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  Bankruptcy Articles

  Category: Articles » Finance » Bankruptcy
Results 51 - 67 of 67 [2 Pages]  
51.How to file bankruptcy by Jakob Jelling
US bankruptcy code is very specific regarding how to file bankruptcy. Bankruptcy code is very confusing and deals with all of the many different types of bankruptcy that a business or person can file. It's important to note that even though people can file different ...
[Added: 26 Sep 2005   Hits: 352   Words: 393]

52.Bankruptcy and Debt - New Law May Hurt Katrina Victims by Charles Essmeier
The world remains horrified at the tremendous destruction caused throughout the Gulf Coast recently by Hurricane Katrina. An unknown number of people are dead and thousands more are homeless, jobless and completely destitute. It may be months before the city of New Orleans is inhabitable ...
[Added: 13 Sep 2005   Hits: 365   Words: 393]

53.Credit Counseling Or Bankruptcy: Which Is Best For You? by Max Hunter
People often get to a place where they simply can't pay their bills, especially in today's economy which is not particularly sympathetic toward the poor or even the middle class. Inflation has impacted nearly every facet of daily life including food, gas, rent, clothes, utility bills and ...
[Added: 13 Sep 2005   Hits: 281   Words: 813]

54.Buying A Home With Bad Credit - Why A Recent Bankruptcy Will Not Stop You From Getting Approved by Carrie Reeder
Buying a home with bad credit is possible with the help of a subprime lender even if you have a recent bankruptcy or foreclosure. These mortgage lenders specialize in financing home loans for people with poor ...
[Added: 06 Sep 2005   Hits: 380   Words: 374]

55.Refinancing After Bankruptcy by Carrie Reeder
Refinancing after a bankruptcy can seem like an especially difficult challenge, but it doesn't have to be. Six months after your bankruptcy has been finalized, you can find lenders willing to refinance your mortgage. In fact, refinancing your mortgage can help ...
[Added: 31 Aug 2005   Hits: 366   Words: 424]

56.Payday Loans Or Cash Advance Loans - Useful After A Bankruptcy by Carrie Reeder
Payday loans, also known as cash advance, are a useful tool after bankruptcy. By keeping current on your bills through a payday loan, you can rebuild your credit history. The key is to only use these cash advances for emergencies. Using Payday Loans ...
[Added: 27 Aug 2005   Hits: 315   Words: 385]

57.Car Loans After Bankruptcy - Tips To Getting Approved by Carrie Reeder
A car loans after a bankruptcy is one way to help build back your credit history. In fact, once your bankruptcy closes, you can apply for a car loan the next day. To get approved with the best rates for your car loan, follow these tips. Review Your ...
[Added: 27 Aug 2005   Hits: 329   Words: 388]

58.2nd Mortgage Loan After Bankruptcy - Get Approved Online by Carrie Reeder
A 2nd mortgage loan after a bankruptcy is possible in as little as two years. Refinancing your mortgage can help you make needed home improvements or pay off high interest debt. Refinancing with adverse credit history requires savvy shopping on your part to ensure that you get a ...
[Added: 27 Aug 2005   Hits: 324   Words: 419]

59.The Five Most Popular Questions About Bankruptcy by Nathan Dawson
WILL MY CREDITORS STOP HARASSING ME? Yes, they will! By law, all actions against a debtor must cease once bankruptcy documents are filed. Creditors cannot initiate or continue any lawsuits, wage garnishees, or even telephone calls ...
[Added: 19 Aug 2005   Hits: 291   Words: 574]

60.Credit Counseling or Bankruptcy: Which is Best for You? by Ethan Hunter
People often get to a place where they simply can't pay their bills, especially in today's economy which is not particularly sympathetic toward the poor or even the middle class. Inflation has impacted nearly every facet of ...
[Added: 17 Aug 2005   Hits: 239   Words: 882]

61.New Bankruptcy Law - Five Essential Things to Know by Charles Essmeier
Last April, Congress passed the Bankruptcy Abuse and Consumer Protection Act, the most sweeping reform of our nation’s bankruptcy laws in more than twenty-five years. Proponents of the bill argue that most consumers who file for bankruptcy ...
[Added: 12 Aug 2005   Hits: 385   Words: 454]

62.Refinance After Bankruptcy by Carrie Reeder
Refinancing your mortgage after bankruptcy is actually the same as replacing it with an entirely new mortgage. The most common reason for refinancing your mortgage after bankruptcy is to get a lower interest rate and save money over the length of your mortgage. It is possible for you to lower ...
[Added: 16 Jul 2005   Hits: 284   Words: 463]

63.Buying A Home With Bad Credit - Get Approved With A Recent Bankruptcy Or Foreclosure by Carrie Reeder
A few years ago, if you had a bankruptcy or a foreclosure on your credit report, you could forget about trying to get a mortgage loan. If you were lucky enough to find someone who would finance you, your interest ...
[Added: 07 Jul 2005   Hits: 1034   Words: 451]

64.Bankruptcy And Buying A Home by Carrie Reeder
Filing bankruptcy is a stressful time in a person's life. Along with discharging your debts and gaining a fresh start, you may wonder if you will be able to buy a home after a bankruptcy. ...
[Added: 06 Jul 2005   Hits: 324   Words: 405]

65.New Bankruptcy Legislation May Make it Harder to Find an Attorney by Charles Essmeier
The recently passed Bankruptcy Abuse prevention and Consumer Protection Act will make it harder for people with problem debt to have their debt eliminated through filing for bankruptcy. This new legislation will make it harder to have debts wiped out by the courts, and will ...
[Added: 25 May 2005   Hits: 281   Words: 426]

66.Student Loans Can't Be Swept Away Through Bankruptcy by Charles Essmeier
Bankruptcy is in the news these days, as Congress has finally overhauled the Federal bankruptcy law after years of talking about it. The credit card companies, rightly or wrongly, have been pressuring members of Congress to tighten the bankruptcy statutes, saying that too many people were willfully ...
[Added: 24 May 2005   Hits: 254   Words: 379]

67.Mandatory Credit Counseling for Those Considering Bankruptcy by Charles Essmeier
Most Americans are aware of the sweeping changes in U.S. bankruptcy law that were made by Congress recently. These changes, strongly supported by the credit card industry, were designed to make it more difficult for Americans to file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 of the Federal bankruptcy ...
[Added: 20 May 2005   Hits: 253   Words: 363]

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