: 09 Oct 2005   Hits: 264   Words: 1608]

800.Fundraising: Art, Skill And Work by Steve Williams
If you have attended school in the last 50 years, you are well acquainted with the word "fundraiser". It would seem in this age of corporate sponsorship, advertising, and community involvement, fundraising would not be the difficult process that it is. But this ...
[Added: 09 Oct 2005   Hits: 264   Words: 518]

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