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  Alternative Medicine Articles

  Category: Articles » Health & Fitness » Alternative Medicine
Results 1 - 50 of 108 [3 Pages]  
1.What causes Cold Sores (and 6 Things you should avoid) by Robert H Black
Before we look at what causes this sometimes very serious infection, let us first of all describe it. One simplified definition I came across recently was "A localized collection of clear fluid causing elevation of the skin, separating it into an upper ...
[Added: 13 Mar 2007   Hits: 2055   Words: 534]

2.A volatile and aromatic compound - Essential oil by Cindy Boswell
Essential oil is an aromatic, concentrated and volatile compound which is extracted from plants. It is also known as "ethereal oil". The concept of essential oil should not be confused with essential fatty acid. Essential oil is multipurpose oil which is used ...
[Added: 27 Feb 2007   Hits: 1493   Words: 417]

3.Lead an enthusiastic life - Aromatherapy oil by Cindy Boswell
Aromatherapy is an art of healing and maintaining health, which makes use of various plant, leaves, flowers, and fruits in the form of naturally extracted oil. And this naturally extracted oil is known as essential oils. Essential oils are ...
[Added: 26 Feb 2007   Hits: 1050   Words: 413]

4.Pure and natural oil - Sydney essential oil by Cindy Boswell
Sydney is known for its aromatic essential oil. Sydney essential oil is extracted from different parts of plants such as herbs, flowers, woods, roots, stems etc. They are pure form and embrace of real essence of nature. ...
[Added: 26 Feb 2007   Hits: 1176   Words: 449]

5.Fights with body problems - Antioxidants by Cindy Boswell
Antioxidants are natural elements which assist the body in fighting with various body problems. They boost the immune system and save the body from radical damages caused by pollution, smoking and stress. Medical experts also recommends for using antioxidants as ...
[Added: 26 Feb 2007   Hits: 1345   Words: 425]

6.Feel essence of essential oil with Aromatherapy accessories by Mia Bilkins
Aromatherapy is an art of maintaining health which makes use of various natural products. Here, natural products imply essential oils, floral waters, carrier oils etc. It helps in maintaining social and emotional well being of ...
[Added: 26 Feb 2007   Hits: 1737   Words: 453]

7.Preserves Freshness Of Product - Aluminum Containers by Mia Bilkins
Natural extracted compounds such as absolutes, oils and various products used in aromatherapy needs such storage facility which preserves its natural components. Even though, other option for storing these naturally extracted products are available such as glass bottles etc. But, aluminum containers are still preferred as they are easy to ...
[Added: 25 Feb 2007   Hits: 1210   Words: 409]

8.Provides Knowledge Of Aromatherapy - Aromatherapy Books by Mia Bilkins
In present scenario, everyone is loaded with work and have no time for themselves. But it has been proved, that nature has the power to refresh and rejuvenate the soul and mind which further provides double enthusiasm and excitement to do work. Aromatherapy is one of ...
[Added: 25 Feb 2007   Hits: 1136   Words: 432]

9.Nourishes and repair skin - Australian clay by Mia Bilkins
Need a healthy and beautiful skin despite of your work load, pollution and various other factors (which emerge as hurdle in having a good and healthy skin). Then Australian clay can be the answer to all your skin problems. Australian clay is ...
[Added: 25 Feb 2007   Hits: 2486   Words: 423]

10.Buy tea tree oil and get various health benefits by Bryan Josling
Tea tree oil is one of the useful and popular oils used in aromatherapy. It is obtained from the leaves of Melaleuca Alternifolia which is native tree in Australia. It is also known as Australian tea ...
[Added: 25 Feb 2007   Hits: 1232   Words: 427]

11.Get True Essence Of Plant - Distilling Essential Oils by Bryan Josling
Essential oils are volatile and concentrated compound which is extracted from leaves, stem, flower, roots, wood, bark etc and various other parts of plants. Traditionally, it is extracted through steam distillation which makes use of heat ...
[Added: 25 Feb 2007   Hits: 1987   Words: 421]

12.Plays a key role in aromatherapy - Cheap essential oils by Bryan Josling
Essential oils have taken a valuable space in our lives. They are used in many ways such as it is an important ingredient in fragrance and perfumery industry. It is also used as a flavoring agent ...
[Added: 25 Feb 2007   Hits: 1183   Words: 399]

13.Have Warming And Relieving Effects - Citronella Oil by Bryan Josling
Aromatherapy is also known as Phytotherapy that is plant therapy. It makes use of various essential oil and plant extract in order to heal and cure various body health problems. Essential oils are volatile and concentrated compound, which is obtained through distillation process. It embraces ...
[Added: 25 Feb 2007   Hits: 1691   Words: 406]

14.Boost energy levels - Essential oil blend by Cindy Boswell
Essential oil is natural oil, derived from organic compounds such as roots, flowers, wood, bark, seeds etc. Thus, essential oil is the true essence of plant and nature. These are highly concentrated. Essential oil is multipurpose oil which is used in bath, cooking, cosmetic, medicinal etc. And, it ...
[Added: 12 Feb 2007   Hits: 980   Words: 415]

15.What is Nutritional Healing? by Charles Browne
Nutritional Healing is an established scientific approach aimed at balancing the needs of the human body through the use of healthful, nutrient-rich foods and, many times, dietary supplements. Nutritional healing offers the belief that nutrition plays ...
[Added: 11 Feb 2007   Hits: 669   Words: 338]

16.Effective, Chemical Free Head Lice Treatment using Melaleuca Oil by Karen MacKenzie
It seems no sooner than you have said "back to school" and your child comes home infested with head lice (Pediculus humanus capitis). Why? Probably because it is estimated that 10-12 million children, in the United States alone, are affected each year. The number could even be ...
[Added: 10 Feb 2007   Hits: 1079   Words: 866]

17.Stem cells use in the future by Wayne Channon
The future use of stem cells is obviously a difficult question to answer. There is no doubt from the levels of research funding driving stem cell research that this is a fast growing and potentially widespread branch of ...
[Added: 10 Feb 2007   Hits: 609   Words: 333]

18.How Can Magnetic Therapy Relieve Sciatica? by debbie shimadry
What is Sciatica? The longest nerve in your body, the sciatic nerve runs from your pelvis through your hip area and buttocks and down each leg. It divides into the tibial and peroneal nerves at the level of your knees. The sciatic nerve controls many of the muscles ...
[Added: 09 Feb 2007   Hits: 863   Words: 784]

19.Alternative Medicine: Nature-be by Jacques Bayle
Most of you must have heard about alternative medicine, ever wondered, what is alternative medicine? Well to define the term I would say that this is the phrase used to determine diverse methods of medicine besides the ...
[Added: 08 Feb 2007   Hits: 608   Words: 504]

20.The Natural Colon Cleanse by Michael Smith
After years of abuse the body can build up many nasty substances along the lining of the intestines. These substances over time become impacted along the lining of the intestines create a broad range of problems. The main problem that can result from an unclean ...
[Added: 03 Feb 2007   Hits: 712   Words: 486]

21.Change Your Diet to Cure Your Constipation by Kathy Love
There are many things that can cause constipation and changing your diet will almost always help no matter what the cause. Some of the causes can be a diet low in natural fiber, food allergies, not drinking enough fluids, overuse of laxatives and ...
[Added: 01 Feb 2007   Hits: 748   Words: 589]

22.Whole Food Vitamin by Steve Johnsen
Scientists created synthetic vitamins that are cheap to make and are said to be identical in their atomic structure when compared to whole vitamins (Vitamins directly from vegetables ). However, when polarized light was placed through these synthetic vitamins, the light acted much ...
[Added: 22 Jan 2007   Hits: 796   Words: 450]

23.Fundamentals of acupuncture by Michael Lee
Acupuncture is an important part of Chinese traditional medicine. It has more than two thousand years history and plays an important role on human health in China. In Tang dynasty, it spreads to Japan, Indian and other southeast Asia countries. In the past two decades, acupuncture has grown in popularity ...
[Added: 22 Jan 2007   Hits: 584   Words: 496]

24.7 Tips You Can Use to Increase Your Energy Levels by John Goh
Many people suffer from a lack of energy, due to hectic lifestyles and increased stress levels at home and work. Stress causes the body to become less efficient at generating energy. Here are 7 simple, easy to follow ...
[Added: 21 Jan 2007   Hits: 799   Words: 590]

25.The Treatment Of Diabetes Using Alternative Medicine by Donald Saunders
Although there have been considerable advances in conventional medicine, many people believe strongly in the use of complementary and alternative medicine for many conditions and this is certainly true in the case of diabetes. Complementary and alternative medicine use a number ...
[Added: 16 Jan 2007   Hits: 648   Words: 484]

26.Nail Fungus - The DMSO factor by Rick Sims
A nail fungus infection is a condition called onychomycosis. It is the most common nail problem with about 20 - 40 million Americans being affected. The main concern is the nail discoloration (usually yellow or ...
[Added: 08 Jan 2007   Hits: 733   Words: 467]

27.Can Magnetic Therapy Help Sufferers of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? by Debbie Shimadry
What is chronic fatigue syndrome? We all get tired. Many of us have felt depressed at times. But the mystery known as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is not like the normal ups and downs we experience in everyday life. The early sign of this illness is ...
[Added: 07 Jan 2007   Hits: 701   Words: 536]

28.Arthritis Treatment Using Natural Remedies by Rudy Silva
So much is written about arthritis and you can get confused as to what causes arthritis and what arthritis treatments are effective. Arthritis is an inflammatory condition. This inflammation come from infections. Infections come from a variety of conditions such as: ...
[Added: 05 Jan 2007   Hits: 701   Words: 614]

29.No More Pushed-Up Illusion by Lilian Saw
With the latest Nanotechnology Breast Enhancement Serum,you could have a C-cup cleavage that is real and not just a pushed-up illusion! Get Samples of the latest Nanotechnology Breast Enhancement Serum That Show Immediate Results In 5 minutes, whilst stocks last. Plus learn how to increase your breast ...
[Added: 26 Dec 2006   Hits: 461   Words: 696]

30.Manage Crohn's Disease with Natural Remedy by John Goh
Crohn's disease is a chronic disease that causes inflammation of the digestive tract, also known as the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Crohn's disease can affect any area of the digestive tract, from the mouth to the anus, but it most ...
[Added: 25 Dec 2006   Hits: 552   Words: 378]

31.Heavy Metals Anchor Alzheimer's In Your Brain by Rudy Silva
Heavy metals and aluminum are in every part of our environment and food. These elements are deadly and you will benefit if you are aware of what they do where they come from. Brain tissue has an attraction for heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, ...
[Added: 21 Dec 2006   Hits: 348   Words: 402]

32.Use Ginkgo Biloba to Starve Off Alzheimer's and Dementia by Rudy Silva
Dementia, Alzheimer's, and other mental diseases are accelerated by: * The lack of blood to the brain * The lack of oxygen to the brain * The lack of minerals and vitamins to the brain * The lack of glucose to the brain * Increase ...
[Added: 21 Dec 2006   Hits: 386   Words: 382]

33.Health Savings Accounts and Chiropractic Care by Wiley Long
The healthcare industry in the United States is dominated by the culture of conventional Western medicine. And health insurance caters to those who control the industry: medical doctors and hospitals. There is a long history of prejudice against chiropractic by medical doctors, which is one reason that ...
[Added: 13 Dec 2006   Hits: 421   Words: 629]

34.Heals and Refresh Mind - Sydney Essential Oil by Cindy Boswell
Essential oil in Sydney is regarded as the real essence of plants, roots, tree and various other herbs, or in other words, it contains the flavor of nature. Essential oil in plants, roots and other herbs ...
[Added: 11 Dec 2006   Hits: 358   Words: 416]

35.Multipurpose oil - Rosemary oil by Cindy Boswell
Rosmarinus Officinalis, another name of rosemary which is also used as a cooking herb in the Mediterranean region. In these regions, rosemary leaves and oil forms the part of cooking. Apart from cooking roman also uses rosemary plant in their religious ceremonies. ...
[Added: 11 Dec 2006   Hits: 385   Words: 439]

36.Instant Relief for Mouth Ulcers by John Goh
A mouth ulcer is like an open wound, the same as you might get if you cut yourself. As a result, tender nerve endings are exposed. The exposed nerve endings of mouth ulcers are often irritated, causing extreme pain ...
[Added: 09 Dec 2006   Hits: 725   Words: 474]

37.How to Choose a Good Coconut Oil by John Goh
Coconut oil comes in two main types. The first type is refined, bleached and deodorized (RBD). The second type is virgin coconut oil. The term virgin means that the oil has been subjected to less intense ...
[Added: 07 Dec 2006   Hits: 622   Words: 372]

38.Get the Lead Out by Jeannine Virtue
Solid evidence links lead exposure to hyperactivity, learning disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder and failure to graduate from high school. Lead poisoning is also linked to a tendency toward violence and other emotional and behavioral problems. With over 25 percent of children containing ...
[Added: 30 Nov 2006   Hits: 446   Words: 432]

39.Acid Reflux and Stress by Charles Stewart Richey
Although it has not been proven scientifically, many people believe that stress is a major contributor to acid reflux disease. Physiologically, stress can cause the digestive system to come to a screeching halt. Food that should be moving along will linger and magnify the effects of acid reflux. Under ...
[Added: 28 Nov 2006   Hits: 337   Words: 1024]

40.Defend against Digestive Parasites with Coconut Oil by John Goh
Parasites infect the intestines of both humans and animals and can cause a great deal of intestinal distress. Even when the parasites are diagnosed and treated, they can damage the intestinal lining, causing chronic health problems that persist for years. We often associate parasites ...
[Added: 28 Nov 2006   Hits: 1287   Words: 400]

41.Fighting The War On Free Radicals by Steven Johnson
Broadly speaking, the word antioxidant is used to mean a substance which helps to control oxidation rate in a reaction. This is an important phenomenon from the point of view of both chemistry as well as biology. In biology the group of organic substances ...
[Added: 27 Nov 2006   Hits: 329   Words: 361]

42.Take Lauric Acid for a Strong Immune System by John Goh
Many health experts have promoted breastfeeding instead of feeding milk formula to babies. Today, many people know that mother's milk is more beneficial to babies and children than any other milk. However, many ...
[Added: 21 Nov 2006   Hits: 644   Words: 504]

43.Measles - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment by Nikhil Jain
Measles Definition: It is an acute, contagious viral disease, usually occurring in childhood and characterized by eruption of red spots on the skin, fever, and catarrhal symptoms. Measles , also known as rubeola, is a ...
[Added: 14 Nov 2006   Hits: 282   Words: 557]

44.Pneumonia - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment by Nikhil Jain
Pneumonia Definition: Pneumonia is an acute or chronic disease marked by inflammation of one or both lungs. An inflammation of the lungs caused by viruses, bacteria, or other microorganisms and sometimes by physical ...
[Added: 14 Nov 2006   Hits: 339   Words: 883]

45.Cell Renewal or Skin Exfoliation - How to Exfoliate Advantages of Skin Exfoliation by Nikhil Jain
Skin Exfoliation Exfoliation is an integral part of the maintaining beautiful healthy skin. It is the process of scrubbing off dead skin cells to reveal and expose "younger," fresher skin. Exfoliators or skin sloughers, are speedy skin improvers. Cell Renewal or Exfoliation is the ...
[Added: 14 Nov 2006   Hits: 487   Words: 411]

46.Mumps - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment by Nikhil Jain
Mumps Definition: Mumps is an acute , contagious, viral illness characterized by painful enlargement of the parotid glands, just below and in front of the ear, and at times, the salivary glands under the jaw and sometimes of the pancreas, ...
[Added: 14 Nov 2006   Hits: 362   Words: 756]

47.Choose the Right Oil to Fight Thyroid Disease by John Goh
The thyroid gland is one of the larger endocrine glands in the body. It is a double-lobed structure located in the neck and produces hormones, principally thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3). These hormones regulate the rate ...
[Added: 12 Nov 2006   Hits: 414   Words: 331]

48.Heal Digestive Conditions with Coconut Oil by John Goh
People from many diverse cultures, languages, religions, and races scattered around the globe have revered the coconut as a valuable source of both food and medicine. Wherever the coconut palm grows, the local people have learned of ...
[Added: 11 Nov 2006   Hits: 329   Words: 359]

49.Keep Your Hair and Chemo Too? by Paula Beckam
If you know anyone who is facing any type of cancer, you may want to explore non-traditional treatment options. These can be much safer and more effective than radiation, surgery and the chemotherapy that is promoted in the medical world. "The substance that allows ...
[Added: 07 Nov 2006   Hits: 377   Words: 315]

50.India Emerging As A Global Healthcare Destination by Christine Macguire
Health is vital for ethical, artistic, material and spiritual development of man. It is very certain that of all the gains, the gains of health are the highest and the best. Traveling abroad for treatment has been an age-old ...
[Added: 06 Nov 2006   Hits: 426   Words: 647]

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