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  Beauty Articles

  Category: Articles » Health & Fitness » Beauty
Results 51 - 100 of 536 [11 Pages]  
51.A Historical Insight Into Contact Lenses by Javier Fuller
The origin of contact lens could be traced back to sixteenth century. A good number of inventors or scientists have contributed to the evolution and modification of the concept behind contact lenses. So no single person could be adjudged as the sole inventor of contact lenses. ...
[Added: 07 Dec 2006   Hits: 428   Words: 413]

52.Top Wild Eye Halloween Contact Lens Are Red Cat Eye, Black Out Lens And A Lot More by Javier Fuller
Colored contact lenses have become a fashion rage all across the globe with United States and France leading from the front as pioneers of colored lenses. This ever growing urge of folks to sport unique color lenses for parties have paved the ...
[Added: 06 Dec 2006   Hits: 239   Words: 396]

53.Important Information About Aromatherapy Essential Oil by Lance Winslow
You need to understand where aromatherapy comes from in order to understand how it works. Many will focus on the smell rather than the ingredients of the bottle when they browse through the oils in Bath and Body Works ...
[Added: 06 Dec 2006   Hits: 268   Words: 422]

54.Why Use an Aromatherapy Diffuser? by Lance Winslow
An apparatus used to scatter the scent of different oils and substances into the air is an aromatherapy diffuser. You get the benefit of the essential oils as a result simply by breathing in the ...
[Added: 06 Dec 2006   Hits: 312   Words: 471]

55.Tanning: A Fashion That Has Gone On To Become A Passion by Javier Fuller
By tanning we mean changing the color of skin into a dark brown or bronze color, that's what we call a tan color. When tanning captured the imagination of fashion freaks across the globe, the sun was only source to attain a tan color. Sun tan was ...
[Added: 06 Dec 2006   Hits: 308   Words: 428]

56.Choosing the Right Aromatherapy eBook by Lance Winslow
At first it can seem intimidating with the number of ways there are to get into aromatherapy. The good news is you can learn more by signing up for an online class or reading an aromatherapy eBook without having to leave your favorite comfy chair. A few ...
[Added: 05 Dec 2006   Hits: 273   Words: 518]

57.Various Types of Aromatherapy Electric Diffusers by Lance Winslow
Potpourri, candles, sprays and even wacky jars called reed diffusers stuffed with weeds are just a few of the many ways to make a room smell terrific. Those who like essential oils may have trouble finding ways to let the oil scent fill a ...
[Added: 05 Dec 2006   Hits: 381   Words: 427]

58.Stand Up Tanning Beds - What Are the Benefits? by Tanya Turner
What picture comes to mind when you think of a tanning bed? Probably a traditional shell style structure where a person lies down while getting tan. However, there is another type of tanning beds ...
[Added: 02 Dec 2006   Hits: 474   Words: 638]

59.Crazy Colored Contact Lenses by Javier Fuller
Colored contact lenses have become the order of the day. This fashion rage has almost captured imagination of almost all Americans. No body wants to remain out of this fashion trend that has become highly personalized with growing genres of colored contact lenses. A new genre ...
[Added: 01 Dec 2006   Hits: 267   Words: 364]

60.Indoor Tanning: Recommended To Tanning Fans by Javier Fuller
Although suntan is still preferred among fashion conscious women, indoor tanning methods are also followed by many because of convenience and safety associated with them. Also with the growing concern over suntan due to its link with skin cancer, people are now looking towards indoor tanning. A ...
[Added: 01 Dec 2006   Hits: 403   Words: 378]

61.Natural Makeup by Groshan Fabiola
People generally wear makeup because it makes them feel better about the way they present themselves to the world. Makeup can give you a glow and can cover the blemishes and acne you might not feel comfortable displaying to the people around you. ...
[Added: 30 Nov 2006   Hits: 760   Words: 514]

62.Beach Tanning: A Sheer Fun Tan Experience by Javier Fuller
Having a tan on the sea shore is a sheer fun. Many people are simply crazy about getting a suntan while staying along side the beach for couple of weeks. Well, beach tanning is most preferred practice for attaining natural ...
[Added: 30 Nov 2006   Hits: 242   Words: 366]

63.Commercial Tanning Beds: Best For Quick Tan by Javier Fuller
Do you crave for golden brown tan? Do you also complain for not having enough time for natural tanning sessions? Well, a safe as well as lasting tan can be attained successfully by spending an hour under the sun. But in the present busy ...
[Added: 29 Nov 2006   Hits: 238   Words: 432]

64.What Is Real Beauty by s.sankarapandian
What Is Real Beauty The concept differs from person to person. To most people beauty means the physical or the external beauty. But only few people recognize the other side of beauty. What is the other side of ...
[Added: 28 Nov 2006   Hits: 526   Words: 403]

65.Tan Safe: Tips For Healthy Tanning by Javier Fuller
Do you know that many benefits are associated with tanning as well? Well, healthy tan is a must for you and  improves your bones, protects your skin from radiations and kills many pathogens inside the body. But to ...
[Added: 22 Nov 2006   Hits: 235   Words: 418]

66.Lens Care Tips Not to be Missed by Javier Fuller
Contact lenses, unlike glasses, demand care and attention, which you must provide for your own good. Unclean lenses are dangerous breeding grounds for potentially harmful organisms that can wreak havoc on your eyes and vision. ...
[Added: 22 Nov 2006   Hits: 224   Words: 400]

67.Tanning Bed Lotion - How to Get the Best Tan by Tanya Turner
Getting perfect tan all year around is easy with modern tanning beds. However, it is important to remember safety rules for indoor tanning. Using a tanning bed you can easily get sun burn. To prevent this, the first rule of tanning safely is ...
[Added: 22 Nov 2006   Hits: 599   Words: 504]

68.Easy Tan: A Host Of Tanning Products Are There To Help You by Javier Fuller
Even if you are unable to find enough time for sun tanning, you need not worry. A host of artificial tanning products are available today to provide you with desired tan color in comparatively lesser time. For many of the fashion freaks, tanning has become an order ...
[Added: 21 Nov 2006   Hits: 208   Words: 435]

69.Don't Get Burned By a Used Tanning Bed by Kristie Brown
The convenience of tanning at home is just one reason consumers might shop for a used tanning bed. Whatever the reason, if you're in the market for one, there are a few things you should consider as you begin your search. If you know what to watch ...
[Added: 17 Nov 2006   Hits: 523   Words: 431]

70.Hypnosis -How it helps you with Glowing Skin by Pradeep Aggarwal
Every woman wants to have beautiful, glowing skin. Cosmetic companies all over the world make millions of dollars every year by selling products that promise glowing skin. A woman with glowing skin is often the envy of other women. ...
[Added: 17 Nov 2006   Hits: 451   Words: 327]

71.Beach Tanning: A Reason To Relax And Bath In Sun by Javier Fuller
Lying alongside beech is a preferred practice to get a tanned look. Every summer, tanning buffs rush to beaches for sun tanning. There could be no better way than beach sun tanning for catching up ...
[Added: 17 Nov 2006   Hits: 280   Words: 380]

72.How Stress Starves Our Skin, and Ways to Nourish it by Farrell Seah
Our skin is continually bombarded with the stressors of age, pollution, and harsh environments (wind, snow, sun, cold, heat). In particular, the skin undergoes a natural, continual process of cell breakdown and replacement. However, after about the age of 27, the ...
[Added: 15 Nov 2006   Hits: 420   Words: 705]

73.Restore Damaged Skin with Natural Remedy by John Goh
Filipinos are well-known for their youthful appearance and soft, wrinkle-free skin, even though they live in a climate that exposes them to the sun's rays year round. Since coconut oil is their main dietary oil, and is ...
[Added: 14 Nov 2006   Hits: 306   Words: 411]

74.Skin Care: An Important Part of Our Well-Being by Adam Frazer
Skin care is an important part of our well-being. It is believed that skin is a reflection of your health. But taking care of your skin can be quite a difficult task in the velocity of our life schedule. Exposure ...
[Added: 14 Nov 2006   Hits: 377   Words: 499]

75.Blepharoplasty - Eyelid Surgery by Awinita Smith
Eyelid Surgery, or blepharoplasty, is used to remove the fat deposits and loose skin that may form on the lower eyelids with age. Many factors, including heredity and sun damage, accelerate these changes. Younger people also elect to have this procedure done to eliminate ...
[Added: 14 Nov 2006   Hits: 304   Words: 459]

76.Benefits of Plastic or Cosmetic Surgery by Awinita Smith
If you need to make a change to improve your personality, look and your confidence, there is an answer: Cosmetic plastic surgery. But you find yourself wondering, "What is plastic surgery?" By definition plastic surgery is ...
[Added: 14 Nov 2006   Hits: 334   Words: 381]

77.An Average Cost Involved In Surgery by Awinita Smith
In case of beauty, personality everyone finds plastic surgery is the best option. But before going to the surgery you should know about cost involved in the surgery. This extra information helps you to know actual idea about ...
[Added: 14 Nov 2006   Hits: 369   Words: 351]

78.Breast augmentation by Awinita Smith
Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the United States Known within the medical world as augmentation mammoplasty; breast augmentation refers to a surgical procedure in which the size and shape of a person's ...
[Added: 14 Nov 2006   Hits: 353   Words: 371]

79.Face Lift Surgery by Awinita Smith
As you get older, signs of aging appear initially in the face as wrinkles, looser skin, crow's feet, and a variety of other skin defects. Face lifts come in a variety of flavors, but all of them seek to pick up the slack in your face's skin and ...
[Added: 14 Nov 2006   Hits: 351   Words: 387]

80.Herbal Skin Care by Awinita Smith
The skin is essentially the largest organ in the body and performs many vital roles as both a barrier and a regulating influence between the outside world and the controlled environment within the body. ...
[Added: 14 Nov 2006   Hits: 288   Words: 460]

81.Hair Care by Awinita Smith
Hair is also most important part of our beauty. Healthy hair is a reflection of a healthy body. Water makes up one-fourth of the weight of a strand of hair. Water not only hydrates your body, but helps keep your hair silky and shiny. You should ...
[Added: 14 Nov 2006   Hits: 277   Words: 474]

82.How to Take Care of Hands and Nails? by Awinita Smith
Hands are the most visible parts of you, but they also take a lot of abuse. You use them in everyday activity, and yet, they are the ultimate accessory. You must give them the same attention you give your face. Cleaning agents can be extremely ...
[Added: 14 Nov 2006   Hits: 308   Words: 371]

83.Geranium has been used for centuries in skin care by Rosa parks
Geranium Geranium also called Cranesbill (genus Geranium) any of a group of about 300 species of perennial herbs or shrubs in the family Geraniaceae, native mostly to subtropical southern Africa. Geraniums are among the most popular of bedding and ...
[Added: 13 Nov 2006   Hits: 489   Words: 495]

84.To Get That Revolutionary Look With Contacts, Remember A Few Things by Javier Fuller
Contact lenses have caught the fancy of youth like anything and seem determined to keep their success rate up for ever. Born as vision correction devices, they have traversed a checkered path to become fashion ...
[Added: 11 Nov 2006   Hits: 205   Words: 384]

85.Safe Tanning Guide: Easy Tips for Natural Sunbath And Artificial Tanning by Javier Fuller
If you are the one looking for some ultimate tanning solution, you need to be a little careful for imperfect tanning will do harm to your skin. And tanning at the cost of your skin is better avoided. Your skin happens to be one sensitive part of ...
[Added: 11 Nov 2006   Hits: 365   Words: 461]

86.Contact Lenses And Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis by Javier Fuller
Wearing contact lenses is such a pleasant and comfortable experience that only a few of us want to hear any bad news about any serious side affects of using the contacts over an extended period of time. For the ...
[Added: 10 Nov 2006   Hits: 282   Words: 378]

87.Make Naked Tanning Session A Sheer Fun by Javier Fuller
Folks nowadays prefer lying naked under the sun to get homogeneous tan color in all parts of their body. So, naked sun tanning is increasingly becoming popular among the Americans. However, like other ways of tanning, naked tanning is also not free of certain prerequisites. These prerequisites are basically ...
[Added: 10 Nov 2006   Hits: 309   Words: 342]

88.Why Hire a Makeup Artist for your Wedding by Sally Lopez
Your wedding day is coming up and you are wondering if you should hire a makeup artist. You've found your dream dress and all the shoes and accessories that go with it. You spent months planning your bridesmaids' outfits and all ...
[Added: 08 Nov 2006   Hits: 256   Words: 379]

89.Lasik Surgery In New York by Anshu
Learning About LASIK LASIK is a surgical procedure for reducing or removing a person's dependency on glasses or contact lenses. Infact LASIK is the vision correction surgery, (i.e. eye surgeries for improving vision, refractive surgery). LASIK stands for Laser-Assisted ...
[Added: 08 Nov 2006   Hits: 290   Words: 658]

90.7 Skin-Care Tips: Look Stunning in Your 50s by Farrell Seah
Stay Beautiful in Your 50s Life starts at 50! But at this stage, skin cells begin to flatten, and less collagen and elastic means more sag. Skin is drier, too. Skin Care Tips 1. Lighten up. Even out skin tone ...
[Added: 08 Nov 2006   Hits: 440   Words: 541]

91.Hair Dreadlock Secrets Uncovered by Katie Monroe
Interested in hair dreadlock secret's, straight out of the congo , Africa? You too, can have irie dreadlocks like Lenny Kravitz, Whoopie Goldberg, Rob Zombie, Ani Difranco, and Reggae Legend Bob Marley in just a few short hours. ...
[Added: 07 Nov 2006   Hits: 895   Words: 566]

92.10 Skin-Care Tips: Look Stunning in Your 40s by Farrell Seah
Stay Beautiful in Your 40s Deeper wrinkles and reduced elasticity and firmness are the most common skin problems in this decade, as years of sun exposure and declining estrogen take their toll. As you age, decreasing estrogen levels influence the production of other substances ...
[Added: 07 Nov 2006   Hits: 517   Words: 832]

93.Perfume by damsmith
Perfume is magical; it has the ability to lift our spirits and enhance our mood. You favourate perfume becomes an indivisible part of you. The Egyptians were the first to incorporate perfume into their culture followed ...
[Added: 04 Nov 2006   Hits: 308   Words: 361]

94.Tips for Buying Best Eye Cream by Anna Josephs
Do you really care for your eyes? Some just concentrate on their physical look like clear complexion, sink care and so on. But ever few people know that whenever we meet someone, we generally look at their eyes. The eyes are very important part of our ...
[Added: 04 Nov 2006   Hits: 354   Words: 333]

95.Contact Lens Travel Guide: 5 Easy Tips To Enjoy Vacation With Contacts On by Javier Fuller
So, all set to go on a leisure trip? Surely, your contact lenses are a part of the baggage. Quite certainly they are a great convenience on a vacation. You can move around and ...
[Added: 04 Nov 2006   Hits: 245   Words: 425]

96.Formal Eye Makeup Tips To Live By by Rachel Ann
Formal eye makeup tips will allow you to look glamorous no matter if you are heading out for the biggest night of your life or if you are just hanging out with friends. To look glamorous, you need to know ...
[Added: 03 Nov 2006   Hits: 337   Words: 442]

97.Interesting Tanning Galore: A Historical Insight by Javier Fuller
Tanning now a days has become a rage. More and more people are joining the bandwagon of tanned people. In fact the concept of tanning that was earlier meant to change the skin color by excessive sun exposure has undergone a great transformation with host of artificial tanning ...
[Added: 03 Nov 2006   Hits: 256   Words: 417]

98.Los Angeles Skin Care by Noori Daili
SECRETS THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW Los Angeles Skin Care - Your skin is bad or could be better. You're unhappy. You live in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Is there a connection? It may not ...
[Added: 02 Nov 2006   Hits: 456   Words: 966]

99.The Return of Extended Wear Lenses by Javier Fuller
If you are one of the regular users of the contacts you must be very well aware of the daily regimen with the lenses. Come back home, remove the lenses carefully, rinse them, disinfect them and place ...
[Added: 01 Nov 2006   Hits: 230   Words: 334]

100.Laser Hair Removal System– Know the Facts by Nishanth Reddy
Why is Hair Removal Essential? Apart from cosmetic reasons, there can be other compelling reasons why people want to remove hair; for example medical reasons. This is required when due to some hormonal imbalance women start sprouting hair at places where they are ...
[Added: 30 Oct 2006   Hits: 503   Words: 1296]

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