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A Stock Market Investment Strategy

By Charles M. O'Melia

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A Stock Market Investment Strategy

I feel that an investment strategy in the stock market can
instill in the individual investor not only an assured
confidence in all future stock market investments, but also
an almost Zen-like sense of peace and well being. A stock
market investment strategy spelled out, proven, and
instilling within the investor the power to succeed in the
stock market with an assured confidence.

The investment strategy I’m talking about would take away
the anxiety of indecision, since you would have for yourself
– spelled out in advance – knowledge of when and where to
take advantage of each stock market investment opportunity.

Since there is no room in a stock market investment
strategy for indecision the investment strategy would spell
out exactly what you’re after, in advance. Would tell you
how and when and where to take advantage of each stock
market investment opportunity, in advance. Would instill in
the investor the self-confidence and purpose of mind to
succeed, in advance. An investment strategy that knows you
seldom get what you’re after unless you know in advance what
you want.

One aspect of the investment strategy would set clear and
specific long-term goals. For without clear and specific
goals a powerful force essential for success in the stock
market would be missing. An investment goal, for example,
that is predetermined to increase cash income from each and
every stock market investment for the rest of your life
would instill within you the power to fulfill the goal.

A second aspect of the investment strategy would be that it
would only benefit the investor (no broker commission fees,
management fees, advertising fees, operational fees), and no
one else! It is for that reason this investment strategy
has had very little promotion. No one has a vested interest
in promoting it. It would benefit the investor and the
investor alone. An investment strategy offering an enviable
opportunity to learn how and when and why and where to
invest in the stock market commission-free. An investment
strategy used to invest regularly to increase income continuously,
for the rest of your life.

The full potential of this stock market investment strategy can be
recognized in the book The Stockopoly Plan – Investing for
Retirement. Website:
About the Author
Charles M. O’Melia is an individual investor with almost 40
years of experience and passion for the stock market. The
author of the book The Stockopoly Plan – Investing for
Retirement; published by American-Book Publishing. You can
invest in the book at:

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